Formula One

  • @axel

    Welcome to the club! F1 is pretty easy to get into but hard to understand the nuance (i.e it’s 2pm and hot at the beginning of the race but then half way through it cools down and somehow Lewis knows exactly how to drive to get the most out of his tires just from experience). That type of minutiae is beyond me. I’m not a petrolhead but it’s easy enough to pick up and appreciate the little science-lite elements of the sport as you go along.

    Renault = Alpine (re-brand)
    Racing Point = Austen Martin

    Ricardo signed a 2 year deal with McLearn, Austen Martin signed Vettel to a 2 year deal therefore bumping Perez out of a seat. Perez signed 1 or 2 years (can’t recall) with Red Bull and Albon is a reserve driver now.

    Knowing Red Bull has two top tier drivers in 2021 has me excited for the qualifying more than ever. Pretty sure that they’ll give Mercedes a run for their money in the constructors. Max and Perez looked a lot better than Bottas last year.

    Also Axel you can catch the race highlights on YouTube to maybe warm yourself up to the sport but they’ll probably cover it all in Season 3. Or watch both!

  • Any bets for who wins the team duel?

  • I'll go

    Sainz (might be an epic battle)
    Perez (probably not but it would be amazing)
    Norris (difficult to pick two great drivers but Norris is on the rise)
    Ocon (please be Ocon!)
    Vettel (if not it's time for NASCAR or knitting)

    Albon, first non competing world champion!

  • @phbz

    I say this with 95% certainty

    • Mercedes - Hamilton
    • Ferrari - Leclerc
    • McLaren - Riccardo
    • Aston Martin - Vettel
    • Alfa Tauri - Gasly
    • Williams - Latif- lol jk... Russell
    • Haas - Schumacher
    • Alfa Romeo - Raikkonen
    • Alpine - Alonso (and he drives with a chip on his shoulder and his ridiculous excuses for every time he fucks up)
    • Red Bull - Verstappen

    The only two I'm not entirely certain of would be Haas because new drivers, and Alfa Romeo in which Kimi is mentally checked out and Gio sometimes can stay clear of trouble and get points but neither have much pace.

  • @dipset I forgot Haas, I'll go with Mazepin if he's not suspended meanwhile.

    Edit: regarding Ferrari I think Leclerc is an exceptional driver but has the type of personality that has to make a mistake every time before learning something. So he might be a couple of years away from being reliable.

    Edit 2: Latifi even sucks playing the F1 game. And this is no joke.

  • My RACEWKND Magazine that I Kickstarted was mailed to me a few days ago.

    I have to say, it's pretty damn cool. 50% of this 'Founders' issue are photos covering the spectacle of F1, while the other half is going circuit by circuit breaking down the experience in each city / circuit, it's legacy, things to do, etc.




    If you are interested in subscribing for the 2021 season, go to and you can use my friends discount code to get $25 off: RWFRIENDS

    You can also just follow Darren Heath on Instagram to get constant photos, but I have to say, this book is cool for people who like photo books and a little inside info.

  • Drive to Survive season 3 was announced

  • I actually like the Aston Martin livery but the first thing that jumped to in my head was a jet ski from 1991:


  • Qualifying about to start!


    Regarding Mazepin, from all my predictions this might be my worst one. I saw him race once and liked how aggressive he was but he can barley control that car.

    Bad luck for Vettel and Ocon getting yellow flags during their out laps in Q3.

    Red Bull seems to keep being unable of having a car that serves their two pilots in a balanced way. Best of luck for Perez.

    Riccardo vs Norris and Leclerc vs Sainz are going to be epic battles within their own teams.

    Seems to be one of the most competitive years with Red Bull leading the pack this year.

  • @phbz That name Mazepin is so similar to Marzipan that I can't help but mention it.

  • I'm all in for Alpha Tauri going like a pair of rockets out there this year. Gasly and Tsunoda will surprise people, already did (even if Yuki's great lap didn't carry him at the right moment).

  • @sentinel-beach I'm very surprised with Tsunoda. Except for his last run he's been killing it since Free Practice 1.

    The midfield this year seems incredibly close and maybe even gained some ground to the top two. Excited for tomorrow's race!

  • HOLY SHIT Hamilton is a Jedi master!!

  • You CANNOT keep Lewis down.

    Fuck that race had my leg twitching for the last 15 minutes. I just kept yelling GO MAX! I was so disappointed that he couldn't close that gap. At about 12 laps to go I started saying in my head that this is too close for comfort, but my girlfriend was like "don't worry, Max will catch him in 5." Lo and behold it was down to 0.700 seconds. One more lap and it would've been over for Lewis.

    I think the race stewards shit the bed with that Turn 4 drama. I think it's bullshit that Lewis got to go outside the track limits all race, then when Max starts doing it half way through, then they suddenly shut it down. I know that wasn't the race decider or anything, but they gotta call that straight so everybody gets to use that to their advantage.

    Good to see Ferrari climbing up again. This driver lineup might make a run for 3rd. If Leclerc can continue to qualify higher up, he'll catch a break at 1 or 2 races this season and catch a podium.

  • I'm not even a Max fan, but anything'd be more appreciated than hamiltonwinslol. What a frustrating finish.

  • I loved that finish, Hamilton on the slower car with much older tires holding on Max and forcing him to a mistake is the kind of thing I want to see on every race, no matter who's involved.

    I'm ready to let Vettel go, same energy as last year plus making a huge mistake and not even owning it. Really hope he turns things around asap but I don't think he has it in himself.

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    That was such an amazing race from start to finish! If that is any marker for how the season will go, sign me the F up! gonna be a looong wait until next run!

  • @lotias

    Yeah I didn't realize Chinese GP is canceled. This wait is brutal.

    I'm still waiting for the Canadian government to say something about the Canadian GP in June. My family still has hotel's booked, but I almost can't believe it'll go down considering Blue Jays are playing in Buffalo and the Toronto Raptors are playing in Tampa, Florida. So I don't know why they'd make an exception for F1. So I'm almost positive there will be a gap in June again too.

  • Ahh too bad, but definitely expected considering only 6M of 35M Canadians are inoculated. My step dad and I rolled the dice by booking a hotel but I think we can get a refund. Here's to 2022 with the new generation of F1!