Annoying Gaming Censorship

  • So, I just got myself Wolfenstein 2, partly because the allies couldn't stop talking about it, and partly because I felt a deep urge to kill me some Nazis.
    And well, I can't.
    See, I'm from Austria, that cool, little country right under Germany. And the Germans take their anti-Nazi laws real seriously. So any Nazi-symbols (i.e. Swastikas) and general references to Nazis are often not allowed in entertainment media, especially games for some reason. In Austria that's usually not a big deal, and we get the uncut version. But for some reason Bethesda decided to release the german cut of Wolfenstein 2 here as well.
    And yeah, it kinda sucks. No references to Nazis, no Swastikas, and my guess is, a certain infamous scene won't be in there either. Also no english dub (although for once the german dub is actually pretty decent). It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but man, I just really wanted to kill some Nazis.

    Anyway, besides just wanting to vent about that, I figured why not make it a broader topic. So here my question:
    What's the weirdest, most annoying piece of Gaming censorship you have ever encountered?

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    I don't understand how Wolf 2 without Nazis even works...

  • So what do they even call the enemies in the game?

  • @axel They are just called "the regime" and instead of a Führer, there is a chancellor.
    And instead of the Swastika, you get this weird symbol

    Oh, and the funniest thing: Hitler is clean shaven. Because apparently, we draw the line at mustaches. I'm really unsure if i should sell the game and try to get a uncensored copy, but to be honest I don't care about the game that much, so I don't think I actually want to pay another 20,30 €.

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    I can see WHY they did it, but its just so wrong as well. I mean isnt like the point of the game to stop the nazis? Oh well. I prefer that if they gonna censor anything to do it with the pirated versions like some games have done in the past

  • Mostly see it in anime, but sun beams/ darkening the screen to cover gore or nudity.

    "Meme-ing" the translation is another, I get that humor from one language to another doesn't always translate well but to replace it with some random out of context meme just comes off as a poor and lazy effort (or lack there of) while also immediately dating the translation effort.

  • While not really censorship, probably just a rights thing, there's a difference in the Persona 5 jp and and english versions which was a bit disappointing to me.

    At the very beginning when you start the game in the JP version you hear police sirens and I believe you see the reflection of some police lights, this is completely absent of the english version which is a shame because it is a real cool if small thing in the game to just start that way. Again I'm inclined to think there some legal matter which they could only guarantee for Japan but I don't really know.

  • I've never liked the removal of the breast slider in Xenoblade Chronicles X, because that means a female avatar you create has to have a predetermined, singular size chest, which could potentially suck if a female player wanted to create themselves and didn't possess similar physical attributes, making them feel like they're abnormal potentially. I find it increasingly sad that the west is too immature to acknowledge that the female body can come in many forms, all beautiful, instead fearing and shunning anything that could potentially come off as "child like" in appearance.

    That said, it isn't stopping me from playing the game in any way since to begin with it was basically an extra feature many games with character creation lack to begin with for various reasons.

  • In Earthbound, when you go to the alternate Fourside (Moonside?) the bar patrons are drunk on "pop" rather than beer. That one was always odd to me.

  • Yeah I kinda love being Canadian because we generally don't give a shit about anything. R-rated movies in the USA are usually 14A here, which means you can actually have fun at the movies as a kid. Last 18A movie I remember was Machete. Never had an issue with a game being censored either.

    Kinda ridiculous how Germany is a top world leader but has censorship as though the intent of killing Nazi's vs The Regime is any different of a sentiment. Only thing I can think of is triggering veteran/WWII victim family members in the German Wal-Mart who didn't ask to see a swastika while walking through the store. I do strongly believe in intergenerational trauma, but I don't know if Wolfenstein being censored is the right way of handling it.

  • The censorship in the Japanese version of Resident Evil 7 is interesting, especially as even then there were multiple versions for varying levels of grotesqueness.

    Youtube Video

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    Only the best.

