MMORPG recommendations?

  • I'm looking for some MMORPG recommendations. I used to play WoW for many years during highschool but it was more casual and I played it for the pvp. Tried playing it with friends but could never figure out how to play with them cause they kept switching servers and it was dumb X [ So I was mostly ever playing WoW by myself and that can only be fun for so long. Was wondering if there are any games out there similar to WoW that would be fun to get into that are more PVP focused. I was thinking of playing The Lord of the Rings: Online cause i'm a fan of the LOTR. I've also played Warhammer online before it was shut down. So yea, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated and discussion about different mmo's is welcome!

  • @th0r44 Don't let them steal your life!

  • @mbun They have in the past, but now i'm hoping to play casually while still maintaining a real life like when I played WoW in highschool. Yeah I know what you mean though. Cause i've definately let games steal my life and it's not fun to look back on wasted years, especially if you dwell on the past while you're depressed. But anyway lol, back to suggestions...

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    @th0r44 Allies are pretty active in Final Fantasy XIV. That is the best MMO going imo.

  • I like Guild Wars 2, but IMO, most of the fun is derived from the PVE/Group stuff. It does have a PVP system that you can jump into right out of the gate and it is free to play minus the expansions.

    It's fairly casual, in that, ArenaNet built everything with the mindset that you can achieve a decent amount without investing insane play hours. That being said, the end content still requires some investment.

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    Im really enjoying FF 14. I used to play WoW as well for many years but then dropped out and went for other games. I recently picked up 14 after recommendations from friends and even if I play it with said friends, I have also had a lot of fun following the story by myself.

  • I miss MMO’s. I haven’t gotten into one really since SMT online, it was so cool! But as for ones that sill exist, Phantasy Star Online 2 is a hoot if you patch it into English. Go for the rocket boots if you want a good laugh. The character customization is bonkers too. It’s coming to switch soon, so if you know some basic Japanese or have a guide that could be fun. I’m not sure if it will be one of the few games that they region lock, if not I plan on importing a copy some time down the line.

  • This is like asking for crack - besides WoW, briefly played RIFT and Guild Wars 2 and really enjoyed it, so uninstalled both quickly.