God of War (PS4)

  • @nimbat1003 this game doesn't meet the 2 major categories to enter the HOG

    1- the game has to be made in Japan.
    2- the game has to be at least 10 years old.

  • A big pass from me. It seems to have ditched its arcadey like combat for something worse, and its story seems to have gone for the more trending and serious/grounded tone.

  • @sheria Dunno what you mean about the combat. Looks pretty arcadey to me.

  • @el-shmiablo said in God of War (PS4):

    @sheria Dunno what you mean about the combat. Looks pretty arcadey to me.

    No way. It's clearly going for something more authentic and visceral, and there's no sign of any combo counter or any push to reward that kind of fast-action play.

  • The things I love most about all of the God of War reviews: The near perfect praise across everyone I read, and the sheer amount of them a FULL WEEK ahead of the game's release. It speaks confidence that God of War is serious competition to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spiderman.

    Also, speaking as a long time fan, it feels so, so good to hear something you've been anticipating not only be as good as you were hoping, but practically it being a universal view that the high expectations not only have been surpassed, but vastly exceeded.

    I already was going to buy this day one, but now I'm clearing out even MORE of my schedule I was planning to in order to play as much of this as possible, as soon as possible.

  • The reviews are beyond my expectations, i can't say whether i'll be able to clear up my schedule for this game (still have other big unfinished games + tougher college materials), but man i wish i can time travel to warn myself in the past about this or something lol.

  • Everybody recording all of the same spoiler free footage has me itching to see the bosses and how violent this game really does. I appreciate the maturity of this new release, but I really do want that gore and aggression.

  • I've seen review so far give out either high recommendations or perfect scores. I am interested, but looking for challenge. From what I have seen from most reviews, the game won't be a cakewalk most "hardcore" gamers feared. Good.

  • @cocage I've understood as well from the reviews today that the "normal" difficulty is already fairly challenging. And if that's not enough, there are still two harder difficulties to choose from:

  • Okay... so I have a week now to finish Far Cry 5 or else I won't.

    So far the only complaints I've seen are about the story, which is too bad, but probably subjective and tiny text in the menus. I think it's safe to say I might finally enjoy a God of War game.

  • @sentinel-beach I know about the other difficulties, but thanks for the link.

  • Just watched Digital Foundrys video on the tech, and I think I got a major location spoiled.

  • Uuh, that's unfortunate. :/ Thanks for the heads-up for the rest of us.

    A week to go, gotta try and watch out for all the spoilers. They might hit randomly in the most impropable YouTube comments, for instance.

  • @sentinel-beach
    Can't say for sure, but if its what I think it is, Sony gave some odd locations that didn't count as spoilers.

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    I am so hyped for this... even though it doesnt seem available to order from amazon UK. Will have to wait until friday and see if I can buy it then,

  • I watched the GameSpot review and they definitely spoiled some stuff, so I'd say avoid that if you're sensitive. Nothing super major, but just a warning.

  • Am I the only one that feels like this game has been out for like a week now and I'm the only one who haven't played it? All outlets have played/beat it and don't shut up about it. Its everywhere... LET THE GAME COME OUT FIRST!

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    I was always looking forward to this game, but I wasn’t chomping at the bit for it. I was planning on grabbing it at the first price drop; however, Huber’s review alone was enough to correct my plan and get me to place a preorder. Once I saw the sea of 10’s from other outlets, that only served to solidify my faith as an ally.

    Can’t wait to play this on Friday!

  • After the first hour I can already start to understand why so many reviews would consider this a 10. This is something big. Something meaningful. The tone is something completely new to a God of War game. I love this seriousness, it is like many were anticipating Kratos meets The Last of Us, which feels pretty amazing. And the world has that feel of the new Tomb Raiders, where there are these hub areas and everything moves along in a wide manner. Places are going to interact with each others and new routes will be discovered, connecting them. That's been one of my favourite things in TR games, that structure, so this feels very good.

    The axe feels good, it feels good! There's a right amount of weight to it, but it's still so versatile too. You can swing it in a wild fashion, but it still feels believable as well. Feels good to hit enemies, juggle them and all. And the environment reacts wonderfully, trees are falling when enemies hit them etc. Impressive stuff.

    Judge fit really quickly into Kratos' shoes, the slight echoes of Teal'c are vanishing every minute more. The boy does a great job too, and Jeremy Davies is an excellent addition to the cast as well. I really, really liked him in Lost and Justified, a brilliant actor.