Is a Persona 3 Remake Coming?

  • Hey everybody, there's been a question plaguing my mind recently, and I'd like your input.

    Is Atlus Remaking Persona 3?

    With Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night on the horizon (at least in Japan), I couldn't help but wonder if Atlus was working on some project for Persona 3? I am unreservedly in love with Persona 3. It is my favorite game ever, so I fear that my suspicions might just be the ramblings of a mad woman.

    Here's My Reasoning:

    -Why make a P3Dan at all?: Persona 5 just came out. It is definitely more popular with P3, and it's the only Persona game that a lot of people have ever played. It just doesn't make sense to make a Dancing game for P3. At least not in conjunction with P5Dan.
    -P3Dan Definitely Cost More to Make: Persona 5 is a somewhat current gen game, it has models and environments that can (and have) been reused or at least modified/been used as a base for new assets in P5Dan. There is nothing about any version of P3 that could be reused or modified for P3Dan. All of this stuff was made from scratch for this game, and its just an insane amount of work to put into a game that will probably sell less than its counterpart.
    -The New Environments Look Amazing: The new environments that have been made for P3Dan look great. Honestly, some of them look better than the ones in P5Dan, and so much detail has been put into them. They've even gone so far as to make versions of in game environments that are explorable in VR (which very well may be the thing that finally makes me get VR). I know that is is present in P5Dan too, but like. Why? Why do this for P3? It is a PS2/PSP Game. In the original you couldn't even walk around in most of the rooms they're letting you explore in VR. This is such a big undertaking for a game much older than its counterpart. They didn't even do this stuff for P4Dan, the literal golden child of the Persona series.
    -The Models!: I play Persona 3 Portable pretty much year round. So it's safe to say that I know the game very well, and to say that they've nailed the P3 cast, is a grave understatement. I cannot even put into words how incredibly faithful the team making this has been to the characters of P3. Every gesture, dance move, character action, and weird quirk is true to each character. The facial expressions are so perfect. I found myself moved to tears watching the reveal trailer of this game!
    -Official Press Releases/Statements From Atlus: I've read pretty much every interview I could get my hands on, about this game and common thread is discussing how P3Dan is the first game that has had models that accurately reflect the original concept art they were based on, and how much of a big deal that is. It was also revealed that P3Dan came first and development and P5Dan was a bit of an afterthought. Following the success of P4Dan, Atlus started making P3Dan, and they decided to make P5Dan because they were still in the process of making P5.
    What could Atlus' Plans Be?: The only other currently announced Persona game is Persona Q2. P5 has already been confirmed as a cast for that game. Persona Q's whole thing is being a crossover fanservice fest, but is P3 going to be in it? It seems unlikely to me, or at least it seems less likely than P4 or P2/1. Why pour so much effort into this game, if you aren't planning on doing something with the IP its based on? With P4 it made sense because P4 was the center of the Persona universe for many years, and a P5 dancing game would make sense on its own because it just came out and was extremely popular. But P3, what does it have going on? It's manga, movies, and stage plays have all long since ended. It doesn't have an anniversary coming up. Why are they making this game?!
    -If They are Making a P3 Remake, P3Dan Makes A Lot of Sense: P4Dan did very well. Even if P3 is less popular, a lot of people would probably buy it because they liked P4Dan or because they like Rhythm games and good music. P5 is hugely popular and a lot of people's first Persona game. Riding the success of both P4 and P5 puts the music, characters, and world of P3 into a lot more hands then it would otherwise. If people play P3Dan then they'll be more likely to take interest in the game(s) that it's based on. But what would they do then? Persona 3/FES is a PS2 game and Portable is a PSP game, both out of print. Atlus won't make much money from people buying physical copies of those games. Furthermore, not many people want to buy PS2 or PSP games anymore. Then, what about digitally? P3FES is $10 on the PSN Store, and Portable is $20, but neither of them are available for download on PS4, the system most people will likely play P3Dan on, because so few people own Vita's! They'll make less money then a full priced game, which is further reduced because it isn't available on a current gen console. So what's there game? Well, here's my guess. The environments and models for P3Dan look so detailed and well done, that I wouldn't be surprised if Atlus reused them in a P3 Remake. If Atlus could capitalize on the success of P3Dan/P5Dan, to act as extra promotion for a P3 Remake, it would undoubtedly help the game's chances at success.


    -P3Dan probably cost way more money and time to make. Entirely new models and environments had to be made for this game.
    -P5 just came out, P3 came out in 2006. It is out of print, and isn't available for purchase on a current gen console (for any of its versions).
    -P3Dan was in development before P5Dan.
    -Atlus seems very keen on reminding people how exciting it is to see the P3 characters fully realized with modern technology for the first time.
    -P3Dan benefits both from the success of P4Dan and P5, and it could act as extra promotion for a remake.

    So, Am I crazy, or is there something there?

  • Here's Some Trailers For P3Dan That I Think Show Off The Characters/Environments Well:

    PV2 (Featuring Elizabeth and Theo [of Portable])






  • If they do, I hope they make Tartarus more interesting. I really hate Tartarus.

  • Probably, part of me feels like we can expect a full remake of Persona 3 and possibly 4 within the next year or two, especially if you remember that something Persona related has released roughly every other year since about 2009 or 2010 (Will have to double check)

  • I doubt that we will get one, unless Sega steps in and wants to get some young developers some experience

    I would kill for a remake, it's my favorite in the series, but I don't normally have my ps2 hooked up

  • I have mentioned this multiple times in the past myself so I'm hopeful there is something like that in the works.

