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  • @sentinel-beach I'm very surprised with Tsunoda. Except for his last run he's been killing it since Free Practice 1.

    The midfield this year seems incredibly close and maybe even gained some ground to the top two. Excited for tomorrow's race!

  • HOLY SHIT Hamilton is a Jedi master!!

  • You CANNOT keep Lewis down.

    Fuck that race had my leg twitching for the last 15 minutes. I just kept yelling GO MAX! I was so disappointed that he couldn't close that gap. At about 12 laps to go I started saying in my head that this is too close for comfort, but my girlfriend was like "don't worry, Max will catch him in 5." Lo and behold it was down to 0.700 seconds. One more lap and it would've been over for Lewis.

    I think the race stewards shit the bed with that Turn 4 drama. I think it's bullshit that Lewis got to go outside the track limits all race, then when Max starts doing it half way through, then they suddenly shut it down. I know that wasn't the race decider or anything, but they gotta call that straight so everybody gets to use that to their advantage.

    Good to see Ferrari climbing up again. This driver lineup might make a run for 3rd. If Leclerc can continue to qualify higher up, he'll catch a break at 1 or 2 races this season and catch a podium.

  • I'm not even a Max fan, but anything'd be more appreciated than hamiltonwinslol. What a frustrating finish.

  • I loved that finish, Hamilton on the slower car with much older tires holding on Max and forcing him to a mistake is the kind of thing I want to see on every race, no matter who's involved.

    I'm ready to let Vettel go, same energy as last year plus making a huge mistake and not even owning it. Really hope he turns things around asap but I don't think he has it in himself.

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    That was such an amazing race from start to finish! If that is any marker for how the season will go, sign me the F up! gonna be a looong wait until next run!

  • @lotias

    Yeah I didn't realize Chinese GP is canceled. This wait is brutal.

    I'm still waiting for the Canadian government to say something about the Canadian GP in June. My family still has hotel's booked, but I almost can't believe it'll go down considering Blue Jays are playing in Buffalo and the Toronto Raptors are playing in Tampa, Florida. So I don't know why they'd make an exception for F1. So I'm almost positive there will be a gap in June again too.

  • Ahh too bad, but definitely expected considering only 6M of 35M Canadians are inoculated. My step dad and I rolled the dice by booking a hotel but I think we can get a refund. Here's to 2022 with the new generation of F1!


  • Eventful race but except for Norris, Leclerc and Verstappen a lot of mistakes by everybody else.

    Hamilton with two huge errors, damaging the car right on the first corner although I was surprised he was still keeping up with Verstappen but then his second mistake threw it all away. Still great recovery.

    The Bottas Vs Russell incident it's kinda hard to judge. Might be Russell's mistake but pinch moves and very high speeds should be looked at. It's very different to pinch the car to reduce the angle going into a corner, while in a straight at 300k/h it's a whole different thing.

    This track kinda sucks with modern F1, you have one overtaking place and that it.

    Mazepin, second race and what, 10th time out of track?

  • @phbz How can Hamilton throw it all away and have a great recovery?

  • @jdincinerator He was gaining on Verstappen, ended up making a mistake that put him in 8th place with a broken front wing and a lap behind but was incredibly lucky with the timing of the Russell and Bottas incident. Then went from 8th to second which was a great recovery. But he would never get to 2nd if not for the restart.

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    Really entertaining race. Glad to see Verstappen winning which hopefully means that the race to the championship will be tight. So many people sliding around and Ham being super lucky with sliding off and being "allowed" to reverse back onto the track? thought that was illegal?

  • @lotias You are aloud to use reverse as long as you do it in a safe way. Basically it's just like a normal return to track after an incident.

  • That one and only safe passing position made for a tense run down. I really hoped Leclerc could stave off Norris a bit longer but that one spot on the map kinda made for a lengthened hunt down with Norris chasing Lecleric then Hamilton and Norris.

  • This week's podium


  • @phbz

    I wonder how Kimi and Fernando feel.

    In a world where Tom Brady has a 21 year old elite career and still counting, I feel like we’re going to see more and more of “older” talent and 18-20 year olds all in the same league.

    The science surrounding health and nutrition is getting clearer and easier to follow. Wealthy athletes have more access to doctors, trainers, and nutritionalists for longer careers.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hamilton races until he’s 43-45 and shares a grid with an 19 year old chasing him down.

  • IDK why F1 isn't changing the messaging here, but FP2 = Qualifying for Friday, April 30th.

    So FP2 will be the normal Q1, Q2, Q3 stages which will set a grid for the Sprint Qualifying on Saturday, March 1st.

    Again, idk why they don't just rename FP2, it's confusing.

  • Honestly I thought that crash between Russell and Bottas was Russell's mistake. Russell tried so hard to pass Bottas that there was no more track, he slipped on the grass, lost control and crashed into Bottas. Russell can be forgiven because he's young and thinking he's in the right which is what many young people do, I get the feeling he was only hot and blaming Bottas because he knew he messed up and placing the blame on him was easier in the moment.

  • I have no clue what is going on.

    This is an OFFICIAL F1 video on the Sprint Qualifying:

    Youtube Video – [00:35..]

    @35 seconds:

    “Practice 2 has been replaced with a three part Qualifying session normally seen on a Saturday afternoon. This qualifying session is identical to our current qualifying format, but instead of setting the grid for Sunday's Grand Prix; it'll set the grid for Saturday's Sprint Qualifying.”

    Well, I watched FP2 @ 10am and there was absolutely no qualifying session whatsoever. In fact, there wasn't even a mention of qualifying. The official F1 schedule still had FP2 scheduled and they did a normal FP2 like usual.

    So when the heck is this alleged qualifying session happening? How do they determine the grid order for the Sprint Qualifying tomorrow.

    The messaging here is a complete mess.

  • @dipset it's just for 3 races this season and it's not this weekend. That's all I know.