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  • The Australian qualifications are over. It looked pretty much like the same way the last season ended. Glad that Kimi could beat Vettel, not glad that Bottas crashed like that. Hamilton's again super fast.

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    Yeah I had hoped that there would be some more mixup in the top, but it looks quite same-ish. However, the bottom looks like there could be some great fights this season about the lower points as its fairly even (time wise).

  • Yeah behind the top three teams I hope it will be even between many of the seven teams. There's potential for many good fights, even between teammates in many cases.

  • Woke up early today to watch the season start. Not a bad one, it had its moments. Vettel got super lucky with that VSC, though. Hamilton got a few tries to try and catch him in the end, but no. Kimi got on the podium, at least, which is always great, and he seemed pleased with the car and its performance, which is also good to hear.

    Bottas was sadly totally stuck, nothing to write home about this time. And Haas... Oh man. Only exploding cars would've been worse than that. Both retired within moments of each others, and in what way. The pit stop team was practically throwing things after the second failure. Just awful to witness that happening. Alonso got a very good 5th place and he was pleased on the radio in the end. Maybe McLaren has found a new wind finally. It would make the season much more interesting.

  • Alono's 5th would have been a 7th if Haas had managed to successfully complete a pit stop.

    I don't quite get how Haas released the cars but also instantly knew that they had messed up. I would have thought they'd have a system that stopped the front jack man lowering the car before the guys on tyres were ready.

    I think Bottas and Verstappen were the big losers from Melbourne. If it's going to be three teams fighting for the championship you can't afford to let the likes of Alonso and Hulkenburg take points from you.

    I'm so happy F1 is back, race weekends are the best weekends.

  • A bit too familiar feeling again, as Vettel manages to play the ace up from his sleeve at the last possible moment. Well, everything's still possible tomorrow. Glad to see Bottas waking up in the end, beating Hamilton. Having Lewis and Verstappen start more from behind gives a nice extra spice to the race, hopefully.

  • I’ve never been a Verstappen fan, but it’s always fun seeing him come from behind.

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    Yeah this feels kinda similar to last year. Also happy for Bottas that he got to beat Hamilton in qualy, should be an confidence boost for him. Hopefully the race will have some fun events in it with both Verstappen and Hamilton starting a little further back than normal. I got a little disappointed that my boy Ericsson didnt get into Q2, but lets see what they have managed to scrape together for the race.

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    What a great race! a shame about Redbull but that gave Ericsson a chance to pick P9 and 2 points to Sauber Alfa Romeo, so thank you very much! The end was so so close and Bottas could of taken the win with another lap I think. A lot of action through out and lets hope the Ferrari mechanics speedy recovery!

  • Yep, it was great to see that Ericsson managed to stay on the points. Good job for him and Sauber! Same words to Gasly on Toro Rosso, P4. Great celebrations in the team, thumbs up.

    That Ferrari incident was really, really frustrating to witness. I mean what the hell. And it's always Kimi, damn it. And this time a person got even physically injured, that was hard to see. Hopefully he didn't get hurt too severely.

    Bottas made suddenly the last c. 10 laps extremely exciting when he started to catch on Vettel. But damn it, he'd have needed a lap or two more. Pfffffff. Well, great race from him anyway.

  • Chinese GP. Holy shit, that was insane! I mean what the hell just happened, honestly. Verstappen went nuts more than on one occasion and finally crashed into Vettel. That was something unreal, Kimi overtook three cars in that corner as a result, yes! He suffered so much in the beginning and was later forced to help the team, but this made up for all of that. And the Chinese audience cheered for their hero on the podium. :)

    Red Bull was in the perfect position when the SC came out and they got their new tires. Together with Ricciardo's skills that was an unstoppable combo. I'm just happy it wasn't Vettel or Hamilton who won, Ricciardo's cool. Valtteri did all he could in his 100th GP and second place was really good after a solid race from him. Hamilton couldn't do anything this time, on the other hand.

    A really, really exciting race, I enjoyed it a lot!

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    Haha yeah I was so glad that I got up early to witness this race. I was surprised that they all made it through the first turn without any major incidents, thinks thats a first. Verstappen tried some manoeuvres which was kinda stupid with crashing into Vettel. Then again you need to take chances to win. The race started out a bit stale but quickly kicked off. I was so impressed by Ricciardo and you can tell he sits on a lot of experience, I like him a lot. Was fun to see a little different podium than we normally do.

    This season really ramps up to be something special. Looking forward to Azerbaijan in 2 weeks time!

  • Damn it. Kimi was going so well the first two sectors, but then nope, and P6. :[

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    What a chaotic race. I really feel heart broken for bottas though. Ericsson P11, so close to points again! But fun for Leclerc to finish so high. Im never really a huge fan of these street circuits because it so more often than not end up with big crashes and saftey cars.

    Spain will be interesting where I think Merc will have the upper hand on Ferrari.

  • An insane race, yes. What happened to Bottas at the end was just awful to witness. Man, did I swear. Instead of victory zero points, and with so few laps remaining. Hnnggh. All in all the top positions were pretty much random in the end. Both Red Bulls were gone (my eyes were like O_O), and Vettel dived himself out of the podium completely. HAM-RAI-PER, who would've thought. Always happy for Kimi at least, and it's refreshing to see someone like Perez up there for a change.

    Grosjean behind the SC. :[ That was embarassing. I would've kept my helmet on for a week after that. Leclerc did an amazing job with his Sauber, P6. Pretty outstanding, and he was voted the Driver of the Day. Alonso's start to the race was rough to watch as the man managed to make it into the pit lane with only two tires.

    I kinda like Baku, as there are good spots to overtake, but I agree that it's also a very hazardous circuit. With a crash in a wrong place it takes a long time to clear the track again, like we saw again. Still, the excitement gives the circuit a + in my books.

  • Standard qualifications in Spain, familiar front rows. Bottas got very, very close to P1, but nope, not this time.

  • I forgot to even comment the yesterday's race, as it was just mainly pretty boring. Räikkönen's car broke down and Ferrari botched Vettel's race as well with that extra pit stop that none other ended up taking. Bottas at least took the second place, but he was miles away from Hamilton. Leclerc did again a fine job.

    In two weeks it'll be Monaco then. There it's pretty much all about the qualification.

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    Yeah Spain didnt offer much excitement. I suppose we are kinda entering the middle season now when things calm down a little, the teams get a bigger understanding of their cars and setups. I thought Ericsson holding of Sainz with his old tires was quite the good effort! Leclerc however keeps growing and growing in my eyes!

    Monaco Im looking forward to, not so much just fir the race, but more for everything around it and the whole Monaco atmosphere is always great.

  • Leclerc is beginning to look like a real star.

    The biggest question for me is how much longer can Grosjean last if keeps driving as he is. If he puts it in the wall at Monaco and I think it could be the end of his time in F1.

  • Yep, Grosjean for sure has started to tread on thin ice with the way his season has begun. The next few GPs should indicate if this trend continues, and if it does, it won't be good news for him.