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  • The campaign has been pretty soft unfortunately, but Darren Heath, who is an incredible borderline lifelong F1 photographer has been sharing this new Kickstarter for an F1 magazine called "RACEWKND".

    The idea here is that the magazine covers all of the Grand Prix locations from an insider perspective.

    alt text

    They seem nowhere close to their goal, but I've backed it and I'd like to share the Kickstarter with you other F1 fans:

    Darren's work is actually incredible and what also adds that extra element to his photography is the fact that he captures these shots in-camera without any Photoshop compositing. On top of it all, he has amazing writeups and one-of-a-kind access to the drivers throughout the years. He's like a silent journalist and the talent trusts him. I'm a fan of coffee table photography books, but this one seems extra interesting because it spans all of these different places around the world.

    Link to his Instagram:

  • This weekend F1 is going to return to my country after many years. The circuit layout is cool with a lot of elevation changes and blind turns but I have no clue how it will work on a F1 race.

    It will be an interesting race as no one has experience on it and there's little to no data.

    Youtube Video

  • @phbz

    I could see some mistakes being made on the downhill right turn at the beginning kinda like how some people screw up the downhill hairpin at the Nurburgring GP, but quite honestly, it looks to be another modern F1 circuit.

    I'd probably like it in GT Sport though. We'll see how this pans out, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • @dipset I think the problem is more with how downforce is so important in modern F1 than with the modern circuits themselves, I imagine so many high speed corners will make it impossible to race closely due to turbulent air. Also big concerns about tire ware. But qualifying should be pretty dope. Want to see some onboard fast laps here, looks like a rollercoaster.

  • Spoke too soon. Lots of uphills and downhills and blind corners.

    Max complained his wing wasn’t tuned properly and lots of drivers spun. They only have two more practices to figure it out so we’ll see how chaotic qualifying is.

  • @dipset No data for the track so it's expected to see teams struggling trying to find the right setup.

    Bottas hot lap

    Youtube Video

  • @phbz

    The simulator guide didn't do this any justice because that Bottas hot lap really shows how technical the course is!

    Too early on the throttle in some of these turns and you're spinning. It almost seems like he was like a few centimeters from getting lap times deleted. I wonder if the track limits will be strictly enforced on Saturday and Sunday.

  • @dipset The stewerds have been quite unforgiving the last few races.

    I wonder how many times will Seb spin during the weekend.

  • RACEWKND actually hit its campaign mark so you have two more days to support and you’ll actually get the magazine:

  • Another masterclass by Hamilton, now the driver with most wins ever. Gasly, Leclerc and Perez had a great race. Much better racing than I was expecting, some great midfield battles. Opening couple of laps were crazy.

    Albon and Vettel are completely elsewhere other than the race. Really disappointing.

  • That was a really great race!

    There were a few choices for Driver of the Day!

    After the race, Norris finally said what everyone was thinking, “Stroll never learns from his mistakes”. Now, that is still a sugarcoated way of putting it, but I think Stroll could debatably be the worst on the grid right now.

    Yeah he places higher than some others but he can’t physically be in a racing situation without crashing or causing grief. At least Albon has like 3-4 of those moments under his belt in the past year or so and they were all clean on his end. Stroll literally can’t race unless he’s in open air.

  • @dipset Stroll is in the very "difficult" spot of being the son of the owner of the team, which makes everyone be suspicious of his talent , and then on top of that Perez is the one being kicked out of the team for next year and Perez is infinitely a better racer than Stroll. I think he is better then what he is showing right now, but this situation is making him psychologically vulnerable.

    But anyway, Stroll overtaking Norris through the left and then turning on him was so hilariously reckless when he had all the space in the world on the right. Very sorry for Norris, but that was funny.

    Ah, Räikkönen's first lap, I watched that repetition like 5 times. Such a clinical and perfect lap, from 16th to 6th!

  • @phbz

    Also, something I wasn't aware of until the post-race reports is that Strolls crash with Norris is exactly where he crashed into Verstappen in Free Practice. Incident after incident with him. He's known for being reckless and it might be better for his opponents to outright avoid him in races because it serves them more to give space than to fight pack from last place cause Stroll ruined your car.

    I voted Kimi DOTD. I know he got a bit lucky in that massive jump but he held onto his positions for a while and I just feel bad that Alfa Romeo has no power in the car. That is a prime example of where having a bit more juice could've gotten them points.

    I hope they get some engine improvements in 2021 along with Ferrari.

  • @dipset Yes, same place exactly although Verstappen was on the inside and Stroll turned against him coming from the outside. His excuse was that during FP he was distracted looking at settings on his wheel, which is an insane justification IMO, if you're on a straight going +300kph with other cars maybe you should try to be aware of your surroundings. :D

    But oh well, hope nobody gets hurt.

    Next race is the return to Imola, it's going to be weird, still remember vividly the day Senna died. My mothers birthday was on the next day and everyone was in disbelieve at the party, like if someone closed died.

  • 2021, it's true!

  • Nice! Hopefully the car improves and the team gets some shine!!

    Pretty excited for this GP weekend. Watched the lap guide on F1 YouTube and it really looks kinda like what a high school football field is compared to an NFL stadium by today's standards.

    That doesn't mean it's not gonna be a spectacle, I'm just talking strictly aesthetics, age, and design. Somebody is gonna crash on the uphill chicane or mishandle a turn.

  • Poor Russell, such a silly mistake. That might have been his first point ever.

    Stroll injured a member of the pit crew...

    Riccardo surprise podium, that was cool.

    Albon keeps breaking my heart.

    Don't think this track is right for modern F1, even the only overtaking zone isn't quite enough. But it was an eventful and entertaining race.

    Btw, did Racing Point sabotaged Perez?

  • I'm starting to wonder if Marko will let Albon even finish the season at Red Bull. Four races left, Turkey will be in two weeks.

  • Rolled the dice. My family and I got an AirBnB downtown Montreal from June 9-13. Formula 1 claims they’re working with local promotors and are confident the 2021 calendar will happen.

    So I said fuck it and we’re going. Just need to hammer purchase on tickets when the become available.

  • This week's race should be interesting. New asphalt mixed with wet weather looks like they're racing in ice.