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  • My god Grosjean's crash was scarry af.



  • That was fucking brutal to watch. A shocking moment, thank God he made it out alive. I've honestly never seen such an explosion in this sport, it was like from movies. And then the revelation how the car actually looked: broken in half, the motor jammed stuck in the safety barrier and all that shit. Grosjean's head would've been gone without the halo.

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    The rest of the race after Grojean's horrible crash yesterday kinda felt... like it didn't matter? in a weird way?

    It was one of if not THE worst crash I've seen in my years of F1 watching. The huge fireball made my heart sink and I thought that he was gone. Was sooo happy to hear that he survived out of it. The Halo saved his life for sure there and just seeing the wreck was shocking. Saw his greeting from the hospital and thankfully he seems to be ok! just wow.

  • Yeah I agree. I went to go watch the race replay at about 12pm ET and when I realized the race wasn't even finished, I knew something bad must've happened. Caught the news on social media and I felt like the 10 seconds of Roman in the flames was as long as a minute and I was just watching from home.

    I read online that his helmet can provide oxygen and obviously his suit can protect him somewhat too. I'm glad he's alive because 10 seconds in an inferno let alone the impact not killing him is amazing. Safety measures actually prevented death yesterday.

  • Great news. Hope Russell delivers.

  • Yeah no pressure Russell... but also... anything less than pole position and we'll be upset!

    So does Bottas' wife divorce him if he loses to Russell, how's this work?

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    I mean, Pole and Win from Russell is expected now, otherwise its just sad.

    On a serious note, looking forward to see how it goes this weekend without Hamilton, jumping into a new car you've never driven before is a huge challenge for anyone, let alone a new driver like Russell, just finishing is good enough imo.

  • @lotias Yeah my expectations for him is just to bring it home and score points.

  • What a fuck up by Mercedes! Feel devastated for Russell but brilliant drive showing that he deserves a proper car. Bottas the unluckiest driver of the season too. Couldn't believe Mercedes would make such a colossal mistake.

    Happy for Perez and Ocon... and for little turd Stroll too.

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  • Emotional whirlwind of a Grand Prix but that made for a fun race. Between this layout and Red Bull Ring in Austria, the few corners and fast straights make for entertaining GPs.

    Lance Stroll once again gets put into racing situations and once again completely chokes. I was terrified when Russell passed Stroll after the fuckup because you never know when Stroll is gonna end your race. Checo waltzed on past him too. Podium or not, I still think pound for pound he's bottom 5 drivers right now.

  • Well, I guess a snooze fest is a good way to wind down a relatively exciting season.

    The drivers and constructors championship wasn't super exciting, but that mid-field battle, the upsets and mistakes, the replacement drivers, FIA laying the hammer on Ferrari, and the Pink Mercedes made for an insanely interesting year despite virtually no competition for 1st place. I'll take 2020 over 2019. Ferrari sucking out of the gate is an easier pill for me to swallow than Vettal spinning twice or Charles' car breaking down on the last lap.

    Leclerc is the champ 2021 you saw it here first!

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    It's always such a boring race over there, really don't understand why its the last one of the season. At the same time a lot of emotions as we lose some good people and others moving around. I just hope next season gets more exciting than this one was. But happy that Max finally got his win though.

  • @sentinel-beach Dude there have been horrific crashes like Grosjean's that have sadly resulted in fatalities. Look at Gordon Smiley's horrific crash unless you don't like looking at crashes that result in death-I don't blame you if that's the case.

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  • Seems like Perez is going to Albon's place.

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    Yes! Sorry Albon, but there is too much feel good discourse "Oh but I like him, he's nice" going on in F1 these days. An NFL kicker misses too many kicks, he gets released. Linebacker doesn't make tackles, he gets released. Albon was dealt a tough hand with a lot of his progress out of his own control, but F1 needs to be reserved for the fastest drivers and I look forward to a season where Max and Perez duke it out in one of the fastest cars on the grid.

  • @dipset True, I really like him but after his second Hamilton incident he just crumbled. I wish Stroll or even Latif would go before Albon but I'm very happy to have Perez next year and I hope he gives Max a run for his money.

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    ESPN (who have surprisingly good coverage for a network that mainly covers basketball and American football) put out their grades for the F1 Class of 2020:

    They had Albon and Latifi at the bottom (F), but their praise for Stroll's improvements rub me the wrong way. Teams themselves should praise their drivers under contract for improving, but with my own two eyes, I've seen Stroll in racing "game time" situations all season and he fails every single time. If he needs to defend to hold a lead for 3-4 more laps, he'll choke on the first corner. If he is trying to hold off his teammate, he'll lock up. He can't handle game time situations and will NEVER come anywhere close to being a champion.

    Just because he improved doesn't mean he is comfortable when in matters most. He gets panicky and spazzes out. I honestly don't think he's going to be around much longer unless he gets some W's (which he could've had in Sakhir GP).

  • @dipset Stoll is hilarious. He had to improve being that they had one of the best cars this season. Probably second best as word is that the Red Bull is a nightmare to drive. Completely agree with what you say, he just collapsed under any kind of pressure this season and on top of that had some really bad judgement moments too.

    But he's kind of a comic relief. I vote we keep him.