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  • Yeah the situation with Leclerc at Ferrari was just... no words. That simply shouldn't be possible. Shame about the guy's home race starting like this then, and there are really not too many possible places to overtake. Hamilton got the upper hand this time around, it's really tight up there. The red halo for Lauda is a nice touch.

  • What a mess for Ferrari again.

    I bet $10 at 5.10 odds for Bottas to win. I know Monaco is a hard race but let’s go Bottas from P2.

  • Damn that was an exciting race!! Hamilton holding off the other drivers for that long was super impressive and Verstappen on Hamilton’s heels going full send near the end had my heart racing.

    I also appreciate how Leclerc said eff it and went Grand Theft Auto V with his car just leaving debris everywhere. I was in the 13% who troll voted for him as Driver of the Day.

    Favourite race of the season by far.

  • Leclerc might have done the wrong move on going to Ferrari. He's just flopping too hard right now. Specially failing like this at Monaco, a track known for separating the great from the rest, might hurt his moral too hard.

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    That was one of the better monaco races we have had in a long time I think. Would of just been better with some of that rain that never came. You feel bad for Leclerc, but he is young and with some more experience Im sure he will be able to win there.

    I was kinda worried that Verstappen would end up torpedo into Hamilton once his tires was going, but he managed to hold on.

    I also liked this gif in the tweet, kinda summed it up well

  • An unsatisfying end to the Canadian GP, to say the least. This whole scenario just left a bored expression on my face, I guess, something like that. Like "of course it's Hamilton again". Vettel was having none of that. Bottas had a weak weekend this time, the points gap is getting too wide at this rate. Hamilton would basically need a "zero weekend", but with that driver/constructor combo that's just not happening, too good of a pair.

    Liked how Haas's Steiner told Magnussen to shut up after he complained about the car and the race. He himself was the reason things went to shit in quali etc.

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    Yeah I wasnt very happy with how it all turned out in the end. We could of have had such an interesting race to the end, but the (in my opinion unfair) penalty robed us of it. I have a very very hard time seeing how Mercedes are not gonna win this years title. Shame really.

  • I tried buying tickets to the Montreal GP sooooo long ago and they were sold out. I was circumstantially visiting Quebec this weekend with family and it was kinda painful to hear the cars in the distance but not be able to watch the race.

    Next year!

  • Hamilton's OP, please nerf. A boring race, only at the end did we get some action with NOR-RIC-RAI-HUL. A shame that Valtteri's early season mastery seems to hibernate again, he had nothing to match Lewis. :[

  • I somehow never realized this but Red Bull Ring is in Austria. This is one of my favourite circuits in GT Sport. I can only imagine how intense the overtaking will be with DRS on those straightaways.

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    @dipset Yeah! Red Bull Ring are a great track! really looking forward to this weekend. hope fully we get some really good racing and fancy overtakes!

  • Qualifying was more exciting than the past few races. Good show from Kimi!!

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    Hamilton gets 3 place penalty for blocking Kimi. Shame I missed the quali, but it’s been too nice of a day. Looking forward to the race tomorrow though as it’s one of my favourite tracks of the year.

  • I missed it too. Seems like the top-6 is nicely different this time around. The track is good in Austria, and with these standings I'm hoping for an interesting race.

  • The hell was that?! Verstappen was simply magical, dear Lord what a race from him! Insane. Never would've thought so after the disasterous start, but here we are now. Leclerc was still a tough opponent to pass, unlike Bottas and Vettel just before that. And these two guys (Max & Charles) will have like 15-20 years in F1 if they so choose. A couple of good fights still left, I tell you.

    Kimi had a great start, and at least both Alfas got points today. Giovinazzi his first ever, nice. McLaren duo continued their strong going, they're doing very well. Gasly, on the other hand, lost one ring to his teammate and the winner. His future doesn't seem too bright on Red Bull, I'm sorry to say.

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    Suuuch a fun race to watch! I had high expectation which got met a few times over! This really showed why Red Bull Ring are one of my favourite tracks to watch. Verstappen really showed that he is a force to recon with. I couldnt believe it after that unlucky start, doing more or less everything right. I hope we get a lot more races like this. After last dull race, this was EXACTLY what we and the sport needed.

    Wish we would of seen more of Sainz as he did some really good position grabbing as well through the race. Could the season now please continue with some high intense races like this please?

  • Awesome race. I kinda felt bad Charles lost the lead so close to the end but it was a good bout for first place as well as an awesome middle battle too.

    Red Bull Ring is clearly one of the best tracks and those 3 DRS zones make for awesome entertainment and comebacks are perfectly viable.

    Any word on why Hamilton kinda fell off this race?

    EDIT: Just found this good article on ESPN talking about the race in contrast to prior races.


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    @dipset Mercedes couldnt really get the car to work, as I understood it there were issues regarding to temperature.

    Also now when Red Bull Ring was good, I really hope SPA and Hungory Ring will offer some more stellar races.

    Next are Silverstone, which is always a nice event, but hard to see how Hamilton not are gonna win.