Formula One

  • 2021, it's true!

  • Nice! Hopefully the car improves and the team gets some shine!!

    Pretty excited for this GP weekend. Watched the lap guide on F1 YouTube and it really looks kinda like what a high school football field is compared to an NFL stadium by today's standards.

    That doesn't mean it's not gonna be a spectacle, I'm just talking strictly aesthetics, age, and design. Somebody is gonna crash on the uphill chicane or mishandle a turn.

  • Poor Russell, such a silly mistake. That might have been his first point ever.

    Stroll injured a member of the pit crew...

    Riccardo surprise podium, that was cool.

    Albon keeps breaking my heart.

    Don't think this track is right for modern F1, even the only overtaking zone isn't quite enough. But it was an eventful and entertaining race.

    Btw, did Racing Point sabotaged Perez?

  • I'm starting to wonder if Marko will let Albon even finish the season at Red Bull. Four races left, Turkey will be in two weeks.

  • Rolled the dice. My family and I got an AirBnB downtown Montreal from June 9-13. Formula 1 claims they’re working with local promotors and are confident the 2021 calendar will happen.

    So I said fuck it and we’re going. Just need to hammer purchase on tickets when the become available.

  • This week's race should be interesting. New asphalt mixed with wet weather looks like they're racing in ice.

  • Last night before P3 I checked the weather and made a few bets. Put $45 on a Racing Point double points finish to payout $103. Also put $1 on Kimi to Win Outright for a $3000 payout, and $0.50 on Gio for a $1500 payout.

    Here's to bad weather tomorrow and Kimi channeling the rally gods.

  • What an epic ending! Perez, Leclerc and Vettel fighting to the end.

    Hamilton is just in another league really. The way he manages his tires and strategises in the moment is incredible.

  • Yup! That was one of the best races I've watched and as you can see... the best on the circuit were at the top in the end.

    I know Stroll was kinda dealt a bad hand with the pit stop but this further solidifies my opinion he's one of the worst in the league right now. Maybe even bottom 5 tbh. His attempt to pass after his pit was just throwing his hands up in the air. Max also had amazing pace and I know his aggressiveness is what makes him great but a lunge in dirty air with no grip wasn't his finest moment.

    Hamilton is God-tier. That drive was historic.

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    Great race yesterday! Lots of stuff going on and I feel like we need more rain races!

    Stroll really got a long way to improve and learn. I think if it wasn't for his dad owning the team, he wouldn't have a seat next year. I was surprised to see ferrari so high up, even though they did great through the whole weekend. What happened to Bottas though? thought with his race skills he would thrive in the slippery weather, but not so!

  • My god Grosjean's crash was scarry af.



  • That was fucking brutal to watch. A shocking moment, thank God he made it out alive. I've honestly never seen such an explosion in this sport, it was like from movies. And then the revelation how the car actually looked: broken in half, the motor jammed stuck in the safety barrier and all that shit. Grosjean's head would've been gone without the halo.

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    The rest of the race after Grojean's horrible crash yesterday kinda felt... like it didn't matter? in a weird way?

    It was one of if not THE worst crash I've seen in my years of F1 watching. The huge fireball made my heart sink and I thought that he was gone. Was sooo happy to hear that he survived out of it. The Halo saved his life for sure there and just seeing the wreck was shocking. Saw his greeting from the hospital and thankfully he seems to be ok! just wow.