    One aspect I don't agree with is the cost and effort part, there's no hard data on this so I may be off, but I doubt the cost of making this is that high specially with all the work they had done in the past with P4D, even if it does require new 3D models and all I don't necessarilly think it would have implied as much of an investment.

    One thing that does make me hopeful on this side is as you mentioned that we don't know what P Studio has been doing since P5 went gold, which was in may 2016 if I remember correctly, obviously some worked on the dance games, and imagine some have been allocated to PQ2, which I have to imagine is done in collaboration with the Etrian Odyssey team, however I would be surprised if that is all they've been working on, though it is hard to know for sure since we really don't know details about team composition and availability so it may be that they have been all hands on deck for the dance games and PQ2, though I do hope that it is not the only thing they've been working on.

  • @bard91 I don’t know how much money exactly was poured into P3, but it’s clear that P3Dan is the larger undertaking. I just think that’s kind of suspect I guess? Because if they were doing another dancing game, P5 just makes more sense thanP3. There’s more people interested in P5, and because they can reuse models/environments from the base game it would be cheaper and faster to make. And if they decided to put P3Dan’s budget into P5Dan, they could have made new environments and such for that game. The fact that comparatively, more money and time is being spent on P3Dan then P5Dan or P4Dan, seems weird considering that the two of them are more sure successes. I just have to wonder what would make Atlus decide to make P3Dan, before P5Dan, if they didn’t have plans to do something with the IP. I just don’t think you make a whole separate game to promote your IP if your only plans for that IP is to have them be in another spinoff (PQ2) that is being sold on an entirely separate system, when the game it’s based on isn’t even available for purchase or download on current gen consoles. My heart says remake, but it could also be some kind of remaster or special definitive edition. Maybe up res-ing FES and adding the content from Portable? That would be interesting. Because while P3P is technically a PSP game, it does have 3D models for Tartarus and uses all the same environments. I could also see them tweaking Tartarus itself or something, adding a character, or working in some new story events/gameplay elements like P4Golden. So yeah, not sure a whole remake is coming, but I figure it has to be something. Dancing games aren’t as big of an undertaking as a JRPG, but it must have taken a lot of work to make all these new assets, get individual dancers/choreography for each character, and assemble the entire original voice cast. Atlus talks often about how much more care and resources are being put into P3Dan, than P4Dan, and that makes sense, they’ve learned from P4Dan, but why not put all that care and resources into your new, best selling IP. And furthermore to have to Dancing game based on your new IP be an afterthought rather than your original plan. If P3 was smaller scale or just DLC for P5Dan it would make sense. It just seems like a lot of work to put into an old game that people can’t even buy on a current gen console and Atlus can’t make much more money off of.

    Sorry for how long this response was, I tend to type stream of thought style and I just kind of rambled on.

  • So I'm kinda right, there has been a Persona game released every year since 07 (P3FES) with the only year missing being 2010, although I think the P2 PSP remake was intend to release in 2010 before a last minute delay (At least I remember reading it was delayed, although I could be wrong)

    I imagine adding whatever locations not featured in P3D Wouldn't be too costly on top What's already been made.

  • I agree with most of what you are saying with the exception of this

    @michemagius said in Is a Persona 3 Remake Coming?:

    @bard91 I don’t know how much money exactly was poured into P3, but it’s clear that P3Dan is the larger undertaking. I just think that’s kind of suspect I guess?

    We don't have a real way of knowing this so it is all supposition, but there's no way I would believe this is the case.

    Maybeeee in raw numbers P3D is more expensive that what P3 costed, but it is not a fair comparison when you consider Atlus from the PS2 era and how they are now, they have grown considerably and their ability to handle this projects is likely not as high impact for their business as were most of their own developed games back in the PS2 era, again making some suppositions here but I just don't see how they would compare.

    Besides this is all capitalizing on their most popular franchise, and a known quantity that is very similar to what they already did before, P3 was a huuuuge jump from what they had done before and much more of a bold move, and for a franchise that was very much niche at the time.

  • I very much doubt it. There's little to improve and there's already a multitude of ways for people to play it (PS3, PSP and PS2)

  • @dmcmaster I think you’re right about the P2 PSP version. I hope that Atlus stays true to that schedule and that something P3 related is coming. Honestly it might be Golden-esque remaster and I’d be happy with that. If they combined the content o FES and Portable it would undoubtedly be the definitive version of P3. The fact that FES and Portable are both unavailable for download on PS4 makes me wonder why they would make P3Dan before moving those games (or at least FES) over to the PS4 store. Because it stands to reason that a lot of people who will play P3Dan, won’t have played P3 before. A good junk of players will probably be P4, P4Dan, or P5 fans, and P3Dan might encourage them to play the originals. But it’s not available on PS4, so why miss out on such a clear opportunity for more sales of P3?

  • There are A LOT of quality of life improvements that could be made to the game, playing FES recently makes it extremely clear, not to mention that the game looks horrible in HD TVs, so even a remaster with QoL improvements would go a long way I think, specially for all of the people that got in with P5 for a lot of them I'm positive that P3 could just end up being a bit too rough to go through.