Easy Allies in Concert

  • Great job on the concert guys.
    Loved it all.

    But I think we all know who the real MVP is !
    Middle Scarf "Megaman/BOTW" guy !! Dude was hillarious !! :)

    I laughed so hard

  • So where do I get the L&R Shirt Kyle was wearing?

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    It was such a Joy! Happy that I watched it all live as everyone were super jolly. Huge well done to everyone involved, also live instruments elevated Ians songs to a whole new level.

    @babpel91 you can order yours here: https://www.fangamer.com/collections/easy-allies

  • Thanks, I like that shirt a lot. The show was amazing as well, obviously. Jones is one hell of a multi-talent, best VO in the biz, amazing at leading EZA and goddamn, can he sing. Box Peek looks awesome, as well. Kyle is such a unique artist. And I loved every single other bit too. Loved Bloods rap, loved Ultima Brads return, loved Dons what-ever-the-hell-that-was, loved all the songs. Just a really jolly experience, even watching at home.

    PS: All hail to Middle Guy!

  • It was a fun event to watch, I agree. It's also an evolving thing, and I do hope that things like that game music quiz and Huber's weapon list where the audience is involved in one way or another get even more time next year. Double the number of those things to four, maybe. Personally, I'd be okay with a lot less music and singing, but the Allies seem to want to keep this as a concert, so ok.

    Umm. Where there any news of new shows or something? I thought that would've been one thing. Or are they saving those reveals for Tuesday's group stream? I was excited when Ben's voice started to talk about game demos and demo discs, that hey, maybe we'll be getting a new show where he goes through old demos and comments them with laughs and/or frustration etc. But that wasn't really what that was all about. A well-done video anyway, and I'm always happy to see my Vigilante 8, even for a two second glimpse. And Masters of Teräs Käsi! The horror. :D

  • By the way, what was the GTA V song in that music quiz? Ian said it was the best in the game or something. I only had some fague memories of it and it went by too fast, so now it bothers me a bit.

  • I haven't gotten confirmation about it, but seeing as how Ben has mentioned Super Eyepatch Wolf before, I think his video indicates that he is going to be doing video essays about different topics in gaming. If that's true, I think his writing and VO style is an awesome fit for that kind of series.

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    @gaming_groove I would love that! like "Ben discusses...." I loved his VO in the video during the concert, he really got a good voice for it.

  • @lotias if I recall correctly Brandon had said at the meet up that it was a one off video though perhaps we could encourage Ben to do more. He really does have a great voice for VO and I personally love his insights.

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    @mango Yes! I love Bens VO, its so relaxing and easy to listen to and follow. He also got good things to say, so maybe we should try and encourage him.... draft your tweets?