God of War (PS4)

  • @sheria Hmmm... again not for me. I'd argue the artefacts are far more of a 'trophy fodder' material than the ravens. The ravens give us some insight into just how controlling and paranoid Odin is. I like the artefacts too, they look cool but that's about it.

    Can't say I noticed the waypoint or markers. I had the compass off and only checked the map to get a rough idea of where to go. Can only speak for myself, but I loved the map.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in God of War (PS4):

    Can't say I noticed the waypoint or markers. I had the compass off and only checked the map to get a rough idea of where to go. Can only speak for myself, but I loved the map.

    Fair enough. In hindsight, I probably should have done that myself.

    I can't go with those Ravens though. A slight spin on it to fit the theme of the game can't hide that it's the same generic filler pulled from just about every open world game ever. I'm simply surprised it sullied itself with it. Artifacts too mind you, though those did at least net you money.

  • Back again and way too late again.

    I really loved this game. I keep thinking about the fun I had, the story and I've never been so excited for what's to come.

    I'll start off with the combat. I gotta say that the first few hours, I was really stuggling. I was playing on the challenge difficulty and found that I was getting hammered but as I finally got into the groove of it and started unlocking other abilities, I just feels so good. I just found myself having so much fun, strategising who to take on, who to stun, when to use the runic moves. Without doubt, my favourite fights in the game were against the Valkyries which is totally optional. I'd recommend everyone to check them out if they're looking for a fun challenge. They feel like the hunters from Bloodborne to me. That kind of intensity.

    And I mention that because like my main criticism with the game is the main boss fights. They were all generally spectacular but I found them to be only okay fights. Sometimes they felt a bit too gamey, other times prompts kinda got in the way but the experience was very fun and I did enjoy at least 2 of them a lot but it's something I hope they can improve on that for the next one.

    The other thing I love in this game is all the side content. The reason it's so good in this game is because you can just stumble upon it sometimes and they all have their own area. Lots of games will have you do a mission in an area and then that opens up side missions there that might just be different enemies etc but in GoW, each one is very much it's own thing that you don't have to do at all and I adore that.

    They're kinda the main points. I don't really want to dig into the the characters, story or lore just because I want everyone to experience that themselves. For me, I loved finding everything out. It's a wonderful complete story and at the same time, it has some nice teases for the series. :)

  • My little brother is taking the train up to me tomorrow night and we are going to attempt to beat God of War critical path main story from Friday night around 8pm to Sunday morning around 11am when he has to go home. Think we can do it? I haven't done a marathon gaming session in FOREVER and it was probably Uncharted 3, 10 hours in 2011 the last time I can recall.

    How Long to Beat has it at 18h main story. What's your experience like because my roommate is at about 30h and still not done.

  • @dipset
    it doable, think my play thru clocked in around 17 hours, although that was with me doing a handful of side quest .

  • @dipset Ah.... reminds me of when I played Kingdom Hearts over 3 days...

    But yeah, I think it's doable depending on what difficulty you do, and how good you are with combat.

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    @inustar My best friend and I have had many marathon game sessions over the years. Shadow of the Colossus started at 9pm, beaten at 5 am. Super Mario RPG all secrets run started at 8pm, completed at 8 am. RE5 in a single sitting, Killzone 3 coop in a single sitting... man, those were some good times.

  • @el-shmiablo
    still remember me, my brother and cousin playing PSO all of spring break week, years ago.

  • Thanks for the support guys haha.

    I really miss the memories of marathon sessions. Back in the day playing SOCOM II multiplayer all night with one of my best friends who recently passed away. I'm considering trying out X-Link on my PS2 just to reminisce of those good times playing all night in the summer in middle school. Another classic marathon session was playing Oblivion in my friends basement almost every night in the summer of 2006 or 2007. We'd play a lot every day that summer but there was one weekend where I think we pulled off like 30 hours in 2 sessions. It was ridiculous.

