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  • Kimi's Book of Haiku is now available for everyone.

    This is such a weird (and cool!) piece of literature that I just couldn't resist. Well, actually I talked this for a Christmas present to myself. :) And it's a great bonus that the proceeds go to Grand Prix Trust, to a good cause.

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    I gotta get Kimi's Book of Haiku! The tease that Sky sports did out of it had me laughing out loud.

    I feel this weekend already being emotional for so many reasons. Alonso leaving, last F1 race for Eriksson, Daniel's last with Redbull and Kimi moving to Sauber. So far whats been going on has been very touching.

  • And that was it. A bummer that Kimi's Ferrari career ended about 90 minutes earlier than it should have, but that's motorsport. At least he had a very strong final season in the red team, finished third in the overall points, had many podiums and especially that one perfect win in Austin. He says he's seeing Sauber as an interesting challenge next, so let's see what the future holds. Hopefully steady finishes on points.

    Verstappen had a very strong final third of the season, even managed to beat Valtteri in the end. And Leclerc made really great work on Sauber, and now I'm pretty thrilled to see what he can achieve on Ferrari. I'm curious to hear Monaco's national anthem... ;)

    Alonso had a golden radio talk at that one point.
    "You're close to that one point, keep pushing."
    "I already have 1800 points."
    "Well, for my sake, try to make that into 1801."
    Oh man. :) What a character. And he was there for almost 20 years. Impressive driver.

  • Kimi needed a little something to make it through the award ceremony. Also, Seb's moustache.

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    @sentinel-beach Video unavailable :(

  • @lotias That's unfortunate. But there are more than one of these, although this one's a bit shorter.

    Youtube Video

  • Okay, this is something Completely Different. :]

    F1 Rewind: 2018 Animated!
    Youtube Video

  • It seems Ferrari has fired Arrivabene. Damn. He's accused of multiple mistakes during the season, both during races and qualifications. Apparently he should have also pushed Vettel more with team orders in Kimi's expense, like Mercedes did with Hamilton and Bottas. Mattia Binotto is rumoured to be the new team principal, he's been the technical leader in Ferrari so far.

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    @sentinel-beach Oh wow. That is a bit sad. I wonder if the accusations are true or if they have just tried to find an escape goat as they didnt become champions?

    Also when I came back from my trip over christmas, my beautiful book of haikus were waiting for me, this is such a treasure!

  • @lotias I think this is a combination of lots of things. Ferrari lost both the championships (again) and so fingers were trying to find their target to blame. And since Marchionne died six months ago that has created some chaos and tensions inside Ferrari, "us vs. them" teams, sort of. Arrivabene and Binotto for example haven't seen eye to eye in lots of things. Shame about Arrivabene now, I've liked him.

  • I came to visit my parents and received my final Christmas gift: Kimi's Book of Haiku had finally arrived this week! \o/ This is way shorter than I had thought, but hey, also a really unique thing to own, and those lines made me chuckle and smile a lot while reading them. :) And the money went to a good cause, so thumbs up.

  • The testing has begun in Barcelona today and the new season is only a month away. Time to check out the constructors and their drivers for this year:


    • Lewis Hamilton (GBR)
    • Valtteri Bottas (FIN)


    • Sebastian Vettel (GER)
    • Charles Leclerc (MON)

    Red Bull

    • Max Verstappen (NED)
    • Pierre Gasly (FRA)


    • Daniel Ricciardo (AUS)
    • Nico Hülkenberg (GER)

    Racing Point

    • Sergio Pérez (MEX)
    • Lance Stroll (CAN)


    • Kevin Magnussen (DEN)
    • Romain Grosjean (FRA)


    • Carlos Sainz Jr. (ESP)
    • Lando Norris (GBR)

    Alfa Romeo

    • Kimi Räikkönen (FIN)
    • Antonio Giovinazzi (ITA)

    Toro Rosso

    • Daniil Kvyat (RUS)
    • Alexander Albon (THA)


    • Robert Kubica (POL)
    • George Russell (GBR)

    As we can see Force India is now known as Racing Point and Sauber will compete as Alfa Romeo this season.

    We have a bunch of new young drivers in the grid now as well as returning ones like Kvyat and of course Kubica after almost a decade since his Formula One driving and eight years after his serious accident.

    And of course we have familiar names in new teams, like Kimi back in with Sauber Alfa Romeo, Ricciardo now in yellow with Renault and young Leclerc in red with Ferrari. I'm really interested to see the potential of the Monegasque this season with a Ferrari under him.

  • Been following the highlights on F1 YT channel. I haven't watched F1 in years but I take it Williams are the Cleveland Browns of Formula 1? How do you miss having your car ready for testing?

  • @dipset Yeah, Williams has been having it rough lately. And the start for this season doesn't exactly speak confidence, either. I mean check out last season constructors' standings, they had 7 points from the entire long season. A shame, really, as they're an old and distinguished team.'_Championship_standings

    But do join the conversation this year if you're interested!

  • I plan on watching and commenting. Not that I have much insight to provide. I'm seriously considering going to the GP in Montreal in which I'll post photos and stuff (assuming you're allowed cameras).

    If I go, where would you recommend sitting? Here is a link to their circuit. The hairpin from grand stand 21-24 seems like it'll be the best place plus they have TV screens to watch the rest of the race.

    Have you guys ever been to a GP live? Hairpin vs chicane vs straightaway vs corner?

  • @dipset Cool! I think that hairpin could be the safest bet in Montreal. It's the slowest point in the track for sure, so you wont get that sense of speed maybe the best, but you'll propably end up seeing some overtakes there and just in general more of the cars and the drivers as they sort of "stay" in that part the longest. And the TV screens should be a big help to keep up with the race.

    Never been to a live GP yet. Maybe a German GP would be the one to visit if I ever were to go to one.

  • A brand new documentary series covering the last season has been released on Netflix.

    10 episodes, about 30 mins each. I'm watching the first episode, and this feels very nice. Just in time to get hyped for the weekend and the start of the new season!

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    @sentinel-beach Yeah I saw the trailer for this, really keen to check it out, despite knowing how it goes. Funny thing with the trailer though, made it sound like half the grid would be dead by the end.

  • @lotias Hahaa! :D That's brilliant! I know exactly what you mean by that. Things are made to look a bit more dramatic than they might have been. :)

    Maybe the biggest omission of this series is the fact that neither Mercedes nor Ferrari took part in the making of the documentary, meaning we won't hear from any of them directly, speaking to the camera, going through their thoughts etc. That's a bummer, but they're still of course there in the material everywhere in the background, in the footage we've seen on TV etc. On the other hand, though, this fact gives a lot more room to all the middle-tier teams and their drivers and personel to tell us what they think, and we get to see much more their realities.