Box Peek Figures

  • I had the good fortune to attend the EZA 2nd anniversary concert and won the Box Peek figure raffle draw at the end. I wanted to share these with you all before I get them shadow boxed.

    It is very surreal to hold these in my hands. As you can see in the pictures below they came in a what I can only imagine is a tournament tested and championed pokemon box. The figures themselves are grafted to the highest quality popsicle sticks one can attain, each painstakingly licked clean (I assume) before attaching the figure cut outs with what appears to be tape from scotchland (often a confused by travelers for a drinking destination). The grain on the popsicle stick is soft to the touch leaving an almost velvet sensation on the fingertips while the paper itself silky smooth. One thing you can't appreciate in the pictures is how when you hold them and wiggle them around you hear the faintest echo of Amanda's voice talking to you.

    All jokes aside these are super cool but whats even cooler is at the meet up I talked to so many of you and got a chance to meet some really cool and interesting people. A few people mentioned to me how Box Peek had inspired them to actually take up their passion for drawing and art again and I wanted to share these in case others felt the same. After talking to you guys I was also inspired to take up my own passion which I have ignored and hidden since I was 10 years old which is writing. I constantly start little stories for myself in my head or imagine worlds but then quickly dismiss the idea thinking I'm not capable or it won't be good (all the usual things we tell ourselves), but after the concert and being surrounded by all the love and positive energy I came home and decided it was time. Heck I may even post some of them in the blog section if I actually get around to doing it.

    Hope you're all doing well, thank you for being such an awesome community. If any of you ever end up in Winnipeg Canada drop me a line, I'd love to host you.







  • Your just showing off i'm not jealous really i'm not!!!

  • @futurecorpse lol, you figured me out

  • That's rad! The characters are just too dang cute.

  • Do you think that the sticks are from ice cream and that Kyle had to eat one for each figure

  • @ib0show I hadn't considered the possibility of them being ice cream sticks... I wonder if Kyle is more of a popsicle or ice cream kind of guy... or possibly even fudgesicles.

  • @mango Well now I am desperate to know the answer.... I would guess popsicles... or neither ans he had Huber eat all the things he needed..

    Those will be fun conversation starters. Great idea to shadow box them.

  • Rock on, Mango. You deserved to be the winner. That is one kick-arse prize. The question is, how will you frame them?

  • @parasitepaladin thanks dude, I don't deserve it anymore than anyone else but I'm very glad to have won them.

    as for framing I'm not sure, I had a few creative ideas but in the end I think I'm just going to have them shadow boxed. I'd be open to ideas if you had any

  • No need to be so humble! But rock on. After looking up what shadowing boxing is, that seems close enough to framing, which is what I had in mind. That would look great!

    You could always build a custom coocoo clock for them! hah

  • @parasitepaladin Lol! that clock idea sounds amazing actually.

    And I appreciate you bring so kind but I'm honestly not trying to be humble. I'm just a guy who's lucky enough to have more money than I need to survive. I don't think that makes me particularly deserving of anything really... maybe it's a Canadian thing.

    to be honest the fame of Mango is a bit wierd for me. I mean I get it, the name is said every podcast but I don't know that I deserve all the love that I get here, even though I truly appreciate it. I think we are all awesome and I'm sticking to that

  • Might I suggest buying a moderately large sized industrial loft, something with at least 20 foot ceilings, brick wall, exposed beams, and maybe original Gold-Rush era wooden plank flooring, then have the three figures inserted into a custom carved Carrara marble plinth, dramatically spotlit in the center of this cavernous room, as the only visible adornment.

    The entryway would be rigged with a trigger that softly plays a harp cover of the Box Peek theme upon entry, over hidden speakers, obviously -we wouldn't want to be tacky.

  • @tokyoslim this is a good idea but what will I do with my Speedo collection that's currently sitting in this loft space? (neon pink in case you were wondering, but in a non tacky sort of way of course)

  • @mango That's a good point. You're just going to have to buy another building.

  • @mango Hah, I understand. Though I will be kind REGARDLESS thank you very much. ;p But good on you, you chose to help fund this thing we all love, and we are all thankful to you for it. It just may well be a Canadian thing.

    Also, the fact that you have a limited web presence may contribute to the fact that when people do see you, they will jump at the chance to thank you or greet you. Just a thought! Happy to hear you appreciate the good vibes! Rock on, man.

    (good luck finding a clock maker)

  • @parasitepaladin said in Box Peek Figures:

    Also, the fact that you have a limited web presence may contribute to the fact that when people do see you, they will jump at the chance to thank you or greet you

    Can confirm unlimited web presence does not cause the same excitement when people meet u IRL.

  • Licked clean? There's exactly one thing you should do with these. The obvious next step is to clone your own Kyle.