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  • The hell was that again, Ferrari? I'm hearing that Kimi's car ran out of gas? Unbelievable if true.

  • Now the rumors are saying that Stroll could be racing for (now his dad's) Force India already next week in Monza.

    That would cause a huge chain reaction:

    1. Stroll moves from Williams to Force India, which causes
    2. Ocon to move from Force India to McLaren, which causes
    3. Vandoorne to move from McLaren to Sauber
    4. where he would replace Ericsson, who'd be left without a seat completely
    5. as it would be returning Kubica who'd earn the free seat back at Williams

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    @sentinel-beach That is some interesting rumours. Not sure Sauber would be super glad to loose Ericsson considdering how much money he brings with the sponsors. That said, we have seen drivers with big sponsors go before.

  • @lotias Yeah, that part was completely new to me, that Ericsson would be the one left with the short straw. It'd feel wrong to see him gone this way, but this is some crazy domino effect now moving. We'll see how much of that circulation proves to be right soon.

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    Spa is always an iconic race, love the track. After a messy start things calmed down a bit. We got some good takeovers during the race and Bottas got a little bit of redemption after how his season has gone. Next up is Monza should be good for Ferrari again.

  • Yeah, the track is great, but man, that race went boring. Especially in the top where nothing happened. Nice overtakes throughout the race here and there, Ericsson managed to show Hartley how it's done, for instance. And of course Bottas rose 13 spots, nice ones among those. The start was chaos, and unfortunately Kimi was one of the guys who were unlucky. Goddammit.

  • Finally! And in which way!

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    @sentinel-beach yeah! so happy to see him taking pole, well deserved and all

  • I feel so fucking sad right now. Like almost crying a bit, honestly. Wasn't expecting that kind of emotion, but it came nevertheless. It's just that this really feels like this was it: it was now or never...

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    Yeah that was not the race I had hoped for. I felt like Kimi really would of deserved this win. It feels like they messed up their tire strategy which made them dip off at the end, such a shame.

  • Now it's confirmed what has been the talk of the town since Monza: Kimi is leaving Ferrari after this season, Leclerc is in. I don't know, I'm not even too disappointed anymore, I guess I've processed that news during the last week as it become more and more apparent. Still feels stupid, since Kimi is driving so great right now, but whatcha gonna do.

    BUT HEY! HEY! In a twist like non other: Kimi is heading to Sauber for the next TWO SEASONS! :D This makes me happy, I mean I had been ready to see him gone from the sport entirely and that had made me sad. But nope, still two years of Iceman ahead of us! And Sauber isn't that bad, Leclerc and Ericsson have managed to get some points here and there, the car's competitive. Of course I know this is more of a symbolic move as that is where Räikkönen began his career all the way back in 2001, so it's fitting to end it there as well, I think. He'll even hit 40 before his career ends, cool. I'm sure he'll have quite the freedom to do things his way at Sauber, being the icon he is.

  • So Mercedes did what it did in Russia. Shame about Bottas, but it's not that uncommon at this stage of the season, with the points being in the other driver's favour. Not too easy to watch, in any case. Verstappen drove amazingly.

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    @sentinel-beach Yeah, Hamilton seemed to think that this should of been Bottas win (which I agree on too). Verstappen drove so well all way through, so my hat off to him. I can't really see how Ferrari will have a chance on the title now, unless Hamilton DNF and Vettel wins a couple now in a row.

  • Suzuka is a pretty cool track, we saw a lot of overtakes again. Verstappen was involved in the action quite a lot, in the center of things, shame he and Kimi had that minor collision, it seemed to cost Kimi a little too much. And Vettel's attempt to overtake Max was like do or die, all or nothing. And we saw the result, this was practically it for him. If Hamilton wins in the U.S. and Vettel isn't second then Lewis will be the champion already there.

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    Great race at COTA this year (as most times). It was super exciting from start to finish with a little bit of a messy first lap. I think Ricciardo must be happy once the season finishes. I genuinely think that I've never seen Kimi this happy before. Some great battles and overtakes, good pitstops and it really felt like anything could happen all the way until the end.

  • "Fucking finally." Five and a half years since the last win, but here it is now. I can't believe how happy I am right now. I had one simple wish going into this season: to see Kimi achieve just one more win with Ferrari. Just one last time, quite possibly. After Monza I was freaking devastated, but now! Now was the time! Incredibly thrilling last like 16 laps or something between Kimi, Max and Lewis. That was insane, I almost didn't breathe. But Kimi took it, he did it! Man, he was happy. Arrivabene was super happy for him. I think a lot of people were. He's such an icon in the sport and finally had that perfect day after a long time. Kimi perkele, I love you so!

  • That was some weird shit in Mexico. What an odd race. Huuuuuuge differences between the drivers. The top-6 were so clearly in the league of their own that it's not even funny anymore. And towards the end there were really big gaps even among those six, like 30 seconds and so on. Really shame about Ricciardo, can you believe the man's luck?

    Hamilton managed to do what was needed and took his 5th championship. Pretty unbeatable guy with his Mercedes. I thought back then that nobody would ever come close to those Schumacher-Ferrari records, but here we are, getting closer year by year and already breaking some of those. I'm pretty neutral when it comes to Lewis, so hats off to him, I'd say.

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    Yeah the whole race just felt very... odd. I do feel so bad for Ricciardo whom once again got to DNF, this time so close to the end. I hope his season next year will be much much better.

    Yeah congratulations to Hamilton. I feel a bit like Vettel kinda threw it away with so many mistakes in the second half of the season. The last couple races will be much less dramatic now when the title is done and dusted.

  • Life didn't allow me to restart as a F1 fan like I used to be when I was a kid in the early-Aughts, but I did finally catch up on the race highlights by the F1 YouTube Channel. Seems like it was a completely mental and exciting season. I kinda wish I got up or stayed up to watch more. I'm going to make sure to watch in 2019 and I might even go to the Montreal GP with my step dad.

    I've been living in Toronto for 5+ years now and not once have I gone to watch Indycar either. Not that I ever watch much of that, but its about as good as it gets for racing in Ontario, Canada. Between the F1 season, Lewis Hamilton's rise, and even the Gran Turismo Sport World Championships going on right now, its making me excited to get back into motorsports in 2019.

  • Pretty OK and interesting race in Brazil, especially the beginning and then after the halfway point. That situation between Max and Ocon was ridiculous, I would've been so pissed off. So unnecessary at that point. Mercedes won the constructor's championship in any case, the streak continues. Kimi drove very well, got the 3rd position. Was even given the point to overtake Vettel this time. The point difference between Bottas and Verstappen is only three anymore, and looking at the guys' last races it feels like Max will pass Valtteri in the final GP in two weeks. (Kimi is ahead of Valtteri by 14 points, I think?)