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  • Honestly, good first season back into watching F1. I think despite the Mercedes blowout, there was a lot of drama and foreshadowing things to come this new decade. One takeaway I have is that F1 seems to be in good hands with Liberty Media and their willingness to survey fans and listen to general feedback is light years ahead of, say, the NFL - which is admittedly the worst. I'm saying that because I have high hopes for the post-2021 era bringing in even more fans and entertaining races.

    Another takeaway (and I don't have the data to prove it) but I think after watching almost every race this season I have to say that pound for pound - put Verstappen or Ricardo in a Ferrari or Mercedes and they'd be the faster driver. CL showed signs of greatness this season but also made a ton of novice mistakes. I wonder what happens when the playing field evens out more.

  • Nice. This has become a great time for the series to be released, just a few weeks before the new F1 season. It's a recap, basically, in a more dramatic version. :)

    Drive to Survive, Season 2 on Netflix on February 28th.

    Youtube Video

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    I am SO hyped for the new season! Even though I doubt we will see anything drastic in the top teams until next year with the new rules, I can't wait for some more driving action!

  • Drive to Survive S2 is now on Netflix, just watched the first episode. There are ten of them, 35-40 minutes each.

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    Does Guenther Steiner yell at his drivers in ep 1? I need to know how many episodes deep I’m going tonight before I get to see him give everyone shit. It makes my life.

  • @dipset Haas seems to be very much so in one of the "leading roles", propably because of Steiner's show value last year. In the first episode it's still smiles there (with a couple of bad jokes/pokes at Grosjean, lol), but the "coming up" in the end promises Haas drama with swearing and all!

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    I might punch through three episodes then. I need the drama. I literally cannot wait to watch tonight so I’m gonna ask, but they did have Mercedes and Ferrari access this year right? Cause I really want to see BTS of some of the Mercedes blown races and especially the race when Vettel and Leclerc killed each other.

  • @dipset Yeah, the Big Boys are IN this season! The Hockenheim fiasco should be a glorious episode. :D

  • No Australian GP this weekend, as I'm sure everyone interested has noticed. And in fact the whole start of the season is postponed with all the GPs for the next two months being skipped. The latest seems to be that the season could start at the end of May or in early June, maybe? Rough times in sports everywhere now.

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    Yeah, sad to see that we dont get any race, but health first! I wonder when it will start and how they will handle it. I mean max amount of parts/engines wont be an issue if they keep it the same but only half the races. Also what will it mean in terms of the championship and the table?