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  • I honestly like Leclerc and Verstappen. They're kinda crazy kids who DGAF. I think the next 10 years, there will be some great racing from those two. Hopefully they don't become teammates.

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    Leclerc got Pole again. Their team is doing really good.

  • @acidtrip-69 Not quite yet. Tomorrow we'll see the qualifying, that's always on Saturdays. Leclerc was #1 today in first practice while Verstappen actually narrowly beat him in second practice later on.

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    @sentinel-beach said in Formula One:

    @acidtrip-69 Not quite yet. Tomorrow we'll see the qualifying, that's always on Saturdays. Leclerc was #1 today in first practice while Verstappen actually narrowly beat him in second practice later on.

    I thought that some practice laps were like when they do qualifying laps.

  • Well now he did it, i.e. Leclerc got the pole. Truly amazing job from the young man. This is the first time since Vettel on Red Bull in 2011 since a non-Mercedes driver has achieved four pole positions in a row. Just think about that for a second. Leclerc is damaging the Mercedes dominance at the moment like none has achieved to do during these eight past years.



  • Oh man. I really hope Vettel would have been able to continue. The beginning half of the race was super interesting to follow because of Ferrari's surprising back-and-forth strategy, their sudden desire to place Leclerc back to first place. They eventually did it through the pit-stop strategy, but I would've really liked to see Vettel's response after that on the track. The rest of the race was pretty boring for me after all that had happened.

  • Still waiting for a race with Leclerc not crying about something. Vetel probably pushed the car too hard. And another great race for Albon, he's bold.

  • The Ferrari drama would have been wrapped up in 2 seconds if this was, say, the NFL. I love F1 because the ego's shine through whereas NFL lives and dies by the team mentality, but this is too much. Team principal shoulda told Leclerc he has exactly 2 laps to increase pace or shut the hell up.

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    Regardless, glad to see that Ferrari made Mercedes work for the win. Bottas should be considered for Driver of the Day for withholding Leclerc for like 15 laps without mistakes.

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    I enjoyed this race. Ferrari seemed like they were back to their old "we have no idea what we are doing" strategies as they did earlier in the season. Seb seemed to be back until his MGU-K gave up. We had some great battles in the mid field, first half felt like it just shot away, second half dragged a little more.

  • Typhoon Hagibis tore across Japan with even casualties. F1 racing is a small thing it impacted when compared to everything else, and the storm mainly only affected the qualifying which was postponed.

    But what a start from Bottas! I mean sure, Vettel made a mistake, but nevertheless Valtteri pounced to first place like some leopard in attack mode. Dominance after that, although Mercedes' pit stop strategies brought some excitement to the race. Were they gonna pit Bottas twice and Lewis only once? In the end, no, and after a long while the Finnish flag was behind the center podium. Great start to a Sunday here (started at 8 AM).

  • How did Ferrari managed to reach the end of the race without any penalties? Albon should have been 3rd. I really like Albon and am always praising him for being bold, but that overtake at the chicane was not right.

    Vetel with a clear false start and Leclerc was way off limits in the way he tried to shut down Verstapen. If it was just a bump, one could let it pass, but it ruined Verstapen's race.

  • Like an absolute scumbag, I placed a $1 bet on all of the Red Bull and McLearn drivers to win $500-1000 in the hopes that the typhoon made this a wet race and all the top teams crashed. Yea... that was way off the mark.

  • Leclerc end up being penalised with 5s for the incident and another 10s for staying on track with a damaged car.

  • Kimi's 40 today!

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  • Uuh, we've got some drama! Max just lost the pole because he didn't slow down during Bottas's crash right there in the end.

  • Didn’t he already have pole when Bottas crashed? Like wasn’t he ahead of Bottas?

  • Tricky penalty. In that situation his eyes would be on the apex of the turn, so I believe he probably didn't saw the flag. But it's somewhat justifiable.

  • The race started in an interesting fashion and remained like that for a good while, about half way through, with the speculative nature of everyone's different pitstop strategies, buuuuut in the end everything just became blaaaargh boring and then "get in there Lewis" scored.

  • We got a look behind the season 2021 curtain today.

    The car looks like a beast somehow. Those sides give it this sort of organic sense.
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    From 2021 onwards Formula 1 will have:

    • Cars that are better able to battle on the track
    • A more balanced competition on the track
    • A sport where success is determined more by how well a team spends its money not how much it spends – including, for the first time, a fully enforceable cost cap ($175M per season) in the FIA rules
    • A sport that is a better business for those participating and more attractive to potential new entrants
    • A sport that continues to be the world’s premier motor racing competition and the perfect showcase of cutting-edge technology