Formula One

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    Hahaha yeah that was one of the more bizzare reasons for breakdowns on a racetrack. I guess its a citycourse but still!

  • Well that was a long-ass session. At least it had a fortunate ending with Bottas on the pole. I'm kinda horrified about the amount of possible crashes and debris tomorrow in the actual race. That one point is so freaking narrow.

  • I have boxing class booked for right after the race tomorrow but if there are any crashes like today, I gotta bail.

    Crazy when happened on that turn. The whole course is pretty jank.

  • What an intense ending between Bottas and Hamilton, I was on the edge of my seat. Great job from Valtteri, now the teammates are tied both with two victories and two P2s. Also Mercedes will win this year's constructors' championship by the summer break if they keep this pace up.

    Kimi got a point in the end, cool. Gasly's well-driven P6 vanished in the air with technical problems, tough luck, considering he did great job coming from the last place. Ricciardo's moment with Kvyat was pretty unbeliavable: both cars stationary like that, and then he goes into reverse and crashes into the Russian. What. An awful GP for Renault and Haas, while Racing Point and McLaren fared really well this time.

  • Is Mercedes trolling Ferrari?

  • Third pole in the row for Bottas, niiiiice. And in which way, I mean the difference was this time pretty crushing. Fingers crossed the race'll go as well.

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    Yeah, really happy that Bottas got his third pole! well done for the Finn. I hope the can keep it up and we will have a real Bottas VS Hamilton fight this year, now when Ferrari seem to fall behind.

  • Well shiiiit, that was a very boring race, and the start went to hell as well for Bottas. He talked about an issue there, remains to be seen. Dieter Zetsche had his final run on team Mercedes apparently here and now, I was wondering why he dared to face the champagne himself this time suddenly.

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    Yeah wasnt the most eventful race. Shame for Bottas that the start got botched. Would of been nice to see him in the lead.

  • I thought it was more entertaining than Baku tbh.

    It got exciting for me near the end when the safety car came out because I was expecting Vettel to stay within 1 sec of Verstappen and use DRS but it never happened. I don't know how he got 1.5s behind like that.

    Also... couldn't they have just used a leaf blower to move the gravel and rocks like 3 laps faster....? We used a leaf blower for that kinda stuff all the time when I worked on a golf course. Waaaaaaaay faster than sweeping (and more powerful).