God of War (PS4)

  • @sheria
    There's a few, but the few times I've encountered them (like 4 in my 10ish hours) seems to be just before something massive, or for a cutscene with lots of pretty particle effects.

  • That doesn't sound too bad then, sounds a little like loading masking. I'm in a position where I sadly need a new PS4 Pro (4th PS4 now) as my current one seems to have a broken blu-tooth antenna. I'm going to grab a GoW LE from game today then, it's an ok price considering i don't own the game.

  • Be aware even on a Pro it's gonna sound like a jet engine revving up from time to time.

    Just finished it, was honestly a bit surprised at the ending (will post spoiler filled thoughts later once I've collected my thoughts) also loved the post credits scene when returning home.

    I do seriously hope we get some story DLC, there's a few stones unturned I want to see happen, and a few turned that didn't get any real conclusion.

  • Finished main campaign it last night. The game is good, but for it's an Assassin's Creed: Origin or Watch Dogs 2 level of good. Nothing close to The Witcher 3 or The Last of Us. Optional stuff is fun through, so I intend to try to 100% this game.

  • After giving it a little thought there are three scenarios I'd like to see as DLC.
    1.How Kratos left Greece, can't say much in the way of story, but it be a fun "one last romp" thru Greece killing minotaurs, harpies, and maybe kill a lesser god or two (although we never did see Aphrodite die, unless she orgasmed to death off screen or something)

    1. Kratos arrival in the Norse lands, and his relationship with Atreus mother.
    2. A sort of epilogue chapter, that ends with a fight against "Him" while giving a more solid footing for the sequel to start from.

  • @dmcmaster I don't see how scenario 1 works. Kratos flooded and destroyed most of the world by the end of GoW3. There wasn't much left for him to kill.
    From what I underatand, the new game takes placr hundreds of years after the original games.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Like I said I didn't know how to make it work story wise (at least for now) it's mostly just a fan service idea.

  • Finished. This is an outstanding video game. Really satisfying in many different ways. The relationship between a father and his son is presented with great vision and it works extremely well. There's so much dialogue it's pretty unbelievable. And it's all good, too. The story is both touching and exhilarating. As is the world as well, in a way. Both visually and through the told history of it. The fights are incredibly satisfying, they feel so good! I honestly didn't expect this from an axe beforehand.

    There are still lots of things to do in the world, there might be who knows what great surprises waiting to be discovered. Luckily the map system is helpful as it shows how many and what you're still missing in each area. (As long as you've found the first one of its kind.) I strongly feel like I'm going to do it all in this one.

  • In case you watch reviews, be careful of Angry Joe's review. Watched it today and it spoils a pretty big thing that happens halfway through the game.

    I'm a little over halfway and it's still great. Still surprised that I am loving a God of War game.

  • I think the metacritic score reflects this game pretty well, but I don't get the lack of criticism towards it. If you cannot find single criticism towards a product, it's way more likely that you are a shitty critic than that the product you are reviewing is perfect. I'm no critic but here's couple of things I found annoying:

    Number of bosses - The actual fights were really awesome but the number of bosses was a disappointment. I finished the game 10 minutes ago and cannot for the life of me recall more than three good bosses. (one of which is fought twice) Also, the first mini boss is repeated many times, only with a slightly different skin/element variation. Even in crucial point of the story when you need to hunt down a specific monster, it turns out that the monster is the same mini boss with a couple of new attacks. Maybe the sidequests offer more?

    Too much upgrading - Gear crafting, gear shopping, runes for weapons, gems for armor sockets, something like six different skill trees... It's just way too much. Towards the end of the game you start to get so much XP you can unlock five different skills at a time so the whole upgrading becomes redundant.

    Sequel bait - Self explanatory.

    Overall, mid to high 9 (or even 10) for this game is justifiable, but if I can spot this stuff, then surely some of the professionals can too. Loved the game by the way.

  • @marketplace_dc said in God of War (PS4):

    Towards the end of the game you start to get so much XP you can unlock five different skills at a time so the whole upgrading becomes redundant.

    I've just got to a large lake, and along with what you've just said, I think I'm going to ditch exploration. The game just doesn't encourage it, and that's simply because you keep coming up against obstacles you clearly can't deal with at that point in the game. The most sensible way to play seems to be to just push the main quest until near the end, and then go back to mop it all up if you so desire. To make matters worse, in a cave I went through just before, the little boy kept stating that his "new" arrows could shatter something nearby, it wasn't until frustration set in 20 minutes later, that I went onto google only to find you don't actually get these so called new arrows until later in the game....

    Bit disappointed by some of the walking sections as well. The very first bit of gameplay you experience in this game is just walking with a tree in your hands. Just holding up and carrying a pig for about 1 minute was also rather eye rolling. If the God of War wasn't embarrassed by that, I'm sure he was when asked to go picking flowers right after.

  • After the story I now returned to the lake and managed to explore it pretty much completely. At least there was a trophy for it, and I managed to light all the fires etc. Really loved those islands and beach areas which were often like one big puzzle. Loved to solve things step by step and finally get the reward. Still, that's only 80 % for Midgard, as there are all those other areas besides the lake. Feels good to explore places and collect things like this now.

  • 100% complete

    Despite some quirks, story threads left open (some I'm glad they did, others not so much), & the toughest bosses in the game (all optional), there wasn't a time I didn't enjoy it.

    I'm going to be thinking about this one for awhile.

  • Ooooooooh boy.
    This was a great game. Considering how many games I actually finish, finishing this in a week was a testament to how much I loved it.
    There are certainly some flaws, but they are minor enough that they didn't detract for me. I loved that journey, and the world building and the teases for the future. Can't wait to see the future here.
    Finally a God of War game that I like!
    Pretty sure this will be a favourite game of mine. It's still new, but I'm pretty sure this will be in my top 10 five years from now. Also positive I will play it again, especially after future games come out.

    So I'd give it a 9.75/10

  • 100 % complete here as well. Shiny new platinum trophy as a reward. Man, that last optional boss fight! Took me hour and a half, it's now 2 AM here. Seriously difficult! My fingers hurt and I'm hot. But I did it. The two optional realms were also really different from the main game. Some long grinding hours there, I tell you. Pretty weird places, but ok, why not. They were these "challenge rooms" essentially.

  • Got the platinum as well, killed the last optional boss on easy #Noshame, the only negative thing i found was that in some areas atreus sometimes got lost and i needed him to advance but i couldn't find him so i had to trigger a climb animation so he can teleport to me, otherwise the game is amazing.

  • Does any one else know why Kratos picked such a rediculous place to get away from things? It's smack bang in the middle of more gods, and they at least seem aware of one another.

  • Is there anyone that Platinum this game without using an online guide, like looking for the ravens?

  • @sheria I platinumed the game with help from a guide but I did most of them myself.

  • @sheria I'm sure people have. It's not exactly a difficult collectible list. The map even gives you area information so you know where you're missing something.

    Fully completed the game last night, still have stuff to collect but that's about it. Absolutely adored the game and the more I think about it, the more I like it. I'll probably come back later to really dig into it.