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    I wonder how Kimi and Fernando feel.

    In a world where Tom Brady has a 21 year old elite career and still counting, I feel like we’re going to see more and more of “older” talent and 18-20 year olds all in the same league.

    The science surrounding health and nutrition is getting clearer and easier to follow. Wealthy athletes have more access to doctors, trainers, and nutritionalists for longer careers.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hamilton races until he’s 43-45 and shares a grid with an 19 year old chasing him down.

  • IDK why F1 isn't changing the messaging here, but FP2 = Qualifying for Friday, April 30th.

    So FP2 will be the normal Q1, Q2, Q3 stages which will set a grid for the Sprint Qualifying on Saturday, March 1st.

    Again, idk why they don't just rename FP2, it's confusing.

  • Honestly I thought that crash between Russell and Bottas was Russell's mistake. Russell tried so hard to pass Bottas that there was no more track, he slipped on the grass, lost control and crashed into Bottas. Russell can be forgiven because he's young and thinking he's in the right which is what many young people do, I get the feeling he was only hot and blaming Bottas because he knew he messed up and placing the blame on him was easier in the moment.

  • I have no clue what is going on.

    This is an OFFICIAL F1 video on the Sprint Qualifying:

    Youtube Video – [00:35..]

    @35 seconds:

    “Practice 2 has been replaced with a three part Qualifying session normally seen on a Saturday afternoon. This qualifying session is identical to our current qualifying format, but instead of setting the grid for Sunday's Grand Prix; it'll set the grid for Saturday's Sprint Qualifying.”

    Well, I watched FP2 @ 10am and there was absolutely no qualifying session whatsoever. In fact, there wasn't even a mention of qualifying. The official F1 schedule still had FP2 scheduled and they did a normal FP2 like usual.

    So when the heck is this alleged qualifying session happening? How do they determine the grid order for the Sprint Qualifying tomorrow.

    The messaging here is a complete mess.

  • @dipset it's just for 3 races this season and it's not this weekend. That's all I know.

  • @phbz

    Jesus I thought it was this weekend. That would explain it. I 100% read an article saying its this weekend and they discussed it at the press conference so that's what threw me off.

  • My three takeaways from Portugal GP:

    1. F1TV Pro has major technical problems.
    • Red buffering screen every half minute
    • 50Hz refresh rate (WTF)

    • Wouldn't work on PC, Mac, iPhone 8, Chrome, Firefox, nor Safari
    • I better get some rebate for this week
    1. I'm not sure Martin Brundle and the gang know that "nip and tuck" mainly refers to a boob job in North America

    2. Mazepin is a joke.

    I know being a rookie is hard, but his rookie year is amateur hour compared to Russell, Leclerc, and Norris' a few years ago.

  • Some grand prix are like watching paint dry and the Portuguese GP was kinda like that.

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    The biggest thing I took from this GP is.... Mazepin really shouldn't be in F1. Holy crap he makes it look like amateur hour.

  • @lotias Hey, he made huge improvements, a whole race without going off track.

    The race was interesting, the first three were very close the whole time and had some cool overtaking moments but midfield lacked good fights this time. It definitely lacked spectacle and big moments but it was competitive.