Easy Allies as PC parts

  • Yesterday I had a bizarre idea: to name PC components after each of Allies. So far I’ve came up with this:
    Case – Jones, since he provides space to other Allies;
    CPU – Ben, since he handles all sort of work;
    GPU – Ian, since he does his work (editing) insanely fast;
    Network adapter – Blood, since he is responsible for connections with the industry;
    Sound card – Huber, since he is the loudest of Allies;
    Display – Damiani, since he is responsible for showing picture to us.
    Keyboard & Mouse – Kyle, since he is our gateway for Group Stream Selection Committee and EZA Podcast.

    I’m not sure what parts are Brad and Don. If you have an idea, I would be glad to hear it. Also feel free to share your own EZA PCs.

  • Brad is liquid cooling. Cause he's so cool.

  • Lol what a fun idea!
    It's not exactly a component, but i would love for Huber to be the troubleshooting software interface, since he's so apologetic! And Brad does the actual troubleshooting, since he's so good at video games, everything would be too easy for him. Basically a tag team of Huber and Brad to handle the troubleshooting stuff.
    I think Don would be a external GPU or a similar plug-and-play peripheral, not exactly integral to the PC but when he shows up, all sorts of cool stuff is possible.

  • @bam541 Maybe Don is a Floppy Drive then? He likes to bring something old that you can't get any other way.

  • @ffff0 Hmm i guess that's kinda true with his game tastes and the video he makes (Don's Discount Gaming has a lot of focus on nostalgic stuff, etc). He also does level design with Mario Maker though, that's way too cutting edge for a floppy drive lol.

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    Brilliant idea haha! I would almost argue for Blood to be the CPU though... possibly the power supply. Without him EZA wouldnt really run. It feels like he work 24/7 with running things behind the scenes, pop into streams to make sure its going okey and reminds the other allies of things. I got nothing but respect for that man

  • @lotias Blood can be Motherboard or more precisely Northbridge. Not noticeable at the first glance, but he is in the center of all data flow, and other parts will be just parts without him

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    @ffff0 yeah that is actually a good way of putting it!

  • No, no, no, no, no. Don is RGB.

  • Brandon has to be a dedicated audio card....