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    I just don't agree with these "targeted" technical directives in general. In this case, it's a "safety concern". I understand making rule changes for the next season but making arbitrary changes mid-season shouldn't be a thing. I hope nothing comes of this flexi-wing dispute, at least for the 2021 season.

    I was reading up on some technical directives in the past and for some teams it would be like FIFA telling one team that they have to wear flip flops instead of cleats.

  • @dipset To be honest I need WTF1 or Formula 1 YouTube channels to explain me in a video what went on. 😃

    There's also a lot of politics involved. Whatever is that they're doing in the pit stops, they are ahead of everybody else by some margin, so they probably won't have much support from other teams.

  • I just erased part of my post, after reading the RaceFans article I understand it better

    It really seems to be based on a minor technicality.

    "The new directive, TD22A, refers to article 12.8.4 of the technical regulations which imposes restrictions on teams’ pit equipment. It is understood to target the clause which states: “Any sensor systems may only act passively.”"

    But I don't quite get if:

    -Red Bull was jumping any steps, or being creative regarding the article 12.8.4 and if all that the FIA is doing is solidifying the intent of the rule. And in that case I understand both that Red Bull tried to exploit something for their own advantage and that Mercedes tries to dispute that. Which I'm kinda fine with.

    -Or if the regulations were being strictly followed by Red Bull and the new directive changes the original intention of the rule to target Red Bull. Which it's unacceptable.

    -Or is Red Bull just cheating? Which seems to me not to be the case at all.

    Either way this is nowhere near 2019 with Ferrari mixing oil with fuel to gain an unfair advantage. Seems more like a blind spot in the regulations at worse and that's something that could wait until next season to be fixed. But going back to politics, it might be Mercedes saying "hey you guys kinda fucked us this year at least give us this" which isn't correct but is a very European way of doing things, two wrongs do make a right around here.

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    I've read posts from fans claiming that Red Bull essentially does already follow the current regulations and is just sharp whereas I've read others claiming otherwise so I really don't know. There is a lot here that is a bit too much for a layman like me to understand so hopefuly it's covered in the F1 Tech Talk videos soon, but again, in general it seems annoying that the FIA really just punishes teams for putting the formula in Formula 1. It's like FIA is a nerf patch sometimes lol

    One thing that made no sense to me about this new directive, even from a "safety" standpoint, is the fact that a mechanic needs to hit the minimum 0.15 second stage process otherwise they have to repeat the action. So what does that even mean? The senor deems your stage invalid if you're too fast and the mechanic has to act out redoing their stage actions? I feel like that could cause miscommunications and safety problems too.

    Honestly over my head...

  • Poor Bottas gets a 3 place penalty for spinning in the pit lane.

  • Classic boring race.

    Really a shame for Russell, I had high hopes for today and he was doing a great race until the mechanical issues. Unlucky.

    I was expecting Norris to be the top team driver but never in my mind could I imagine Ricciardo to be the most disappointing driver on the whole grid. Also got to say it, Stroll is doing a solid season all things considered, far from being the worst, which is a good improvement.

  • There is a serious problem in F1 that really has to be addressed at some point-Lewis Hamilton's hair. I mean I don't mind dreadlocks but now his head looks like it has been taken over by a tarantula.

  • Ok except for 1st place this was a great race.

    Russell... almost there! But he's proving beyond any doubt that he fully deserves a more competitive car. Great defence moves against Alonso on the fight for 10th, he did all he could do.

    Norris is just killing it damn, regardless of Hamilton having damage another superb performance by Lando.

    Leclerc was a bit of a Kamikaze today, scared me a couple of times.

    Good drives from Ricciardo and Sainz too.

    I don't know if it's track specific but Verstappen was untouchable in this Austrian races.

  • A huuuge difference between the two races on the same circuit. This one was way more exciting, lots of happenings.

    Great drive from Bottas, easily among the best of his season. Yet Verstappen was still indeed untouchable today. Hopefully this gives that much needed "mental damage" to Lewis more and more. :P Lando recovered extremely well from that +5 sec penalty and took a well-deserved podium. He's been on points in every race this season, the only one to do that.

    Leclerc had a great show going on, damn that was entertaining. :D Perez paid the price, but still recovered enough as well. Great efforts from Sainz and Ricciardo, too, yes.

  • BigCat and PFT from Barstool's "Pardon My Take" have Daniel Ricardo and Christian Horner on different episodes in an unusual turn in coverage from NBA to this.

    Honestly nice to see new fans over here.

    Daniel Ricardo on Horner's obsession with Max: "Yeah it's weird as fuck!"


    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Pretty hype on Silverstone / Sprint Race weekend!

    Looks like parc ferme rules kick in after FP1 so nobody makes a car suited for qualifying only, then continues to adjust in FP2 after Friday's Qualifying (replacing a free practice).

    Kinda leads me to believe not everyone will have their tuning correct after only one practice sessions. So I would expect some unexpected stuff in Qualifying. Also, if you make it to Q3, you will be rewarded another set of Soft tires. Meaning a team like Williams can absolutely murder a pair of softs to make it to Q3 and get them replaced, while also not being beholden to using them in either Sprint Race or Grand Prix.

    Sounds like a fun time! Idk why it took F1 so damn long to do this stuff.

  • Yeah, can't wait to see how this weekend goes.

  • What the hell is Russell doing with his F1.5 car?

  • @phbz

    Sprint race was pretty solid but I have a feeling they just set the grid for tomorrow and it'll be unchanging throughout the race except for Perez who will go up. Russell should be able to maintain and finally get some points. Wouldn't surprise me if some first lap madness brought people up or down. Also looks like tires will max out at 15 hard laps with full tire load so some hijinx might ensue there, but I thiiiiink this is just where everyone will maintain tomorrow (for the most part).

  • @dipset Really enjoyed that but you might be right maybe all this did was to sort out the race order and take any excitement from the actual race. It's still hard to tell since the increased data might bring some change to the teams but yeah, you might be right.

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    I liked the sprint race as it was interesting most of the way. On the other hand, more or less remove the tactical part of the pit stop and that it more or less felt like the normal start of a race, I don't reeaaallly see the point in this new format.

  • The sprint race is a great idea and it really puts more emphasis on proper competition rather than competing to see who has the better lap time. Qualifying can be dramatic at times, but let's face it-Formula 1 is about racing and that will be infinitely more enjoyable than qualifying because watching drivers set lap times is more rallying than racing.

  • Russell hit with a 3 place penalty over a completely banal racing incident during the first lap. I hope this is not a new trend.

    Meanwhile Alonso zigzagging during half the race is completely acceptable apparently.

  • OK, that was entertaining.

    Kinda divided, I think both Verstappen and Hamilton went for it and that was a racing incident but considering how they have been giving penalties left and right it's not surprising.

    Great move from Hamilton, they get side by side to the end of the straight


    Then go fully committed into the turn and when the contact happens Hamilton is on his line. Maybe Verstappen didn't saw him but I'm pretty sure he was counting on Hamilton to back down.


    I have to say it, Verstappen had it coming and Hamilton has been very forgiving (weak?) in past confrontations so I'm happy that he didn't back down. Hopefully Verstappen is OK.

    Championship is again pretty close. Can't wait for the Netflix version of the events.

    Great drive by Leclerc. Hoping to see Ferrari back in the fight again.