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  • I've started to regard Austin as one of my favourite circuits of the season after a decade there is now starting to close up on us. The first corner with that elevation change is already pretty iconic, as are the above mentioned zig-zags in the first third of the track. There's usually lots of going on there, it's a fast track from what I remember. Lots of cool spots.

  • I think the track design is great but the asphalt is borderline unacceptable. There's sections as bumpy as a secondary road.

  • That was great. Not a race full of epic moments but a tense race.

    Alonso did made me laugh with his dive bomb. The fight between Maclaren and Ferrari is super interesting right now.
    After qualifying, with how faster was Verstappen and how smoother his car was navigating the track, I thought this was going to be an easy win for Red Bull. I think this was a really good drive from both. Hamilton appeared to have the worst car but did a great job putting those hard tires to work and Verstappen, once realized he didn't had the pace to match Lewis, kept cool and managed to save for the last laps exactly what he needed from the car.

    One of the best races imo, no mistakes from the first two and both delivering a top class performance.

    Btw, I love how much uncertainty the change on the pits brought. And also, great to know the track is getting a resurface.

  • @phbz

    That dive bomb was turn 1 in any Forza 7 lobby.

    Good race, it was also extra nice that Dallas Cowboys had a bye week so I could watch the grand prix. The awesome part about of F1 is that I can watch the GP from 8-10am then watch NFL later at 1pm.

  • I don't know a whole lot about construction, but doesn't this circuit look more like 365 days away from being completed as opposed to 31 days in which F1 will be racing here?

    Youtube Video

    The road isn't even paved yet. Roads can be dangerous and slippery for up to 4-5 years after being paved or repaved, yet, they are bragging about blind corners at 300km/h. We all know how production works. You cut corners and rush hard to hit the deadlines. I really hope this circuit gets completed and is safe.

    Also, how is this a street circuit?

  • @dipset Yeah that looks a long way from being ready but there's no lack of money over there.

  • Great sprint race!

  • Overall, pretty enjoyable GP Weekend from practices to qualifiers to races.

    I really don't understand where the blazing fast straight line speed from Hamilton came from. He was absolute lightening to the point where idk what anybody could've done more than what transpired. Brazil stays one of my all time favourites in both F1 on TV in real life, and racing video games. Also, amazing atmosphere that translates well into TV.

  • @dipset I've seen people talking about Hamilton changing engine in the remaining GPs taking the penalty and outpace everyone.

  • Kind of a boring race but with the fight so lit even the boring ones are nerve wracking.

    Just want to say that Bottas is the perfect combination of mediocre race craft and bad luck. Also, not a big fan of Redbull being a 4 car team.

    Excellent to see Alonso having such a great season.

  • @phbz I think the race had more drama than I expected. All those punctures and some of the overtakes and battles were cool. The race is much better than the track's design.

    As for Alonso it's great to see him on the podium for the first time since 2014. I don't agree that Alonso's season has been great but it's been ok.

  • These modern circuits in the back half of the calendar don't do such a tense championship any justice. Honestly, can we just get rid of like half of these? 5 of the back 11 races have good circuits unless Saudi Arabia proves me wrong (I doubt it). It just doesn't seem worth waking up at 9am for a non-race where all passing is in the pitlane straight and nobody can follow behind in corners.

    Who designs these and who greenlights them?

  • @dipset Saudi is a pretty cool track design wise judging from racing around it on the F1 2021 game.

    Herman Tilke is usually the one credited for most of these designs and the FIA greenlights them if they are given grade 1-which means they are the only tracks worthy of hosting GPs in F1.

  • @jdincinerator

    Now that you say it, I've seen that name floating around before. So many new circuits seem so samey and have these long straights with long swooping turns that don't really allow following. Not to mention the extremely forgiving runoff areas. I hope Saudi Arabia provides decent racing because it's pitiful for a whole season to end on back-to-back-to-back duds. I almost wish Brazil was pushed to the end.

    Not sure what FIA qualifies as Grade-1 but my assumption is that the requirement is X-amount of seating in the grandstand and a serious consideration for evacuation and safety. Pretty much like a FIFA World Cup standard of like 14'000 seats and fire escapes.

  • Uhhhh wow....

    I don't even know where to begin, but I'll say the whole race left a bad taste in my mouth. From the track design, from the hospital visits for the F2 drivers, for the confused drivers resulting in crashes and penalties, for the drivers caught up in the carnage with no chance to avoid it. On one hand, it was immensely nerve wracking in a good way. On the other hand, it was just fucked up and half these issues would've been avoided had the course not been designed to basically guarantee carnage.

  • Yeah, this was a shitty race. Way too many unclear issues throughout the whole thing. And the hell were those offers? It was all just so... stupid. Like come on, be better at this, all of you involved.

  • @sentinel-beach

    I listened to the post-race interviews while playing Infinite today and both Toto, Hamilton, Horner, and Max all seem genuinely confused about the penalties and regiving positions, etc. Toto even said he didn't know if it was internal issue or FIA comms issue.

  • @sentinel-beach I disagree the race wasn't shitty it was chaotic and I love that it was like that. Yeah I know the stop/start nature grinds everything to silly putty but I'd rather all this calamity than a boring forgettable race.

  • @jdincinerator said in Formula One:

    @sentinel-beach I disagree the race wasn't shitty it was chaotic and I love that it was like that. Yeah I know the stop/start nature grinds everything to silly putty but I'd rather all this calamity than a boring forgettable race.

    I agree that I'll easily take this over a boring race. I kid you not, it was so tense at times that my stomach hurt. My big Mercedes friend whipped a pillow when Lewis hit Max.

    That being said, if you watch the race replay, the whole integrity of the race was compromised from the 1st restart at around Lap 16 and never really recovered. The debris, the VSC's, the overall confusion about boundaries and rules. It just never stopped being a shit show for about 3/4ths of the race.

    So that just feels sour.

  • @dipset Yeah I agree it was a shit show as far as rule confusion and Max's antics were perhaps too extreme. Yet I yearn for the days when drivers just raced without worrying about the rules so much. The rules make F1 so lobotomized and if they weren't there then we could simply be entertained without all the messiness.