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    Now THIS was a race! Holy crap the second half was a lot of fun to watch. I had the stupidest grin on my face through it. This goes to show how good racing we would have if Merc wasn't so damn dominant. I just wish we would of had another lap or two so we could of seen more of the battling between Sainz and Gasly. It felt really touching to see Gasly sitting on the podium and kinda just taking his time soaking it all in. Was genuinely awesome to see and you could tell the teams and drivers got so much respect for each other.

    As much as I feel bad for Ferrari, they need to do something radical, Really glad that their drivers didn't get off worse from the malfunctions that happened. They almost just need to press the reset button and start from scratch.

  • From all of this Pierre Gasly attention, we learned the important information that Lewis and Pierre apparently low key play Call of Duty together and if that isn’t wholesome then idk what is.

    Never know what path you’ll cross online.

  • @dipset Lando Noris was streaming Fall Guys with Leclerc recently.

  • At the end of this season Perez will be leaving Racing Point, and next year (when RP will be known as Aston Martin) Vettel will be their new driver together with Stroll. Those are the news. And were the rumors already soon after Vettel's Ferrari deal ending became reality a few months back.

  • I might be missing an important piece of history here but what does Perez mean when he makes this statement: [...] we managed to overcome obstacles and I am very proud of saving the jobs of several of my teammates."

    Other articles have referenced Perez going to court for Racing Point? What am I missing here? It's my understanding that in 2018 Stroll purchased everything but the stock for Force India when they were under control by Formula 1. What did Perez do specifically? I Googled: Perez saving Force India, Perez court Force India, etc and I don't find much outside of what I already know.

    How did he save jobs, the team, etc?

  • Holy smokes, eventful day. Shame that Ricciardo didn't get 3rd but I'm very happy for Albon, best overtaker right now imo. Hope he gets his confidence back.

    Heartbroken that Russell didn't scored his first point. But seeing him hunting down the Ferraris was great, and surreal.

    Mercedes is in a parallel universe where there's no pandemic but other than than everyone is very close and races are unpredictable. Redbull seems like starts races with the reverse gear on.

    Ah, not sure about this track to be honest. Fun to drive but other than the first turn there's no overtaking points.

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    Did anyone else feel exhausted after the race today? All those crashes and red flags! Would of loved for Ricciardo to get his podium, but awesome for Albon to shine for once and show that he belongs there.

    I'm glad that we got a track as addition instead of another street cricuit, but it felt like this one was a little too narrow which I think is partly to blame for the accidents that we saw. Now we get a break next weekend, but will be fun to see what happens in Russia in 2 weeks time.

  • Records are meant to be broken but not today. I have no familiarity with the rules Hamilton / Mercedes broke, and be obviously would’ve won today otherwise.

    I honestly can’t wait for these 2022 regulations. It’s almost painful to see so much talent like Ricardo, Verstappen, Leclerc, and others have consistent great races like today with no cigar.

    Only person who can beat Hamilton is himself.

  • OKish race in one of the worst tracks of the season. Sainz accident was so amateurish, hilarious. Couldn't get exactly what was Red Bull strategy for Albon, one pit stop too much. Always happy to see Bottas winning he's a great driver with the bad luck of having a GOAT team mate. Hamilton 2 penalty points away from being banned for one race. Perez I bet he feels great and having a laugh with himself.

  • The campaign has been pretty soft unfortunately, but Darren Heath, who is an incredible borderline lifelong F1 photographer has been sharing this new Kickstarter for an F1 magazine called "RACEWKND".

    The idea here is that the magazine covers all of the Grand Prix locations from an insider perspective.

    alt text

    They seem nowhere close to their goal, but I've backed it and I'd like to share the Kickstarter with you other F1 fans:

    Darren's work is actually incredible and what also adds that extra element to his photography is the fact that he captures these shots in-camera without any Photoshop compositing. On top of it all, he has amazing writeups and one-of-a-kind access to the drivers throughout the years. He's like a silent journalist and the talent trusts him. I'm a fan of coffee table photography books, but this one seems extra interesting because it spans all of these different places around the world.

    Link to his Instagram:

  • This weekend F1 is going to return to my country after many years. The circuit layout is cool with a lot of elevation changes and blind turns but I have no clue how it will work on a F1 race.

    It will be an interesting race as no one has experience on it and there's little to no data.

    Youtube Video

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    I could see some mistakes being made on the downhill right turn at the beginning kinda like how some people screw up the downhill hairpin at the Nurburgring GP, but quite honestly, it looks to be another modern F1 circuit.

    I'd probably like it in GT Sport though. We'll see how this pans out, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • @dipset I think the problem is more with how downforce is so important in modern F1 than with the modern circuits themselves, I imagine so many high speed corners will make it impossible to race closely due to turbulent air. Also big concerns about tire ware. But qualifying should be pretty dope. Want to see some onboard fast laps here, looks like a rollercoaster.

  • Spoke too soon. Lots of uphills and downhills and blind corners.

    Max complained his wing wasn’t tuned properly and lots of drivers spun. They only have two more practices to figure it out so we’ll see how chaotic qualifying is.

  • @dipset No data for the track so it's expected to see teams struggling trying to find the right setup.

    Bottas hot lap

    Youtube Video

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    The simulator guide didn't do this any justice because that Bottas hot lap really shows how technical the course is!

    Too early on the throttle in some of these turns and you're spinning. It almost seems like he was like a few centimeters from getting lap times deleted. I wonder if the track limits will be strictly enforced on Saturday and Sunday.

  • @dipset The stewerds have been quite unforgiving the last few races.

    I wonder how many times will Seb spin during the weekend.

  • RACEWKND actually hit its campaign mark so you have two more days to support and you’ll actually get the magazine:

  • Another masterclass by Hamilton, now the driver with most wins ever. Gasly, Leclerc and Perez had a great race. Much better racing than I was expecting, some great midfield battles. Opening couple of laps were crazy.

    Albon and Vettel are completely elsewhere other than the race. Really disappointing.

  • That was a really great race!

    There were a few choices for Driver of the Day!

    After the race, Norris finally said what everyone was thinking, “Stroll never learns from his mistakes”. Now, that is still a sugarcoated way of putting it, but I think Stroll could debatably be the worst on the grid right now.

    Yeah he places higher than some others but he can’t physically be in a racing situation without crashing or causing grief. At least Albon has like 3-4 of those moments under his belt in the past year or so and they were all clean on his end. Stroll literally can’t race unless he’s in open air.