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  • Happy to see Albon back!

  • @phbz

    I'm pretty convinced Williams is in good hands too. There seems to be a 3-4 year rule with team rebuilds. They've made a lot of progress in their 1st rebuild season.

  • @dipset Yes, they made good progress although next year will be kind of a toss. Anyway, bare minimum is to outscore Latifi.

  • Jebus weird physics going on the Ver Ham crash. It it wasn't for the halo I think Hamilton might be done for.

    I don't think this will change much for Ricciardo, this is a very straight forward track and he'll probably keep struggling a bit with that car. Norris had some great moves this weekend and was truly a team player.

    Bottas did a great race but as usual he sucks at managing tires.

    (Edit: Max was given a penalty for the accident. I haven't seen it in detail, my opinion at the time was that it was just a racing incident with bad luck on how Max's car interacted with the bumps and Hamilton's rear tire, which cause that freakish incident.

    I do think that Max this season has been consistently overtly aggressive (not just this season but more noticeable now) and his comment while in the car when he just about decapitated Hamilton was not cool at all, and does need a wrist slap.

    But at first sight it does look excessive, I honestly think he was more careless in Silverstone than here, he was just his usual rude with bad luck in this occasion Honestly it looked like the physics engine of the universe was glitching.)

  • What a superb race yet again. This season is easily the best from the Hybrid Era. Verstappen and Hamilton crashing was the best thing that could happen and a McLaren 1-2 finish is magical. First time since 2010 McLaren had a 1-2 finish and the first victory they've had since 2013.

  • Last movie thread post but in the F1 forum instead:

    I watched the documentary Schumacher on Netflix Friday night. (C+)

    It's... fine.

    The whole movie can be summarized in one of the final scenes with Schumacher's wife who says something to the tune of, "Michael protected us throughout his career. He always said, 'private is private' so we are doing everything to protect him at this stage in his life." And in that, we really never get to learn more about Schumacher, the person, because his personal life is still intimately private.

    So we got a pretty solid summary of his early F1 years and his desire to switch to Ferrari for the challenge. It glosses over the 4 championships in a row because the main focus are those early years. But most of this can be learned just by watching the F1 YouTube page.

    Schumacher allegedly donated millions of money to charities in secret. We're talking a substantial amount of his earnings. He is also a certifiable head case. We never really got to know much about why he is the way he is. What makes him so charitable? What makes him such a thrill seeker? Why can't he ever admit he's wrong? You never get anything more than Michael Schumacher, race car driver. They don't even do a fantastic job of explaining his greatness in context of F1 and motorsport.

    It's fine enough but not a very compelling doc. In typical Netflix fashion, every interview is a sit down. Talking heads kinda thing. A lot of the archive footage is nice, but it's a pretty bland movie.

  • This season is just too good. Epic Q3.

  • Best F1 season since 2012.

  • OMFG!! Amazing drive from a lot of people today.

    So lucky Verstappen, that was hilarious!!! How so unlucky (and a bit dumb) for Norris, I'm heartbroken. Congrats to Hamilton for being the first driver to get to 100 wins and what a good drive that was.

  • Yeah, the rain turned the whole thing basically into lottery. Luckily Max gained a lot in all of that, P2. Only two points behind Lewis.
    And even Kimi was P8 in the end all of a sudden. :]


    Per CBC, Jacques Villeneuve named in the recently published Pandora Papers, among hundreds of other famous athletes, entertainers, and current and former world leaders to have filtered their money though foreign “tax-haven” countries and off shore businesses to shield his money and avoid tax obligations.

    Allegedly he hid racing and endorsement income in foreign accounts and corporations since 1992.

    Legalities of this is muddy but tax avoidance is a serious crime. Unclear what will come of the Pandora Papers considering so many people are named, but now that a lot of this has come to light, who knows, CRS might feel obliged to investigate.

  • Wonderful to see Bottas back to his winning ways before he departs for Alpha Romeo. Bottas is the sixth different winner this season, haven't seen so many winners in a season for a long time. Also Max regaining the championship lead is promising, things just getting hotter and hotter in this championship. I recommend checking the video above, it's the F1 intro but all the drivers are maniacs.

  • I feel like Turkey was anime filler for the big conclusion at the end of the season.

    I really feel like Leclerc needs a break. Keeps having great races and puts himself in positions to podium but he can barely catch a break. I hope 2022 is his year.

  • @dipset Leclerc almost won at Silverstone until Lewis returned from his penalty and Superman-blasted his way to victory.

  • For whatever reason, I can never remember what the heck the Austen, TX and Mexico City circuits look like, who performs well at them. It's beyond heating up for the championship so this weekend is a big race and for the life of me, I can't recall anything from US or Mexico.


    Kinda looks like Suzuka to me. With both straight line and a lot of cornering, I assume it'll benefit Red Bull but who knows with this Mercedes upgrade.

  • @dipset I'm with you there honestly it's hard to remember anything significant about Mexico or Austin. The former has only hosted 5 races I think and all I can recall about the latter is Raikonnen's win in 2018. I may need to brush up on them using the Formula One YouTube channel. I've raced both on F1 games and I think the layout of Mexico is quite cool, some fast sections and the grandstand towards the end reminds me of Hockenheim. Austin has some interesting elevation changes, a zig-zaggy opening stint and big long straight-but I prefer Indianapolis as the US GP-though it's best not to remember the 2005 debacle.

  • I've started to regard Austin as one of my favourite circuits of the season after a decade there is now starting to close up on us. The first corner with that elevation change is already pretty iconic, as are the above mentioned zig-zags in the first third of the track. There's usually lots of going on there, it's a fast track from what I remember. Lots of cool spots.

  • I think the track design is great but the asphalt is borderline unacceptable. There's sections as bumpy as a secondary road.