  • Streets of Rage 2 and 3 had some weird censorship. For the second game, it was really minor, but it Blaze jumpkicks you could see her panties. And Mr. X had a cigar in the Japanese version. In Streets of Rage 3, is where things really get screwed up. The removal of Ash was one thing, because he was a gay stereotype, so he had to go. That was understandable. What didn't make sense was changing the entire plot, giving everybody "gender-neutral" colors, and increasing the difficulty way beyond hard. For those that don't get the gender-neutral colors, the main cast from the previous game don't get the winter traditional colors. For example axle normally wears white and blue, but in the US version of 3 he is dressed similar to Adam and has yellow and black. And Blaze went from wearing red to just wearing silver. Oh, and the women were giving less revealing clothing. At least they weren't taken completely out of the game like in the SNES version of Final Fight 1 and 2. Thankfully there is a Sega ages port where you can play the Japanese or English versions of either games. There is the SOR Trilogy on 360, and then there's a SOR2 port on 3DS.

    Speaking of Resident Evil, it also had some weird censorship. There's a lot of the removal of gore in the live action sequences of 1 when it came to the US and European release. The Japanese also censored their version of re4. In RE4, Neons head won't get sliced off in the Japanese version. Instead it's his face that gets sliced off. Which is weird, because it's actually more gorrier than the US version, but apparently in Japan you can't depict decapitation in a game. At the yearly that I'll raise the age rating even further. Not to mention that it's anatomically incorrect, so that form of censorship becomes even more weird.. it explains why in RE5 when your character does get killed you don't see the decapitation.

  • That was Bethesda's decision though, technically it's not necessary to remove anything but nazi symbolism, as proven with any WW2 themed game where all that's missing are swastkas and the like but you're still fighting nazis. I don't know why Bethesda thinks it's necessary to remove all references to nazi germany and pretty much rewrite the entire game's lore. You should have gotten the UK release, it english only but also uncensored.

    Well I'm pretty much a hard liner when it comes to censorship, anything beyond the removal or raise of character ages (like in Senran Kagura games the ages of the characters are removed) during localization is a big "no money for your company" from me, which means I will buy the game used if at all.

    One of the most annoying ones was the german version of Resident Evil 4 on the GC, it lacks any of the modes that you unlock by beating the game even though the abck of the box stated that the game has the same content as the japanese original.
    And I absolutely despise the censorship in Stick of Truth PAL release besides the change from the nazi zombies to speak regular german insted of often nonsensical pieces from Hitler speeches, which for me as a german (I played the uncut version) feel out of context and make no sense just spoken like that, also Hitler voice recordings are annyoing to listen to in general so in this regard I do prefer the nazi zombies in the PAL version. While I can stomach the huge black bars on nazi symbols I hate hate hate the picture of a european statue (koala bear in AU) that interferes rather often in some parts of the game.
    Similar to this but I actually never played that version myself is Saints Row 2 German Version which shows you a black screen
    alt text
    It says: We apologize- very evil things are happening behind this black screen.

    I'm glad this is in most cases a german only thing and it's easy af to import from other EU countries nowadays.

  • @musou-tensei said in Annoying Gaming Censorship:

    And I absolutely despise the censorship in Stick of Truth PAL release besides the change from the nazi zombies to speak regular german insted of often nonsensical pieces from Hitler speeches, which for me as a german (I played the uncut version) feel out of context and make no sense

    Man it's funny how you speak German and don't find it funny because you understand it. For me, I absolutely died of laughter when the Nazi Zombies weren't actually speaking German, but they were straight up Hitler speeches. I'm telling you my stomach hurt the first time around. I think over here the idea of it is just so much funnier because we have no idea what he is saying, but it sure as shit sounds absolutely insane!

  • @dipset I kinda wish I did understand some of it, because there's a part that sounds like Hitler is ordering from Taco Bell, and I'm just curious to what is actually being said. Language is fun.

  • I guess I get why Germany may want to censor Nazi stuff.. but I mean, those guys are obviously Nazis.. that symbol looks basically like a Swastika.. we all know what Nazis and Swastikas look like and we think about it when we see something like that. It just seems really dumb to me

  • Oh all the little changes made to Fire Emblem X SMT. Probably a page devoted to all of them somewhere