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  • Nice to see Leclerc gaining confidence, not so much that he's starting to fall on the shady side. Was expecting Ferrari to be more dominant over Mercedes in Monza, being their home track and Ferrari being faster on straights.

    Albon has done some sick moves since he's racing in the main team, and finishing ahead of Verstapen.

    My prediction; Leclerc will be put out of the race next time he goes for a shady defence.

  • Kubica leaves Williams at the end of the season.

    Haas keeps their pair for 2020.

    This means things aren't looking too good for H├╝lkenberg. There's only one seat left at Williams and Alfa at the moment. (Red Bull and Toro Rosso will surely place their "own men" on their seats.)

  • I was on vacation for the last two races. I missed a lot of stuff. Sad news for the sport with the crash in F2. It would have me rattled to my core if I was a racer. I've been rattled by less in my own life.

    Looking forward to Singapore. Now that NFL is back, my weekends include waaaaay too much sports consumption. I hope this isn't unhealthy, aha.

  • Watching Leclerc celebrating his 3rd pole in a row gave me this vision of him as a future Ferrari world champion. He's obviously gonna be the next red man on the top, no question about it. Ferrari have struck gold with the Monegasque. The only question is "when", when will he reach the top? I'm excited to see how next season will start in March, will Ferrari be able to better compete against Mercedes for the wins.

  • Ferrari's pit stop extravaganza places Vettel ahead of Leclerc and that was it. Pretty nasty business per se, but this happens sometimes. No Mercedes in top 3 isn't a too familiar sight. (In Germany the weather did the trick, now they were simply outpaced and outsmarted.)

    And still no Singapore GP without SC.

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    That was an interesting race. For a while I thought we wouldnt get a saftey car for the race, but that was wrong.

    I do understand that Leclerc prolly feel robbed by todays race, but I think he got some good times ahead of him and wouldnt be surprised if he will take multiple titles before his carreer is over.

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    How long has this Leclerc been in F1 ? Cuz I don't think I have heard of him before. BOY !!!! This kid getting 3 pole positions in a row. This kid is on FIRE.

  • Long time since I had a driver to hate, kinda missed that. Leclerc fits the role perfectly. He just rubs me the wrong way. Such a cry baby.

    Whatever was going wrong with their aerodynamics it seems like Ferrari sort it out. Mercedes needs to step up, they never had the top speed, but now they seem to lose all-around. And Red Bull just doesn't have it in them to consistently be with the top two and it's a shame because they have two great drivers now.

    And Jesus, such a terrible circuit. I can't stomach it when I play F1 games.

  • @acidtrip-69 This is now only his second year/season in F1. Last year he was on Sauber from where he sky-rocketed straight onto Ferrari for this season. In 2017 he won the F2 championship, like many of these young guys tend to before arriving to the top level.

    The future seasons will definitely see him going head to head against Verstappen. And possibly also guys like Albon, Norris and Russell, depending in which teams they'll end up in upcoming seasons.

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    Seeing Seb on the podium fighting back the tears really show how much it meant to him to win. Especially the Singapore race which is so so hard.

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    That Singapore track is just horrible , sometimes it was a bit confusing to follow.

  • I honestly like Leclerc and Verstappen. They're kinda crazy kids who DGAF. I think the next 10 years, there will be some great racing from those two. Hopefully they don't become teammates.

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    Leclerc got Pole again. Their team is doing really good.

  • @acidtrip-69 Not quite yet. Tomorrow we'll see the qualifying, that's always on Saturdays. Leclerc was #1 today in first practice while Verstappen actually narrowly beat him in second practice later on.

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    @sentinel-beach said in Formula One:

    @acidtrip-69 Not quite yet. Tomorrow we'll see the qualifying, that's always on Saturdays. Leclerc was #1 today in first practice while Verstappen actually narrowly beat him in second practice later on.

    I thought that some practice laps were like when they do qualifying laps.

  • Well now he did it, i.e. Leclerc got the pole. Truly amazing job from the young man. This is the first time since Vettel on Red Bull in 2011 since a non-Mercedes driver has achieved four pole positions in a row. Just think about that for a second. Leclerc is damaging the Mercedes dominance at the moment like none has achieved to do during these eight past years.



  • Oh man. I really hope Vettel would have been able to continue. The beginning half of the race was super interesting to follow because of Ferrari's surprising back-and-forth strategy, their sudden desire to place Leclerc back to first place. They eventually did it through the pit-stop strategy, but I would've really liked to see Vettel's response after that on the track. The rest of the race was pretty boring for me after all that had happened.

  • Still waiting for a race with Leclerc not crying about something. Vetel probably pushed the car too hard. And another great race for Albon, he's bold.

  • The Ferrari drama would have been wrapped up in 2 seconds if this was, say, the NFL. I love F1 because the ego's shine through whereas NFL lives and dies by the team mentality, but this is too much. Team principal shoulda told Leclerc he has exactly 2 laps to increase pace or shut the hell up.

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    Regardless, glad to see that Ferrari made Mercedes work for the win. Bottas should be considered for Driver of the Day for withholding Leclerc for like 15 laps without mistakes.