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  • Hey Allies, I'm currently playing X-COM 2 vanilla, and I'm struggling. I've beaten Enemy Unknown, so I sort of have experience with the series. But I'm seriously struggling for some reason. I do okay until the "King" enemies come into play. They always take me out so easily and I don't have any answer for them. I'm playing on Veteran difficulty, which is just the normal I believe. I just wondered if any other allies had problems with this game or if they have some tips or strategies that I'm missing. Thanks, L&R.

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    Sacrifice a small animal to the RNG gods. That is how I got through most of X-Com.

  • They are incredibly difficult early on, and best saved for later - unless you want a severe challenge. I recently finished War of the Chosen with the Alien Hunters DLC add-on enabled, and they were the last encounters I did before entering the end game. That being said I'm not sure what the rules are for when they show up if not doing War of the Chosen. If they can truly show up on any mission without warning, that would be a pain and I'm not totally sure how I would've managed my run. I did them in one mission each, taking most of the stress out of it, because I knew they were such a pain from previous attempts.

    The first time I came across one, I thought it was a normal facility destruction mission. Only a few turns into the mission, I realized the Viper King was there - and more powerful than expected. Through a sloppy engagement with him, I understood they have their own distinct rule set, and were not to be trifled with. While I was able to cause him to flee without doing too much damage, the same could not be said for my run in with the Berserker Queen who destroyed my entire squad. Their Ruler Reaction ability just makes things incredibly hectic. Even with experienced soldiers and good gear, it all comes down to proper planning.

    You're best off isolating the encounter as much as possible. This can be accomplished through laborious sneaking, or eliminating the smaller squads and hoping the Ruler doesn't stumble into the encounter. Having to deal with regular enemies and turrets while dealing with the Ruler makes it a total pain. Since you're playing vanilla, the best way to do this is probably through the use of battlefield scanners or a Specialist with the Scanning Protocol ability to locate where the ruler is. Outside of this, frost bombs are pretty crucial - as they allow you to momentarily put a pause on their attacks and adjust properly.

    In short: Isolate. Overwatch multiple soldiers if possible before engaging the Ruler with your last solider. Frost Bombs. Spacing.

    Sorry, I'm not sure if this is helpful since I believe they operate differently when not included with the War of the Chosen. If the internet is to be believed, and there is a mission you do that leads to them becoming a part of the game. I would personally restart my run, and avoid that mission until deep into the game. Otherwise its going to frustrate you, and create too much solider turnover preventing you from having enough experienced units to deal with the game properly. So I doubt you're missing anything, the game is just very difficult - I played on Veteran as well, on XONE.

    Good Luck!

  • it's been a while but if memory serves correct I found in Xcom 2 (vs the first 1) it's best to upgrade your squad really early on. Focus your research on the weapons, spend funds on those first, increase your squad size first chance you get. etc. I found the equipment to be a big factor. Good luck!

    Also I think half the fun of that game is getting steam rolled every now and then and feeling just utterly depressed about how the aliens won and its all hopeless and nothing matters anymore... but that could be just me.

  • So I've been reading up on the alien rulers, and I found out that a big reason for my problem is that I disabled the intro story mission for the alien rulers when I start my playthrough. So the viper king ends up showing randomly in a mission without any pre-determined triggers. So I've been running into his SUPER early, when I don't have any armor or weapon upgrades. So I'm going to restart my playthrough and just leave that story mission on the map until I can upgrade my gear. I was wondering why they were showing up so early, now I know why.