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  • Been following the highlights on F1 YT channel. I haven't watched F1 in years but I take it Williams are the Cleveland Browns of Formula 1? How do you miss having your car ready for testing?

  • @dipset Yeah, Williams has been having it rough lately. And the start for this season doesn't exactly speak confidence, either. I mean check out last season constructors' standings, they had 7 points from the entire long season. A shame, really, as they're an old and distinguished team.'_Championship_standings

    But do join the conversation this year if you're interested!

  • I plan on watching and commenting. Not that I have much insight to provide. I'm seriously considering going to the GP in Montreal in which I'll post photos and stuff (assuming you're allowed cameras).

    If I go, where would you recommend sitting? Here is a link to their circuit. The hairpin from grand stand 21-24 seems like it'll be the best place plus they have TV screens to watch the rest of the race.

    Have you guys ever been to a GP live? Hairpin vs chicane vs straightaway vs corner?

  • @dipset Cool! I think that hairpin could be the safest bet in Montreal. It's the slowest point in the track for sure, so you wont get that sense of speed maybe the best, but you'll propably end up seeing some overtakes there and just in general more of the cars and the drivers as they sort of "stay" in that part the longest. And the TV screens should be a big help to keep up with the race.

    Never been to a live GP yet. Maybe a German GP would be the one to visit if I ever were to go to one.

  • A brand new documentary series covering the last season has been released on Netflix.

    10 episodes, about 30 mins each. I'm watching the first episode, and this feels very nice. Just in time to get hyped for the weekend and the start of the new season!

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    @sentinel-beach Yeah I saw the trailer for this, really keen to check it out, despite knowing how it goes. Funny thing with the trailer though, made it sound like half the grid would be dead by the end.

  • @lotias Hahaa! :D That's brilliant! I know exactly what you mean by that. Things are made to look a bit more dramatic than they might have been. :)

    Maybe the biggest omission of this series is the fact that neither Mercedes nor Ferrari took part in the making of the documentary, meaning we won't hear from any of them directly, speaking to the camera, going through their thoughts etc. That's a bummer, but they're still of course there in the material everywhere in the background, in the footage we've seen on TV etc. On the other hand, though, this fact gives a lot more room to all the middle-tier teams and their drivers and personel to tell us what they think, and we get to see much more their realities.

  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive is actually quite an amazing docu-series and this is coming from somebody who is highly critical of Netflix productions, especially their paint-by-the-numbers documentaries.

    I'd say Ferrari and Mercedes are basically the definition of being a stick in the mud and not seeing the bigger picture by refusing access for this doc, but the series is overall better because of it. I think some lesser known names got a shine because of Ferrari and Mercedes refusing to partake. Documentaries are driven by compelling stories and especially the personalities on camera and there were some really great personalities here such as Haas Team Principal - Guenther Steiner. On the contrary, it exposes what I perceive to be a relatively immature and generally unlikeable Danial Ricardo - somebody who I was indifferent about in the past. Lots of people get their shine here.

    There are great characters but also some really great candid moments captured here too. Again, I'd like to commend Netflix and their coordinators, producers, and story writers for getting this level of access with F1. Not many documentaries can pull this off. There are some tense and awkward scenes between Red Bull and Renault captured perfectly and in the moment they occur.

    I'd put this on par with anything HBO does in their 24/7 series or ESPN Films' 30 for 30 which I think is the bar. I hope Ferrari and Mercedes come around for a second season (knock on wood) as they clearly don't see the bigger picture. HBO films boxers training and they map out their entire game plan on film. They follow hockey teams into the locker room and film entire strategies unfolding for the camera just as the players in the room digest them. Doing this won't give your rivals an advantage, it just provides people with insight towards how things function within a team. Ferrari isn't going to lose to Williams because they let a film crew expose some internal strategy or struggle.

    What Ferrari/Mercedes will gain is a stronger audience and they will help bring more fans into F1. Netflix is BIG and anybody around the world can watch this. Imagine the impact it can have on, say, a North American motorsport fan who never really got into F1 as much as they did NASCAR?

    Back to the film itself - the editing is paced really well where each episode introduces some new characters then carefully unravels their stories throughout 20-30 minutes. I think the sheer amount of footage makes it really easy to jump around different scenes in a race without it feeling disorienting.

    All in all, I highly recommend this to any sports fans. Its the best docuseries Netflix has made yet. I rate it a solid 8/10.

  • More on topic with the season -

    Despite clear cut regulations - maximum of six suspension components; Williams for whatever reason added a seventh illegal part to their car which they are forced to remove before Australia. They are also required to revise their side mirrors.

    Youtube Video

    Williams is the gift that keeps on giving. I love a good dumpster fire. I don't know who Williams plan on looking at in those mirrors anyways.

  • I'd had more Schadenfreude here if it weren't Williams, because I basically feel bad for Sir Frank and Claire now. But yeah, they should know better, be better.

