Formula One

  • Lmao

    What a terrible but fitting finale.

  • If this race had been a movie script, it wouldn't have been believable AT ALL. What. An. Ending. Like what the fuck, honestly. :D I'm happy it turned this way, change is good in this sport. And angry Toto is the best Toto, lolololol

  • This is the happiest bet I've ever lost. Yes I put £40 on Hamilton and I couldn't be happier that I lost it and Max won.

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    "After several weeks of this you no longer give a flying fuck who actually wins; the only thing that matters is the point-spread. You find yourself scratching crazily at the screen, pleading for somebody to rip the lungs out of the junkie bastard who just threw an interception and then didn't even pretend to tackle the pig who ran it back for six points to beat the spread."

    - Hunter S. Thompson


    All kidding aside, I feel very happy for Max. He worked his ass off and got a freebie. It was a fucking insane finale and my dopamine is through the roof. Lewis worked his ass off all season to tie it up. He had a lot of luck work his way too.

    FIA is woefully inconsistent, but I'm happy for Max.

    Next year is the return of Ferrari vs Williams.

    RIP RB vs Merc.



    Hotel was already booked and now the whole family got tickets for the whole weekend. Grandstand 15 on the hairpin. I can't believe we beat the bots. I'm soooooooo excited. I want to go to a GP at least once in my life and now I am!

    Youtube Video

  • ^ I hope everything goes well. :)

    A tip from when I went to the Indy 500 - bring seat cushions, lots of water, and especially, something to protect the back of your neck from the sun... -_-

    And perhaps binoculars too, given your set-back view.

  • @oscillator

    I just hope Covid doesn’t ruin it again. I used to go to Hamilton Tiger Cats CFL games every home game in the summers when I was little and the stadium used to have these dirty ol bench seats so I think I still have a seat cover from back when.

    Man I’m just so excited. Montreal in the summer is awesome and the Grand Prix is icing on the cake.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Great first race of the season. Very happy for Max.😁

  • @phbz Don't you like Max?

  • @jdincinerator Not a bit.

  • @phbz Oh why is that?

  • @jdincinerator I just don't like his personality and driving style.

  • I think I'm onboard the super sexy Ferrari ship this season. That car is fucking beautiful now! Leclerc and Sainz are guys that I can root for, nothing against them basically. Great speed and an immidiate 1-2. Although with some luck, sure, but that's all part of this sport, the mechanical side etc. What a cruel end for the 'Bulls.

    The field feels exciting now, things have mixed up very nicely. Haas with zero points the whole last season and now immediately P5 for KMag. And despite Bottas's awful start he managed to get that P6 with Alfa. And even Zhou got a point in his debut! The guy drove extremely well, I thought.

  • Does anybody know why tickets are available for all events EXCEPT Japan?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Every F1 event allows for a certain amount of tickets strictly for people of the country where the GP takes place. Usually international sales go up before the reserved tickets.

    My assumption is that Japan promotor is reserving a lot of tickets for domestic ticket buyers. I don't know that for certain, but that's what they did for the Olympics.

    F1 Reddit Daily Thread might be a good place to ask and get a better answer.

  • I'll be at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2 weeks. I'm going to bring my DSLR camera for the free pitlane walk on Friday morning so hopefully I get some pictures of the cars up close.

    It's also going to be the start of the Stanley Cup so I'll have to cheer on my Avalanche from a bar in Montreal or something. Hoping for a Ferrari-Colorado 1-2 finish.

  • Silverstone was brutally good! After the very scary incident with Zhou - which luckily ended up well - the GP was full of interest and tensions. The last ten-ish laps were insane! That was racing at its best. I'm really happy for Sainz's first win, even if it DID cost Leclerc this time around. Ferrari's strategy was once again questionable, shall we say. Kudos to Perez and Hamilton, great driving today. Max was unlucky but that only made the season as a whole better, more interesting.

  • @sentinel-beach It's great to see Mick get his first points too!

  • That was a really good race.