Formula One

  • @phbz

    Yeah man that race had me go through the full emotional spectrum. My heart stopped when Leclerc shunted because I thought it might be worse.

    Then Sainz on the attack at the end. I wanted him to get the job done so bad but Gasly kept it together just long enough. One more lap!

    I feel bad Sainz has to suffer with Ferrari next season while they rework their car, just to do it again in 2022. I hope they don’t stifle the growth of Sainz and Leclerc especially cause Sainz is already 25.

  • @dipset Leclerc was scarry, and Vettel losing breaks at the end of the main straight could have been catastrophic. Ferrari has to get their stuff together because there's lives on the line.

    Hamilton's mistake was so silly, but seeing him going from being dead last, 30s from the next car, and finishing in the points was cool.

    Williams 😢

  • What a brilliant and exciting race this was, yeah! If only Mercedes could struggle every weekend... I mean that second half was pretty freaking golden. I would've been happy with both Gasly and Sainz winning, I had no preference. Just super happy for the guys. And the way how AlphaTauri team congratulated Sainz, too, after the race seemed and felt just really sincere. Good times.

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    Now THIS was a race! Holy crap the second half was a lot of fun to watch. I had the stupidest grin on my face through it. This goes to show how good racing we would have if Merc wasn't so damn dominant. I just wish we would of had another lap or two so we could of seen more of the battling between Sainz and Gasly. It felt really touching to see Gasly sitting on the podium and kinda just taking his time soaking it all in. Was genuinely awesome to see and you could tell the teams and drivers got so much respect for each other.

    As much as I feel bad for Ferrari, they need to do something radical, Really glad that their drivers didn't get off worse from the malfunctions that happened. They almost just need to press the reset button and start from scratch.

  • From all of this Pierre Gasly attention, we learned the important information that Lewis and Pierre apparently low key play Call of Duty together and if that isn’t wholesome then idk what is.

    Never know what path you’ll cross online.

  • @dipset Lando Noris was streaming Fall Guys with Leclerc recently.

  • At the end of this season Perez will be leaving Racing Point, and next year (when RP will be known as Aston Martin) Vettel will be their new driver together with Stroll. Those are the news. And were the rumors already soon after Vettel's Ferrari deal ending became reality a few months back.

  • I might be missing an important piece of history here but what does Perez mean when he makes this statement: [...] we managed to overcome obstacles and I am very proud of saving the jobs of several of my teammates."

    Other articles have referenced Perez going to court for Racing Point? What am I missing here? It's my understanding that in 2018 Stroll purchased everything but the stock for Force India when they were under control by Formula 1. What did Perez do specifically? I Googled: Perez saving Force India, Perez court Force India, etc and I don't find much outside of what I already know.

    How did he save jobs, the team, etc?

  • Holy smokes, eventful day. Shame that Ricciardo didn't get 3rd but I'm very happy for Albon, best overtaker right now imo. Hope he gets his confidence back.

    Heartbroken that Russell didn't scored his first point. But seeing him hunting down the Ferraris was great, and surreal.

    Mercedes is in a parallel universe where there's no pandemic but other than than everyone is very close and races are unpredictable. Redbull seems like starts races with the reverse gear on.

    Ah, not sure about this track to be honest. Fun to drive but other than the first turn there's no overtaking points.

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    Did anyone else feel exhausted after the race today? All those crashes and red flags! Would of loved for Ricciardo to get his podium, but awesome for Albon to shine for once and show that he belongs there.

    I'm glad that we got a track as addition instead of another street cricuit, but it felt like this one was a little too narrow which I think is partly to blame for the accidents that we saw. Now we get a break next weekend, but will be fun to see what happens in Russia in 2 weeks time.