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  • Makes sense. He's #2 right now and I see him being #2 next year as well.

    A lot of people were shitting on Renault on Instagram and Twitter by announcing Ocon as their driver, but honestly, Hulkenberg is a bit of a bum in F1 and he just isn't champion material. He's thrown a few opportunities away this season and didn't he spaz recently and blow a podium? In F1 you can only invest in two drivers and when one of them time and again has choked under pressure, why continue?

    To make an analogy, the Toronto Raptors gutted their longtime squad who kept getting knocked out in round 2 or 3 of the NBA Playoffs. They gutted most of the top players to secure Kawhi Leonard and they immediately won a championship. Sometimes you just need to lose what isn't working.

    I def think Renault made a calculated decision here.

  • I'm in the USA and for long time I don't think they played the F1 on here, so I would I only get watch once in a while, oh then they went to v6 turbo hybrid cars and it got boring to me. I will say I can't wait for 2021 cars with ground effect.

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    Im so happy that the F1 is back this weekend!

    I dont know if you have heard, but seems like Marcus Ericsson are back in the paddock this weekend. Apparently Kimi pulled a muscle on his time off and wasnt sure if he could drive. Now though as things has unfolded, it seems like he will drive anyway and Marcus have flown from the states just to be a bench warmer. Oh well!

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    I’m in Canada so I can’t confirm 100% but I think ESPN2 plays all the races simulcast from Sky Sports in the UK.

    I just bootleg tbh, but hopefully next season I can get the F1 streaming service live in Canada. It’s only replays as of 2019.

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    Just read the tragic news that Anthoine Hubert have passed after the crash in F2 at SPA earlier today.

    This makes you remember that its not all fun and games and we have to remember that what these guys does can end like this.

  • That was a truly horrible crash between those three cars. Hubert's car was practically ripped in half, these cars shouldn't even be able to react like that. Awful to hear that the young man lost his life.

  • Great first victory for Leclerc! Start of something.

  • What a stupid qualifying session. Like ridiculous, basically. Practically the whole bunch of the last ten cars failed to start their time lap before the session ended because everyone was just trying to get the best possible position on the course (like preferably not being the first, at least). That waiting game backfired big time today, and I feel Schadenfreude towards the tacticians and the team principals in the teams.

  • Leclerc aced it today, a brilliant drive. Both Hamilton and Bottas got really close both at times, but didn't quite make it. But I'm actually pretty happy seeing Leclerc win at Monza, that Italian crowd and the whole atmosphere with a Ferrari winning was great to see. Hadn't happened since 2010, so it was about time.

    Vettel spinning and then re-entering the track like that looked super dangerous. Could've been much worse than that bump into Stroll. The chain reaction then continued from him to Gasly, Stroll basically making the same mistake himself.

    Kimi's race went straight to hell with the qualification mistake and then the team mixing the tyres with the ones they announced, which resulted to a penalty. Sainz left the pitstop with one tyre loose and had to quit. Renault had an excellent day with P4 and P5.

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    @sentinel-beach I enjoyed this race, even though it was a bit calmer than others we have had this season. Leclerc REALLY deserved that win, felt good that he managed to hold Mercedes behind him. Vettel Im not sure what he was doing, but his race went to smitherins. More and more it feels like Vettel are becoming a second driver at Ferrari and I think its messing with his head.

  • Nice to see Leclerc gaining confidence, not so much that he's starting to fall on the shady side. Was expecting Ferrari to be more dominant over Mercedes in Monza, being their home track and Ferrari being faster on straights.

    Albon has done some sick moves since he's racing in the main team, and finishing ahead of Verstapen.

    My prediction; Leclerc will be put out of the race next time he goes for a shady defence.