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  • Yeah, can't wait to see how this weekend goes.

  • What the hell is Russell doing with his F1.5 car?

  • @phbz

    Sprint race was pretty solid but I have a feeling they just set the grid for tomorrow and it'll be unchanging throughout the race except for Perez who will go up. Russell should be able to maintain and finally get some points. Wouldn't surprise me if some first lap madness brought people up or down. Also looks like tires will max out at 15 hard laps with full tire load so some hijinx might ensue there, but I thiiiiink this is just where everyone will maintain tomorrow (for the most part).

  • @dipset Really enjoyed that but you might be right maybe all this did was to sort out the race order and take any excitement from the actual race. It's still hard to tell since the increased data might bring some change to the teams but yeah, you might be right.

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    I liked the sprint race as it was interesting most of the way. On the other hand, more or less remove the tactical part of the pit stop and that it more or less felt like the normal start of a race, I don't reeaaallly see the point in this new format.

  • The sprint race is a great idea and it really puts more emphasis on proper competition rather than competing to see who has the better lap time. Qualifying can be dramatic at times, but let's face it-Formula 1 is about racing and that will be infinitely more enjoyable than qualifying because watching drivers set lap times is more rallying than racing.

  • Russell hit with a 3 place penalty over a completely banal racing incident during the first lap. I hope this is not a new trend.

    Meanwhile Alonso zigzagging during half the race is completely acceptable apparently.

  • OK, that was entertaining.

    Kinda divided, I think both Verstappen and Hamilton went for it and that was a racing incident but considering how they have been giving penalties left and right it's not surprising.

    Great move from Hamilton, they get side by side to the end of the straight


    Then go fully committed into the turn and when the contact happens Hamilton is on his line. Maybe Verstappen didn't saw him but I'm pretty sure he was counting on Hamilton to back down.


    I have to say it, Verstappen had it coming and Hamilton has been very forgiving (weak?) in past confrontations so I'm happy that he didn't back down. Hopefully Verstappen is OK.

    Championship is again pretty close. Can't wait for the Netflix version of the events.

    Great drive by Leclerc. Hoping to see Ferrari back in the fight again.

  • My 2 cents on the race:

    • Those Hard tires did Leclerc NO favours. I thought he was going to steal this win.
    • I think Hamilton was "at fault" if I had to pick a side, but it's a first lap and Max is a crazy fuck.

    I read an article about the Stewards' guide document that teams are given:

    ""We didn't think the penalty was deserved," Mercedes' head trackside engineering Andrew Shovlin said. "If you look at the guide that the stewards have to determine who is at fault in terms of overtaking, Lewis was sufficiently alongside and we felt that Max should have given him racing room."

    Okay... so there is a guide. What does the guide say?

    "The document Shovlin refers to in the quote above that is used by the stewards as a guide to such incidents suggests that if a driver has the inside line and is significantly alongside his rival, as Hamilton was, then he is within his rights to attempt a move providing he can "make the corner cleanly".

    Okay so Hamilton was within his rights to take the turn, but he has to do so cleanly... got it...

    "In the stewards' ruling of the incident, which found Hamilton predominantly to blame, they referenced Hamilton's distance from the apex when the collision occurred as the reason the Mercedes driver was at fault [...]"

    "[...] Although the document, seen by ESPN, is fairly basic and is intended as a guide for lower speed corners than Copse, the stewards could still argue that by missing the apex by the amount Hamilton did and colliding with Verstappen, he did not make the corner cleanly."

    Okay so he was allowed to take the corner, but because it wasn't "clean" he was penalized...

    Here is a photo I found of the point of contact too. In video form, it looks like contact happens way further into the corner, when in actuality, Max was turning before Hamilton really even came near the apex (see how far away from the curb they are):

    0_1626710509315_Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 12.00.58 PM.png

    Either way, we are micro-analyzing something that happened in a fraction of a second. I think the 10 second penalty was enough and the onus is on the drivers to not do anything too risky. Like they say in boxing "protect yourself at all times".

    Max is okay so that's what matters most. And the title fight is back ON!

  • Kimi and his race engineer post-race (paraphrased):

    Eng - "It's a shame with the accident with Perez. We could've maybe scored."

    Kimi - "Maybe you should've made the car faster!"


  • Another great race. What a season! Ocon!

  • What a fantastic race and result. They voted Fernando Alonso as driver of the day-but I'd give that honour to Bottas because without him we'd probably have another predictable Hamilton victory. This season is turning out to be the best since 2012 possibly, considering the exciting races and close championship battle.

  • Vettel disqualified. 🙁

  • Sweet fucking race. I predicted at the beginning of the year that Alonso would come in with a chip on his shoulder and act a bit like a spaz but I haven't seen a 10 lap defence like that in years. He was actually amazing today and has been all season. I was 100% w-r-o-n-g!

    Idk why the Stroll hate has simmered down but he is absolute dog shit. That was a terrible attempt to avoid the pile up. Tbh, I think he wanted to be a hero and realized it was way too late.

  • Dan Ticktum has been released from his position as Williams reserve driver after he made immature remarks about Nicholas Latifi-although Williams didn't state why he was released exactly:

  • That was frustrating.

  • On the plus side Spa 2021 proves we're living in Generation Wussy.

  • @jdincinerator Not racing was the right call, specially in that track. But it's a shame, no Suzuka now no Spa.

    I'm with Hamilton that they should give the money back to the people.

  • @phbz I don't know about that I feel like there are many solutions that could have been adopted to allow the race to proceed-but maybe those options would've come to late.

    Yes the people deserve their money back absolutely but I get this feeling that F1 will just run away with it.

  • Thank you Kimi! What a blast you've been all these years. These decades! The sport will miss you, champ.