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    Thanks for that visual! Yeah it’s fun to see “new” guys fighting. I would much rather have a fight between bottas and leclerc in the end of the season than Hamilton and Seb

  • Now that was a race with happenings. An interesting show! What a horrible fate for Leclerc, he had it on the palm of his hand and then that happened. Tough to watch. But he'll surely have his win later on this season, a really capable guy. Vettel, on the other hand, made a pure mistake of his own under Hamilton pressure. And so Mercedes suddenly has the maximum constructor points after two races. I'm happy for Bottas for these results. Kimi's currently "the best of the rest", nice job on Alfa. But what in the actual hell happened to Renault? BOTH cars have a mechanical failure literally within 10-15 seconds of each others. That's simply unbelievable. The hell happened, that was miserable.

  • It sucks that Leclerc had his engine issue with 10 laps to go instead of 2 or 3. He might have been able to hang on and get the win. Good race though - it was also 11am my time so I didn't die watching it at 3am or something.

    Vettel falling off was disappointing too. I don't entirely know what happened. Did he mess up under pressure as Hamilton passed him or did his right tire lock up? I'm not seasoned enough to really tell what was going on there.

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    It was a good race. I do really feel bad for Leclerc, he has really grown on me just for these past two races. Also Kimi shows that he is still the old fox we know and love, the comment about his front wing "I dont know, you tell me" really made me chuckle. Seb's spin just made me facepalm, he needs to stop doing that, it was same last season that he got a fun spins under presure. I feel really puzzled about the Renaults, hopefully they can come back next race.

  • Will Buxton's pre- and post-race Paddock Pass thoughts and interviews are great, always there to hype up the upcoming weekend and then to close things off after.

    Youtube Video

  • F1 Power Rankings is a cool addition to the season. It's supposed to focus purely on the performance of the driver himself, how he drove throughout the weekend, so the cars don't matter in this case.


    • Our five-man panel assess each driver after every Grand Prix and score them out of 10 according to their performance across the weekend – taking machinery out of the equation
    • Our experts’ scores are then combined to produce a race score. As the season progresses, these race scores are then averaged to produce a ranking which reflects driver performance"

    For example Leclerc got 10 points from everyone on the panel after Bahrain, so that's 50 points. Average that together with his Power Rankings points after Australia and he's got a 42 point average currently, placing him on the shared 4th position.

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    @sentinel-beach That is pretty sweet! I know that Sky has done something similar earlier seasons. I like it even though sometimes it feels like they are very biased towards certain drivers. I think this will be proper though. looking forward to following it.

    Also I have started to listen to "back of the Grid" F1 podcast whilst cooking, its rather entetainment and they disucuss drivers and races as well as news and stuff. You can find it on most podcast services, including spotify.

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    Okay... this was a really juicy read. It's long and thorough and kinda goes to show how stupid marketing and sponsorship's really are when you think about it. I don't work in business so I don't think of these things daily, but when I do, I think about how everybody, everything, and especially every brand tries to present themselves in such a particular and planned way. Especially when compared to the reality of being an average joe, a startup company, etc.

    Just some food for thought and F1-related.

    Another thought I had is how little I actually pay attention to the brands on the liveries. I never even thought about Rich Energy. I hadn't even noticed it until this article brought it up. The only standout liveries for me in my life is the Indycar that was green for KOOL cigarettes. That one stood out because I got in trouble for wearing a t-shirt in school back in like 2004. I wanna say Paul Tracy was the driver but I can't even remember. Then Ferrari in the 90s-2000s had Marlboro as a sponsor. That's all I can recall off the top of my head. Both happen to sell smokes... hmmmm..

  • Nicely done from Bottas, that was a really tight qualification between him and Hamilton. Pole position on the 1000th GP. Kimi's super long streak to get into Q3 ended finally, I believe it was from Hungary 2016 till now. 53 or 55 qualifications, something like that. But sure, it was inevitable now on Alfa. And that final try for Red Bull and Haas was embarassing, running out of time simply like that. Max especially was really pissed and blamed others because of what happened during the last few corners, but in the end this was really the fault of their own people behind the screens. Just give the drivers like 10 secs more, that's all it would've taken.

  • Pretty uneventful race after Bahrain, not a lot to remember for the 1000th GP. Bottas unfortunaly lost his place right away and that was it, the Mercedes two controlled the race in that order entirely after that. Total dominance, as they've already now gained almost twice the points compared to Ferrari after only three races. And speaking of Ferrari, the team politics rose their head and caused eventually Leclerc to drop even behind Verstappen. This'll be a curious scenario to follow this season, seeing if they'll really push Vettel and how will Leclerc respond.

    Kimi rose a few good positions and got P9 with a few points. Albon made an even bigger impact by gaining ten spots and getting the Driver of the Day title, well deserved. And it was cool to see how Red Bull played their cards right with Gasly and managed to get him that one extra point in the final laps. There was so much space behind him that there was nothing to lose at that point. Ricciardo got his first points in the yellow jumpsuit.

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    I would had hoped that the 1000th race would be one to remember, especially after all the build up. In reality it kinda ended up being a "meh" race. Ferrari really really needs to look over their strategies and allow for Leclerc to race a bit more. I know its early days, but really have a hard time to see how they will catch up for Mercedes this season (again)

  • I went to bed then got up again for this at 2:00am. I think I was so tired that I couldn’t retain anything except for how much smog is in Shanghai. It’s quit sad to say the least.

  • So, everything back to normal.

  • Lando makes a meme out of himself. :]

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    @sentinel-beach Hahaha that is absolutely brilliant!

  • A manhole cover came loose in Baku and damaged Russell's Williams. But fear not, that problem seems to have been taken care of now.

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    Hahaha yeah that was one of the more bizzare reasons for breakdowns on a racetrack. I guess its a citycourse but still!

  • Well that was a long-ass session. At least it had a fortunate ending with Bottas on the pole. I'm kinda horrified about the amount of possible crashes and debris tomorrow in the actual race. That one point is so freaking narrow.

  • I have boxing class booked for right after the race tomorrow but if there are any crashes like today, I gotta bail.

    Crazy when happened on that turn. The whole course is pretty jank.

  • What an intense ending between Bottas and Hamilton, I was on the edge of my seat. Great job from Valtteri, now the teammates are tied both with two victories and two P2s. Also Mercedes will win this year's constructors' championship by the summer break if they keep this pace up.

    Kimi got a point in the end, cool. Gasly's well-driven P6 vanished in the air with technical problems, tough luck, considering he did great job coming from the last place. Ricciardo's moment with Kvyat was pretty unbeliavable: both cars stationary like that, and then he goes into reverse and crashes into the Russian. What. An awful GP for Renault and Haas, while Racing Point and McLaren fared really well this time.