Getting into horror games

  • Hi guys, i need some suggestions from y'all. So, i previously have avoided horror games because i'm easily scared and really paranoid about jump scares in particular. Now i'm feeling pretty confident and want to try out some horror games since it's the only genre in games i have no experience of. It would be great if any of you give some recommendations, i play on PS4 only and prefer games where you could fight back. Of course there's the Resident Evil and Evil Within games, but i could only pick one for now. Which one would be best for me?

  • Probably the remasted Resident Evil 4.
    It's an action/horror game that isn't that scary and is what brought a lot of new people into Resident Evil, after all.

  • Beside the RE & Evil Within games try Metro Redux. The oppressive atmosphere in the tunnels alone is one of the most tense experiences I've had in games.

  • @suplextrain Hmm i guess that's true, RE remake intimidates me way too much and i already watched Huber's play through of RE7. It's pretty cheap too so i'll buy it soon. Thanks!
    @FutureCorpse I already finished those games actually, absolutely love them. Can't wait for Metro Exodus. Thanks anyway!

  • Banned

    If you can find a way to play the Dead Space series I highly recommend it. Basically perfected the RE4 formula, dripping with atmosphere and tension, and empowers you just enough to feel vulnerable while also being a plasma cutter wielding badass.

    Other recommendations:
    Alien Isolation
    Little Nightmares
    RE1HD, RE5, RE Revelations 1+2, RE7
    Layers of Fear

  • @el-shmiablo Just played Dead Space with the Missus. That games relentlessly intense. Probably the best survival horror game I've played. Onto 2 next I've been advised to skip 3.

  • If you still want something after playing either RE (my favourite is RE1) or the Evil Within (I've never played either) then I heartily recommend Alien Isolation. I'm playing through it for the first time at the minute and it's so tense, certainly worth checking out and you can probably find it quite cheaply now.

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    @futurecorpse The Dead Space series is very analogous to the Aliens movies.
    First is superb horror.
    Second is more action oriented.
    And they never made a third for some reason. Nope. Doesn't exist.

    Lol but srsly if you can find a bro to play 3 with it will be much more enjoyable. Just don't expect anywhere neat the qualiymty of the previous games.

  • He prefers games where you can fight back and isn't too scary, not sure why people are recommending Alien: Isolation. That game is mostly just you hiding and the devs primary goal was to (try) and scare the player.

    But I just remembered Dying Light: The Following (on sale on the EU PS Store). A great game with loads of content. The Dead Rising games could also be something to check out.

  • @el-shmiablo Dead Space looks dope, i'll keep that in mind for now, definitely going to try it out.
    Little Nightmares is a horror game? I guess it's obvious considering the title but for some reason i keep thinking that it's an side scrolling puzzle game. I'll try it out as soon as i can.
    Layers of Fear looks like a game that i'm not ready to face yet, so i'll avoid it for now lol.

    @El-Shmiablo @TheOtherJohnP Oh yeah i forgot about Alien Isolation, might be too much for me though. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • @suplextrain For some reason i always feel nauseous when i'm play the Dead Rising games. Bought the first game a while back, 2 hours in and i had to stop. Same thing happened with the second game.
    Dying Light is pretty cool, played it at my friend's house. The nighttime segments in particular put me on edge, it's just a bit too much for me.

  • As a huge horror fan, i struggle to suggest a starting place on PS4 only. Amnesia might have worked, if not for your preferences.

    My number one recommendation would be REmake, followed then by TEW2. I strongly suggest you avoid RE4, 5 or 6 though, as I feel they hurt your appreciation for the genre

  • Dead Space 1 & 2 are good calls. I played through both over the last 2 weeks and was actually a little surprised that they were hailed as horror games. I found them both to be more on the Resident Evil 4 side of things. You'll get the odd scare for sure but I don't think it's too bad.

  • @sheria I actually already have Amnesia, got it from PS plus a while back. I don't think i'm ready yet for that game though.
    Hmm i understand not recommending RE 5 and 6, but why not 4?

  • I'd recommend The Evil Within 1 for an intro to horror because it is more "intense" because of the gameplay as opposed to being straight up scary.

    Other games that have horror and scary elements but aren't close to full blown horror games that may be able to ease you in would be:

    • Resistance 2
    • Half Life 2
    • Dark Souls 1 (one level is complete darkness, some enemies jump you out of nowhere, and some levels are plain creepy)
    • Bloodborne

  • @dipset Thanks for the recommendations!
    I would love to play the Resistance games (finished the third game, it's so underrated), but i don't have a PS3 anymore.

  • So i have decided to get REmake first, saving TEW2 and RE4 for later. I'll definitely post my thoughts later after i played it for a bit. Maybe i'll stream it too, cos' why not lol. Thanks everyone for the help!
    Also planning to try out Little Nightmares and Amnesia, don't know when though.

  • FEAR
    System Shock 2
    Resident evil 7

    FEAR is by far best horror game ever imo. however for this gen you cant go wrong with RE7.

  • @black-cell Unfortunately i already spoiled RE7 since i watched Huber's playthrough lol, so i'm skipping it for now at least.

  • @black-cell I'd second F.E.A.R., it's much more action-oriented with only a very few jump-scares. I'd argue it's not really a horror game specifically, but its horror elements make it a good way to ease your way into the genre. In a similar vein I'd maybe put the Bioshock games; again those have horror elements and can be tense, but aren't really all that scary.

    Evil Within 1 & 2 are definitely good choices for a first "proper" horror game; enemies are tough but you can defeat them if you have the resources, and you can usually run if you have to. Both games have some (intentionally) hideous bosses, but aren't too bad on jump scares, they rely more on shifting the environment around you which I'd say is more unsettling than out and out scary; they're survival horror games heavy on the survival element.

    My favourite horror game series is Silent Hill, but it's been a long time since I played the first few games (haven't played the remaster(s) yet), my favourites being the ones that don't really let you arm up, it's all about the atmosphere and dread, and the way they transition from mostly safe in the day time to horror-fest at night mean they're not too jump-scary from what I remember. I'll let someone with more recent experience comment on which might be a good starting point (are the remasters any good?)