Formula One

  • The driver lineup is now complete for the upcoming season.

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  • I never had any interest in Formula 1 but I just finished watching the two seasons of Drive to Survive on Netflix and it was pretty fun! I'm waiting for the 2020 season to drop soon hopefully, then I'll be all caught up and might actually follow 2021 as it unfolds.

    Looking at this driver lineup raises a lot of questions for me though, not knowing what happened last year! I don't see Renault, or is that the team with Ricciardo (don't recognize the logo)? What happened to Albon?

    I could just look it up but don't wanna "spoil" the documentary for myself haha.

  • @axel

    Welcome to the club! F1 is pretty easy to get into but hard to understand the nuance (i.e it’s 2pm and hot at the beginning of the race but then half way through it cools down and somehow Lewis knows exactly how to drive to get the most out of his tires just from experience). That type of minutiae is beyond me. I’m not a petrolhead but it’s easy enough to pick up and appreciate the little science-lite elements of the sport as you go along.

    Renault = Alpine (re-brand)
    Racing Point = Austen Martin

    Ricardo signed a 2 year deal with McLearn, Austen Martin signed Vettel to a 2 year deal therefore bumping Perez out of a seat. Perez signed 1 or 2 years (can’t recall) with Red Bull and Albon is a reserve driver now.

    Knowing Red Bull has two top tier drivers in 2021 has me excited for the qualifying more than ever. Pretty sure that they’ll give Mercedes a run for their money in the constructors. Max and Perez looked a lot better than Bottas last year.

    Also Axel you can catch the race highlights on YouTube to maybe warm yourself up to the sport but they’ll probably cover it all in Season 3. Or watch both!

  • Any bets for who wins the team duel?

  • I'll go

    Sainz (might be an epic battle)
    Perez (probably not but it would be amazing)
    Norris (difficult to pick two great drivers but Norris is on the rise)
    Ocon (please be Ocon!)
    Vettel (if not it's time for NASCAR or knitting)

    Albon, first non competing world champion!

  • @phbz

    I say this with 95% certainty

    • Mercedes - Hamilton
    • Ferrari - Leclerc
    • McLaren - Riccardo
    • Aston Martin - Vettel
    • Alfa Tauri - Gasly
    • Williams - Latif- lol jk... Russell
    • Haas - Schumacher
    • Alfa Romeo - Raikkonen
    • Alpine - Alonso (and he drives with a chip on his shoulder and his ridiculous excuses for every time he fucks up)
    • Red Bull - Verstappen

    The only two I'm not entirely certain of would be Haas because new drivers, and Alfa Romeo in which Kimi is mentally checked out and Gio sometimes can stay clear of trouble and get points but neither have much pace.

  • @dipset I forgot Haas, I'll go with Mazepin if he's not suspended meanwhile.

    Edit: regarding Ferrari I think Leclerc is an exceptional driver but has the type of personality that has to make a mistake every time before learning something. So he might be a couple of years away from being reliable.

    Edit 2: Latifi even sucks playing the F1 game. And this is no joke.

  • My RACEWKND Magazine that I Kickstarted was mailed to me a few days ago.

    I have to say, it's pretty damn cool. 50% of this 'Founders' issue are photos covering the spectacle of F1, while the other half is going circuit by circuit breaking down the experience in each city / circuit, it's legacy, things to do, etc.




    If you are interested in subscribing for the 2021 season, go to and you can use my friends discount code to get $25 off: RWFRIENDS

    You can also just follow Darren Heath on Instagram to get constant photos, but I have to say, this book is cool for people who like photo books and a little inside info.

  • Drive to Survive season 3 was announced

  • I actually like the Aston Martin livery but the first thing that jumped to in my head was a jet ski from 1991: