God of War (PS4)

  • Kratos is back, but everything is different now. The Ghost of Sparta resides now in the world of Norse mythology, and he doesn't have his chained blades anymore. Instead, he now has an axe, beard and a son; the new holy trinity. The fixed cinematic camera is gone with the over-the-shoulder camera now in command. Some RPG elements have also been added to the mix, as well as optional boss battles, for instance, in the more open areas of the game.

    Personally, I'm really excited about everything we've seen so far. The journey(s) through Greek mythology and Olympus were excellent and came to a great end, so now after what feels like a long time Kratos' return seems to be happening in a pretty perfect way. There's freshness to everything, literally everything, but also this fascinating sense of mystery with his "lost years" and connections to his past. Can't wait to see what the story offers, I've heard good initial reactions.

    God of War is scheduled to be released on April 20th.

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  • This year, I haven't heard the call to hunt monsters, fight characters spanning one of the world's famous manga, live the pirate life, break out of jail with a buddy, establish a new kingdom, or liberate Montana from a cult.

    So this is the first game of 2018 I'm getting, and the fact my first new game to play is four months into the year is a tad upsetting. Hopefully stuff at E3 will get announced and come out before the year is over.

    Once I'm finished with the game, I may come back and post my thoughts, but I wanted to say:

    Hype. Now where's my axe?

  • I have really disliked Kratos in the past. Like sure the games have seemed fun, and those boss battles are epic and amazing, but I hated Kratos. He just wasn't a character I wanted to play as.
    So it's pretty amazing that I want to play this game, not just because I love Norse mythology, but because I like Kratos more. In fact the exact moment I realized I wanted to play this was that E3 gameplay, at the end of it when his son can't kill the stag. That scene of him reaching out and almost touching his son's back, really got to me. It made it immediately clear that this was a different Kratos.
    Luckily the gameplay looks fun and it's gorgeous, but mostly I'm interested in this new Kratos.

  • I really enjoy playing the old God of War games, but oh boy i don't care emotionally at all for those games. Looks like this will be the game where i do both. I hope this succeeds like The Last of Us before it, pushing the boundaries of what games can do and raising the bar for every other big AAA developer to follow.

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    Personally I'm a huge GoW fan. Have played every entry (even the shitty mobile game) and like loved them all (okay maybe not the shitty mobile game). It helped that my dad was a teacher and used to read me stories and tell me about the history and mythology of ancient Greece ece when I was younger, so it kinda struck me as the perfect game when I first took up the blades of chaos as mah boi Kratos.
    And now, as I have become a father myself, I get to watch these games evolve almost in parallel to my own life.

    I don't think I've been as hyped for a game in a long time.

  • I was never a big fan of the old God of War games, more so Kratos, but I am interested in this new game. Originally I wasn't going to get invested, but the more I saw from later gameplay footage the more I liked it. What did it for me was the 15 minute gameplay for this day originally showed, and Kratos has a witch time style dodge. It got to the point where I picked up a book on Norse mythology so I can be prepped up for the game.

    That in the combat look pretty fluid. Now I am more of a DMC fan , but God of War 4 still looks like it's going to do great. I already reserved for it and I can just pick it up the day it comes out. Now all I need to hear is DMC 5 announced at this year's E3 and my head will explode.

    Odds are there will be more weapons aside from the axe and shield. I bet there's going to be a sword and a war hammer.

  • Just a heads up : review copy's are out in the wild and i know someone is going to leak story spoilers.

    I love this series alot and i think Kratos evolved alot from 1 to 3 and this game is a step in the right direction for his character, i liked the story of his wife and daughter but didn't care about his brother at all, so i hope this game doesn't reference his brother alot.

    Also I'm most looking forward to Kratos vs one particular norse god.

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    I'm giddy with excitement about the inevitable sequence where Kratos will be banished to Helheim and has to kill his way back out.
    I will actually be pretty disappointed if they don't keep that running gag in the new gane.

  • sooo... what are the chances Huber brings this to the next Hall Of Greats. :P

  • @el-shmiablo
    On that note it would be awesome to fight some representation of Zeus, Aries, Athena, ect, during said sequence.

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    So I just found out the game has a Performance mode that locks it at 1080p but boosts to 60fps.


  • @el-shmiablo

    sadly does not sound like a 60fps lock but instead unlocked like previous games though still a potential day one patch?

  • On top of the EZA review being excellent, reviews in general for GoW have been extremely glowing.

    I'm very excited to check this one out!

  • @nimbat1003 this game doesn't meet the 2 major categories to enter the HOG

    1- the game has to be made in Japan.
    2- the game has to be at least 10 years old.

  • A big pass from me. It seems to have ditched its arcadey like combat for something worse, and its story seems to have gone for the more trending and serious/grounded tone.

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    @sheria Dunno what you mean about the combat. Looks pretty arcadey to me.

  • @el-shmiablo said in God of War (PS4):

    @sheria Dunno what you mean about the combat. Looks pretty arcadey to me.

    No way. It's clearly going for something more authentic and visceral, and there's no sign of any combo counter or any push to reward that kind of fast-action play.

  • The things I love most about all of the God of War reviews: The near perfect praise across everyone I read, and the sheer amount of them a FULL WEEK ahead of the game's release. It speaks confidence that God of War is serious competition to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spiderman.

    Also, speaking as a long time fan, it feels so, so good to hear something you've been anticipating not only be as good as you were hoping, but practically it being a universal view that the high expectations not only have been surpassed, but vastly exceeded.

    I already was going to buy this day one, but now I'm clearing out even MORE of my schedule I was planning to in order to play as much of this as possible, as soon as possible.

  • The reviews are beyond my expectations, i can't say whether i'll be able to clear up my schedule for this game (still have other big unfinished games + tougher college materials), but man i wish i can time travel to warn myself in the past about this or something lol.