Formula One

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    We are back this week!! I cannot wait for the weekend and having the first race of the year. Even though we won't have an audience it will be nice to see the cars on track once again.

  • Is it naive to think somebody other than Mercedes & Ferrari will get the 1-2-3-4 this season?

    For some reason I'm buying into the hype that Red Bull & McLearn have a shot.

  • It's always good to buy into the hype! The reality will come eventually, but before the season everything's possible. :) McLaren's great pace would be fantastic.

  • Good news!

    Formula 1 left the dark ages behind and F1 TV Pro is now a stipulation of all their new TV broadcasting rights contracts. They must've listed to feedback and I like to imagine my email / survey's helped. For reference, I complained last year because F1 TV Pro was just race replays because TSN (sports network in Canada) had the exclusive right to first broadcast.

    Now with the new F1 / TSN deal for 2020, they offer live streaming just like everywhere else on the planet! So people can officially cut the cord. I assume it'll still be a TSN broadcast through the F1 TV Pro app, but that's better than buying cable. The reason TSN sucks is A) they do a tiny ass picture in picture during commercials which mutes the race and displays it so barely visible, and B) TSN coverage of everything is horrible and archaic, but especially F1 where they will have SportsCenter on 3 different channels instead of airing FP3.

    I ordered F1 TV Pro and split the cost with my step dad so hopefully it all goes smoothly and there aren't those annoying TSN commercials.

  • The McLarens apparently are made of glass.

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    Yeah it feels like they forgot sturdiness of it! really looking foward to quali later today even though I have a hard time not seeing merc 1-2 with prolly redbull after.

    • Mercedes dominates. Luckily it was Bottas this time around who captured the pole.
    • Ferrari struggles. Vettel on P11 must be devastating, and it was simply due to the lack of pace.
    • Racing Point and McLaren will be fighters this season. There Will Be Podiums.
    • Alfa Romeo seems sadly lost. Twice as sad if this turns out to be Kimi's last season.

  • Even better news! The F1 TV Pro feed is the Official F1 feed so I don't ever have to watch TSN ever again! I'm so happy!!

    Qualifying wasn't super eventful. My buddy who arbitrarily chose to support Alfa Romeo last season could only laugh at how bad they're doing. At first I thought it was the Ferrari itself, but Leclerc didn't do so bad with the same car. I can expect a lot of Ferrari frustration this year for me.

    I absolutely LOVE the fact Racing Point copied Mercedes homework. I don't care if its sort of cheesy, its hilarious and I love the fact that they might be in contention this season for it.

  • Happy for Lando!

  • A pretty crazy race in the end! 9 out of 20 cars retired. Bottas kept his cool and pushed to victory, nice! And Lando indeed, damn I was happy for the guy. :) And McLaren in general, P3 and P5, excellent job. That Hamilton / Albon situation was identical to Brazil last year, again Lewis caused - propably not that intentionally - to Alex lose his podium position towards the end.

    Vettel never recovered, and sure, there was even that spin of his. Leclerc on the other hand rose sneakily all the way to P2, nicely done. Red Bull is at 0 points at the moment, rough. Kimi's tire decided to go flying off, what the shit? Lots of safety cars, dangerous spots for Bottas / the leader, but luckily no harm done.

  • That race was wild. Also kinda proves the thesis that a level playing field makes for more exciting races, no? Covid-19 is a devestating world crisis, but without trying to sound tasteless, it was a great equalizer for all of the teams who suffered development challenges. To me, this was evidence that if you level out the playing field, you get good results.

    I was rooting for Perez to win the race cause my buddy had money on a Perez podium. We were on the edge of our seat but when he blew it we were sad.

    Big showing from Leclerc to get up there in the big points. That was an awesome climb.

  • By the way, Igor Fraga - Gran Turismo Sport superstar - is running on F3.

  • Damn I knew he drove Super Cars but I didn’t know he was working his way up that high.

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    What an absolutely crazy ending to the race. I had to talk a walk after just to calm down haha! Cars seems so fragile this year? maybe its because its the first race of the season in a crazy season? So happy that Lando got that third in the end.

    I also gotta say, Raikkonens tire just jumping off was the weirdest thing. Any news on post penalties for that or something? I mean if the races continue to be this eventfull, I can't wait for next weekend!

  • BET - The relationship ends sour. Renault finishes 9th next season.

  • Wet session, always a thriller.

    Hamilton qualifying today was a reminder that he's no doubt one of the greats.

    Russell and Leclerc finishing 12 and 11th is kinda funny. Ferraris are really struggling since they were definitely not caught cheating, with Leclerc not even making past Q2 and Vettel just barely. Russell I hope Mercedes gets him a spot on a midfield team, he's not ready for a top spot but Williams is compromising his development. Racing Point, Alfa Romeo, Haas and out qualified by Russell's Williams. Ouch!

  • Mercedes 1-2, great that Bottas at least secured the maximum points in this situation. Perez drove like a madman out there, what a rose through the ranks. Until the final lap came and he went all in a bit too eagerly, which in turn made possible Lando's super cool final overtake and P5. Nice!

    The Ferraris had a short race this Sunday. Rough, I would say!

  • Hamilton not winning last race was probably for the best so he can get that Michael Jordan chip on his shoulder motivation out of thin air. One second faster in qualifying than everybody else. Never lost the lead. Clinical drive. After this GP, I'm not seeing a scenario where Hamilton loses the championship.