  • @dipset Good luck with your marathon. Enjoy! :)

  • Late to the party I beat the game recently on challenge mode and enjoyed the ride. If I would score it I'd give it something between 8.0 to 9.0. Too early for me to give it a hard number so fresh out of it though. Here are my critics probably some spoilers too:

    I haven't played previous God of War games so I didn't get to share the feeling of a perfect God of War game many people seem to have. I was just playing good action game. To give the game a perfect score I feel like it would had to innovate little bit more on the genre. Other than the continuous camera -- which was nice, but ended being much smaller improvement than I initially though -- the game was very similar to other games of this type like Horizon Zero Dawn or AC: Origins. I like all three games but the mold is showing pretty clearly everywhere and even though there are improvements there are also some tiny missteps like the overly complex character system for a single player game with all the crafting and upgrading of different gear with different jewels and the numerous skill trees.

    The story had good and bad, some plot holes, some good characters some bland. Norse mythology was incorporated pretty well, the grave dad theme was played well enough. Best thing about the game was the combat though. Makes you feel like a bad ass.

  • Survived the marathon. I liked the game and it had some really high moments but I feel pretty disappointed. It pays off story wise but the gameplay decisions to keep it more in-line with current games like Horizon wasn't necessarily a good decision to me.

    It was good but not great imo. Idk if I have the side stuff in me but I am happy I go th through the main game and I'm happy GoW is back. Tough to place it on the list of my favourite GoW games but I think it may be one above Ascension at the bottom tbh.

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    @dipset Can you explain the Horizon comparison to me?

  • @el-shmiablo

    Slowly ranking up, finding resources, and improving your skills until you are significantly more skilled by the end of the game. The new God of War is a lot more fun once you have your weapons upgraded with all of the moves so it felt like a shame that the game took until the halfway point for the gameplay to really pick up and feel that level of power you'd feel almost out the gate in other GoW games.

  • Quick question - the deeper I get into this game, the more I feel like I'm going to shoot for the platinum. Is there any point where you can no longer explore and the game forces you into a conclusion? Any areas I have to clear the first time or they're lost forever? Or does ending the game still allow you to roam around and collect things you missed? Also, because I'm feeling generous with questions, what changes does new game plus offer?

  • @sabotagethetruth Absolutley not EXCEPT for a brief sequence in Helheim and the climax of the game (post final mandatory boss fight). It's actually encouraged for you to complete the game before doing a good deal of side stuff. Because I'm really weird, I do EVERY side thing before a story mission, so all I had left to do was unlock a door, kill one raven and close a realm tear (all in the same spot).

    As for New Game Plus, I can't say for sure but I THINK you can keep your armor and runic attacks. I'm probably wrong, but I feel for story reasons they may take some of your other equipment from you.

    Once you finish, I HIGHLY suggest you check out the Spoiler Mode with Cory Barlog (I THINK that's the public one). He goes into detail about that very thing, plus offers a world spoiler that blew my mind.... Or maybe it was another one he did. I watched like, four spoiler casts with him and its all a blur.

  • @brannox Yep, I can't wait to be able to watch that Spoiler Cast!

  • @sabotagethetruth It's really good. Like the game. X-D

  • Finished this bad boy yesterday and I'm not saying anything new by praising the game on multiple levels. Easily GOTY for me (with only Spider-Man and RDR2 having any shot of taking the title away) and extremely surprising since I've been making fun of Kratos for being a really angry dude for about a decade. Super happy with the story and what it sets up, especially who someone turned out to be. Much love to Mimir, Brok, and Sindri, I can't decide which among them is my favorite character because all three had so many great moments. If I had to throw complaints at the game, enemy/boss variety was lacking and it did stretch on a little longer than what I felt was necessary but I still agree with Huber - this game is a 10, through and through.

  • New Game+ arrives on August 20th as a free update.

    "As for what else will be included in this update, Santa Monica Studios stated that there will be new gear, resources, more difficult enemies with “trick up their sleeves”, and the ability to now skip through cinematics"