  • Charlie Whiting has died. What a sad start for the new season. He was only 66. Basically an iconic and integral part of the sport, the rules master who had spent decades in the world of F1.

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    Incredible sad news this morning. Charlie Whiting felt like one of the real "good guys" in the F1 world. He kept an eye on his boys (the drivers) during the race and seemed like an incredible humble person. This one hit me hard. You will be missed, Charlie

  • Champing at the bit here. Its been years since I've watched F1. To pair our gaming hobbies with our sports interests... I'm gonna play Mirrors Edge Catalyst until 2am ET when the qualifying starts here in Canada. I might watch until 2:30am or 3:00 then I gotta sleep.

    I'm just excited. This year I watched NFL for the first time in forever and now F1. Feels good to be back into sports. It was waaaaay easier back in the day when your parents paid for TV packages.

  • The qualifying was pretty interesting to watch, liked it a lot. Maybe there's some added bonus from the new season as well. Bottas nearly took it, but Hamilton's gonna Hamilton, a tough guy to beat. The midfield's situation seemed really intense, everyone really close to one another. Haas did very well with both cars in Q3, while Renault had a disappointing opening. Norris on McLaren had a great start to the season, while Gasly on the other hand had it really rough, uhh. That seemed like Red Bull's fault, though, to be honest. Strategy-wise. Kimi made it to the Top10 which is now the thing I guess I'm hoping every race on Alfa Romeo.

    Feels great to see this circus back again! My favourite sport to follow.

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    Yeah that was some interesting results, which really show that you cant trust testing times. Do we think anyone sandbaged during testing? Hamilton will always be Hamilton, after all these years I still get surprised over just how darn good he is in terms on being able to squeeze out that little bit extra when he really needs to.

    I am so so happy that we FINALLY are back with F1, it feels like its been forever, for some reason this winter break feels longer than previous ones. I hope we get a close season and a real fight between Mercedes and Ferrari.

  • Absolute destruction from Botas. What was it... 20+ sec? He lost sight of the competition VERY early.

    I’m rooting for Ferrari cause I’m Italian (Canadian - but fyi I’ll never cheer for Stroll), but still, impressive and seemingly EASY from Bottas. Good work on Verstappen’s part too. One man army.

  • What a performance from Bottas indeed. That was honestly just perfect now, the start and the dominance throughout the race. That radio conversation about the extra point, the desire to have it. It must be the beard working its magic. But yeah, Hamilton was like 22 secs behind in the end, you don't see that everyday. Man I hope that this season would be more even between the Mercedes drivers. Like 2016 with Rosberg.

    Ferrari seemed slower than many had perhaps anticipated. Verstappen made it look easy compared to them, Red Bull was flying in his hands. Leclerc rose quickly towards the end, gaining on Vettel, but it seemed like they froze the situation at that point when he was a second away from the German. Things might have been a bit more unexpected in more than one way on Ferrari's wall today.

    Kimi had a decent/solid race, got that P8 which seemed reasonable. Really crowded around P10 there, 5-6 cars very close to each others. The situation with Haas and Grosjean was pretty unbelievable, again the same thing with the pit stop and one of the tires. Rough as hell. McLaren's engine failure was also a terrible way to start the season. And Ricciardo's start on Renault ended up being a disaster literally after the first 50 metres or so.

  • I just did some research into F1 Replay. I was wondering why its cheaper in Canada than in the USA (that's NEVER the case). Well lo and behold, its because our sports network TSN owned by Bell Media (one of two major media corporations holding a monopoly over Canadian telecommunications) still has the right to first broadcast in Canada, meaning F1 Pro isn't available here for at least one more season.

    I'd happily pay $100/yr for an archive of documentary footage, old races, LIVE qualifying, and LIVE races as it available to stream in the US and other nations. Our media monopoly drives me insane sometimes. Bell and Rogers lobby the government to forbid phone companies from offering better deals because they are greedy and don't like fair competition. I hope to god F1 doesn't renew a bad deal with them in 2020 and they offer streaming in Canada.

    Based on everything I've read, the new F1 owners, Liberty Media, do in fact make consumer friendly TV contracts with broadcasters and F1 has been improving in this regard. I almost feel inclined to write them an email or something kindly asking they don't do an antiquated TV deal in Canada for 2020. For frame of reference, Rogers didn't want to lose WWE when they released WWE Network so in Canada in order to get WWE Network, you have to subscribe to a Rogers TV channel AND WWE Network and can only sign into the portal through your TV provider which is ridiculous and costs hundreds of dollars when in the US its $10/month to stream online.

  • Ferrari is having a great pace in Bahrain. A top-notch qualification from Leclerc, track record and all. My mind seems to be this season that if not Bottas, then Leclerc. It'd be really welcome to see these two having a great season without accidents and engine problems. Haas is still showing strong performance as well, but so is McLaren, and also with both their drivers. Renault, on the other hand, is having some difficulties to get into Q3. And poor Williams... in a league of their own, so to speak.

  • A really good help for visualisation.

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