Spider-Man (PS4)

  • Just finished the story, a lot shorter then I was expecting, but hot damn was it one hell of a thrill ride during the 3rd act. Also the final encounter with [Redacted] was amazing even with its like 2-3 animation loops.

    Also I see some interesting directions a sequel can go in, especially with [Redacted] seemingly have created [Redacted]

  • So this is a thing that apparently happened.

    Youtube Video

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    @mbun Could you give us some context on this? Any spoilers

  • @tokeeffe9 Guy asks devs to put a proposal Easter Egg into Spiderman for his gf of many years. Generates lots of buzz and they actually do it.

    Guy's girlfriend dumped him 2-3 weeks before game launch for his brother and didn't want to be proposed to that way.

  • Act II completed. Things are getting wild! Man, I love the length of this game. Things feel earned when gone through the longer path. I mean it isn't just that because of X we then move to Y, but things get a lot more room and time to develop and breathe. The story is really good.

    Have you checked the trophies you've earned? This is the first time I've ever seen that the pictures showcasing the specific moment actually aren't that exact moment you earned the particular trophy. This is the case with the story-based trophies and also with the villains you've beaten. It seems Insomniac has taken the liberty to choose a more dramatic and/or cinematic moment for the trophy picture in those cases. I love this idea, they make for really cool mementos of this journey this way. Way nicer than perhaps just a black screen, as often is the case.

  • @sentinel-beach said:

    Have you checked the trophies you've earned?

    Heard there were spoilers in there.

  • Just got this game and my favorite part so far is just webslinging around the city and stopping random muggings. Feels so good being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

  • @mbun Yeah, there's a huge number that are secret, and that's the way it should be in this game, but I meant the ones you've already earned. There are cool pictures for the story ones.

  • Finished the story. My favourite Spidey game ever, also my GOTY so far. It was practically everything I had hoped it would be and then some. Loved the freedom of movement and even the city itself. How the characters felt really human and grounded. And how the story managed to remain so well-presented and simply interesting from start to finish. Really good stuff. I thought Spidey's quips were genually funny for the most part, I laughed a lot during the combat scenes. And on the other hand the drama was also really strong, whether it was a particular happening or focused around two (or more) people.

    About the ending:

    The final match was really good. Emotions! I loved how the slow burn presentation of Peter and Otto's relationship finally paid off in Act III, and especially in this encounter. "You look tired, Parker." "I'm not tired. I' m hurt!" So simple and elegant, such a huge impact behind those words. That moment was amazing.

    Aunt May's passing got me teary-eyed as well. "You knew...?" from Peter was delivered in such a way that there was no turning back after that. And May's words about how proud she was, Ben would've been too. Oh man. Yuri Lowenthal is a legend, he sold me Peter's words and reactions unbelievably emotionally.

    Peter and MJ's relationship was such a beautiful thing to witness throughout the game. There were stormy waters, but in the end it went how it's supposed to. Loved that. And even just many of their conversations were so believable, like everyday life and stuff. The mission in the train station was super fun and cool, exciting too. Great way to combine that duo.

    And from MJ to Osborn, that penthouse! One of the most stylish places I've seen in games. My God, I took it slowly in there, going through everything. And the lab with the spiders and the Goblin stuff, love that foreshadowing. And it's Harry who brings the symbiote to all this?! I was speechless at that point in the end. As soon as I knew that there wasn't that black symbiote suit in the game I knew it would be sequel material, and this totally confirms it. (Eddie Brock, by the way, was only shown in the card from Daily Bugle Peter had in one of those packbags, there was his signature.)

    I did quite a lot of side missions and stuff like that in between all the story, so currently I have 90 % completion, it seems. I'm going for the hundred today or tomorrow still.

  • Taking it slow has been my motto so far. Not that I'm not incredibly into the story, I definitely am. There are so many little things they do when telling a story that feel so good, I'm still just poring over them in my head, but I think I'll wait until I'm further along to gush about that. But multiple sessions now I've found myself booting up the game and just swinging for 30 minutes before even thinking about doing something progression-wise. I enjoy the combat so much that I find myself purposefully ignoring my health and dying just so I can go again and try for flawless. Sometimes I'll swing around and purposefully land somewhere random just to hear the epic music fade into ambient city sounds. The way the cityfolk go back to their lives after a chaotic landing, and how the music fades perfectly with it amuses me every time. Just the right number of people are excited to see me, but it's the ones that are so used to seeing Spidey swinging around and just shrug it off that tickle me the most.

  • Platinum trophy, nice! Got all the suits, too, even the one not demanded for any trophy. Season Pass, I'm ready for you.

  • Finally watched Kyle's outfit review video, a really cool special thing, liked it a lot. :) But he missed one! The last secret suit not listed in the menu. Any thoughts about that one @Bosman? I'm sure you've got it by now.

    Edit. Okay, so I watched the Spoiler Mode as well, and Brandon and Kyle mentioned that without mentioning it. Kinda. So I asked in Twitter, and according to Brandon that secret outfit only became available at launch. They beat the game too early to receive it, essentially.

  • I have a question about post story

    Does the crime stops after you finish the main story?

  • @a7x458 No, they still continue appearing around the town pretty much the same way.

  • @sentinel-beach I haven't finished the game yet, almost though.... but I ended
    up watching that video and enjoyed it. Granted I thought he was crazy.

    That negative suit is amazing. I end up wearing all the time at night.

  • Been dodging this thread for a while, but i just finished downloading the game and played it for an hour. I can't help but smile all the way through, it has made a fantastic first impression! The way Spidey swings and punches and dodges, it's perfect. Peeking at future upgrade options, it looks that's it's gonna be more fun later on.

  • I don't own this game and I don't own a PS4, but my friend sent me a couple short clips of it via snapchat. This is the first game that has ever made me feel achingly homesick. I essentially grew up on the Columbia campus, so seeing it recreated in such detail really pulled on my heartstrings. I feel like this is a sign that video games are starting to ascend into some other echelon. It's weird.

  • New Game plus mode is coming

  • Just rolled credits, this a 10/10.