Nintendo announces the Nintendo Classic Mini NES!

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    This is crazy!

    Who would have seen that coming?

    But in a way, it seems like a very smart move. They have Virtual Console, but only people who have a Wii U or a 3DS have access to that. That's way less people than the hundred million people who bought a Wii. And this casual crowd they've lost since then is typically the audience for something like that. If it's cheap enough, say around 50 bucks, I can imagine tons of people picking it up as fun little Christmas present.

    Since they have pretty much no holiday line-up this year outside Pokémon Sun & Mon, they've got to make money somewhere.

    This is very clever.

  • Kinda wierd assortment of games, like why Castlevania 1&2 but not 3? Why only Mega Man 2, Why Super C and not Contra? But of course all 3 Mario games and both Zelda's.

    "*Note that an AC adapter for the USB cable is required to play the system but is not included in the packaging."

  • Eh....i'm just really tired of them milking their games. Some of these games have had an NES release, a GBA release, and then eShop releases for 3DS, Wii, and Wii U with no cross buy.

    Good for casuals, I guess. But I really wish we just stopped supporting this practice.

  • I'll pick one up, although now I'm curious if they will do a SNES one some time down the road, or N64?

  • I would order two if it was the SNES with all the SNES-DQ games

  • I think its pretty cool.. I only have a few of those games so it might be worth getting just to get to play the others.

    I still might just get an FC Twin or something like that instead though

  • As someone who was 7 years old when Nintendo 64 came out, I missed the NES boat. I'm buying the crap out of this

  • Gamexplain said that it would be priced at around $60. I'm definitely going to pick it up. I've always wanted to play a lot of these classic games but my first console was the PS2 and I couldn't justify the cost of buying all the games off of virtual console or all the memory cards I'd need to hold them, much less an actual NES and cartridges. I hope they continue the trend and I can eventually pick up an N64 or a GameCube Classic edition.

  • @michemagius
    I doubt we'll see a Gamecube edition, at least not any time soon. Although if NX supports the Gamecube adapter (and it damn well should since a "GOTY" edition of Smash 4 is a launch title) I can see Gamecube games being added to the VC (And im willing to bet Melee will be one of the first titles added)

  • $60 seems way too steep considering things like this have existed for over a decade and generally don't cost more than $25.

  • @DMCMaster I hope they finally put GameCube on the virtual console. Quite frankly it should have been on their before the Wii.

  • @michemagius
    Think the fact that a number of Gamecube games made use of the pressure sensitive triggers, might have been the reason they avoided adding GCN to the VC for Wii U

  • Hopeful that they release a a super famicom version *fingers crossed

  • Day 1 for me. Waiting on that pre-order.

    I think it's definitely worth getting since all of the NES games on the eShop are $5 each. Good bargain. Also, pretty messed up Europe gets screwed over with the AC adapter...

  • Think of this not just as a plug and play system but a cool modding shell. Who wouldn't love to have a mini NES that will get modded with an SD card reader (because you know the modding community will do exactly that). Either way I think I'm gonna pick one up.

  • Honestly, its cute and all - but I see this like those cheesy Genesis consoles that are sold inside of Urban Outfitters.

    I've only played NES once and if I wanna go ahead and play it, I'll go to my local store and buy one with a few classics. Sure it'll cost a lot but if I really truly want to play the NES, I'd rather have a real one than a $50 little box toy thingy.

  • It's cute but... I have three original NES's. Kinda defeats the purpose for me.

  • Dig the idea, I think it being an official Nintendo product is really the big plus here. Honestly though, it just reminded me that I have a raspberry pi I still haven't done anything with.
    Think this can be popular among the casual 25-35 year old audience that might still be yearning to play those classic games but don't have a current Nintendo system to utilize the VC.

  • This thing is really cool. Not only is it a modern piece of tech that looks like a NES, it also has what are likely the 30 best games on the NES (well close to it anyway). All for a low price point. Plus the controllers can be used for virtual console titles too. I look forward to SNES and N64 versions. Maybe a classics handheld for the GB stuff too! Plus as time goes on I just have less room for consoles in my life, mini boxes are much more reasonable.

    @GoTaco The original NES was marketed as a toy. How is this any different? It's just more convenient and cheaper.

  • I have an original NES, but I still think I'll pick this up. My cartridges are all worn down from being jammed down in that one fashion to make 'em stick. All you oldtimers know what I mean. ;)

    If you were going to buy an NES and then all these games, that would be ridiculously expensive. This is the price of one AAA game. Totally worth.

    Also, is Super C not a Konami game but Contra is? IDK what the deal is there.