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  • Seems to be raining in Hockenheim, this ought be an interesting race then. At least hopefully! Let's see how Verstappen handles the situation, I remember him driving like crazy, meaning extremely well, that one time in Interlagos when it rained heavily.

  • Well that was insanity! No way to try and go through the race in any chronological order, so much happened pretty much all the time. Happy to see someone like Kvyat and Toro Rosso on the podium, must have felt awesome. :) Mercedes with zero points on their anniversary celebration race, GG. And this one time we see Hamilton actually struggeling and failing... Bottas doesn't cash in. Goddammit. He would've gained like 20 points now, shortened the gap, but nope.

  • Well shit, Hockenheim's a gift that just keeps on giving: both Alfa Romeos have been penalised with 30 secs for clutch infringements meaning they got dropped out of points. BUT! This means Kubica is now #10 and earned Williams its first point of the year. Wow.

  • GP OF THE CENTURY! That was INSANITY! I was hooting and hollering when Kimi was in P3 on lap 1 and there was quite literally 64 more laps of drama left.

    I’m a Canadian and not even a Stroll fan but I wanted him to hold off 12 laps to survive but I couldn’t be happier than Vettel got P2 and was in the 50% who even survived the race.

    I almost decided to sleep in today because I was so tired but I’m glad I didn’t. What an insane show. Shouts out to literally everybody who survived the race.

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    OH man, The only race of the season I miss (I think?) and it turns out to be one of the best races ever. kinda annoying. will see if I can get a replay anywhere even if I know the result. watched the F1 highlight video and it seems absolutely bonkers. Even though I'm sure even that didnt do it justice.

  • @lotias

    I watched the highlight video and it hits the main points but there was something extra there when you’re completely uncertain of how this is gonna pan out. Like when people started switching to Soft tyres and then immediately slipping around.

    My roommate managed to find a replay on Motorsport Streams Reddit where we normally get the bootlegs from.

    I bet by the end of the year it’ll be archived here:

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    @dipset Thank you! I also realise that it will come up on Sky Sports F1 over here, so gonna see if I can find it on there tonight when Im having dinner to watch.

  • The first pole for Verstappen, that was a nice one to pull off against Mercedes. Red Bull has been looking stronger and stronger as the season has evolved, and Marko's comments about them going for five victories before the season started have suddenly begun to sound more realistic. They've got two already, are now in great positions again, and it's only halfway of the season, basically.

    Russell drove perfectly as well, P16 for tomorrow. It'd be super cool if Williams finally started to work better on track.

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    It will be veruy interesting to see how everyone comes back from the summer break. It will just be a bit empty without any race for a while now. Verstappen did a really good job, but they should of pitted with Mercedes much earlier, but thats just how it is sometimes I guess. If we would of had a saftey car it would of been VERY interesting.

    SPA next, one of my favourite tracks.

  • By now this shouldn't be too surprising from Red Bull, but it still is: Albon's getting a Red Bull seat for the second half of the year and Gasly's switching back to Toro Rosso. Really interesting to see Albon's pace in the better car now. And now there are two fellows of tough luck at Toro Rosso. That point difference between Max and Gasly was really rough, 181 vs 63.

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    I honestly expected the switch but I thought Kvyat would get the bump up but I guess it makes more sense to give the up-n-comer a shot.

    I don't know if anything else super exciting will happen over the break. I kinda think Mercedes will pick Bottas. I wonder if Ferrari can fix up some of the down force issues going forward.

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    Yeah the whole Red Bull move doesnt come as a huge surprise to me. Gasly has been struggling for a while now, but I thought it would be Kvyat that would move up for a second chance.

    Other than that, I dont think we will see any huge changes to the roster this silly season.

  • Grill The Grid's back! :) The two gentlemen from McLaren are the first pair in.

    McLaren's Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris! | Grill The Grid 2019
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