Spider-Man (PS4)

  • @fridge-man Please make sure to spoiler that stuff. We're still really early in the release of the game. I just edited in the spoilers there.

  • @tokeeffe9 Sorry! I thought I did put the spoiler tag in there. The preview window didn't show it properly.

  • @fridge-man Well...

    Otto doesn't die. He goes to jail. And yes, putting away Fisk does start everything, but if it makes you feel better know that Li was always planning this and just used Fisk's arrest as a perfect opportunity. Martin Li would have done everything the same sooner or later. Actually Norman Osbourne is the main cause for what happened here. Also Spiderman stories are not usually great for Peter.

  • @Fridge-man Bosman put it well - the best Spider-Man storylines are when everything is going to hell for Peter in all aspects of his life and he's trying to balance what to fix first. I think saying him helping arrest a criminal led to a bunch of chaos therefore he is at fault is being reductive and simplifying things a little bit too much.

    Got the platinum last night. I gotta say... when you've got 50+ crimes left to do around the city and that's all you have left... the game does start to feel like a slog. Yes, swinging around feels good, yes, punching people feels great, but when you've done the exact same thing in another part of town 15 minutes ago and 30 minutes ago, it certainly doesn't feel thrilling. I really didn't go out of my way to ignore the crimes during the story but I guess I should have sought them out more because those last few hours with Spidey weren't great.

  • Just finished this game, got that plat. Not something I usually go out of my way to do but sometimes a game just compels me. Felt good. I loved doing the crimes but that's probably because I did them every single time I came across one and by the time I was trying to hundo I only had a few stragglers. The real pain in the ass was getting enough challenge tokens for the last few upgrades, I enjoyed them enough when I was just getting silvers but brute forcing the golds (especially on the drone ones) made me tear my hair out.

  • Okay, let’s talk about some of the story here, because some things were deliberately kept vague, I think…

    The question I have is when Otto become evil and when Li decided to terrorize the city. What villain was the first. Is that 100% clear. I mean Peter was thinking since when Otto use the, what was it called, neural link. When the lady wanted to kick out Otto, that was before Norman even closed the place, he already has anger management issues. Also, Li didn’t immediately decided to go bad after Fisks defeat. Since Li and Otto already knew each other, is it possible that Otto encouraged Li to do some bad. Same with Shocker. Who really hired him? At the time I thought it was Li but Li didn`t necessarily needed the money himself. Other thing is, when Otto discovered Peter with the Spider-man suit he might have just pretended to not know that he is Spider-man, cause admitting it might have made things more complicated. On the other hand, he gave him the new suit. The reason why Peter was furious about Otto at the end wasn’t that he became evil but because that he was lied to and taken advantage of the whole time. That is the great thing about the story – You expect that Otto goes mad at some point in the game but when it happened, you realize that he was up to no good way before and even then, it still makes you feel for the character…
    Anyway, I think I might have to play the game again…

  • @ikataishou story spoilers

    I like to believe that Otto started his "relationship" with Li and shocker right after norman visited him is the lab( i can't remember exactly when that was), and Li was acting alone but after he got caught he started working with Otto, Otto voice acting was on another level, when he first see Peter with the suit you believed his performance, but at the end when he switches his tone. Its so good.

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  • Finally finished the main story... man, i didn't expect to be gutpunched so hard. I didn't expect that they would pull off the story like this, they handled the humor and emotions and high-stakes nature of the whole thing so well. Definitely the best Spidey story in any game (not gonna say "in any medium" just because i'm not well-versed in the comics). Well done, Insomniac. Platinum trophy, here i come!

    Edit: Forgot to say that the voice actors nailed it too, for Spidey especially.

  • The Heist arrives in a week, the first of the three DLCs. Three new suits are now revealed, I like the red one the best.

  • Also Playstation Europe apparently announced that the NG+ update is tomorrow, although they've since deleted any mention of it

  • The trophy lists were just updated. It seems The Heist has seven new trophies. Also the New Game+ has its own two: complete the NG+ playthrough and complete a playthrough on Ultimate difficulty. Hopefully those two can be compined, I should think so. That could be the "final" run of the game after these three DLCs, to play it all from the beginning under those stipulations. Propably next year's business, that one, for me at least.

  • Finished it a week ago and let my thoughts develop a bit.

    Great Spider-man game, perhaps the defacto best. Loved the story and as a spider-man fan its everything i could have hoped for.

    With that being said i wished they would make some of the side content a little less repetitive. the normal side missions are fine i just hate all the repeated stuff. Some is fine but there was way to much repetition. Id rather have a few more side missions.

  • I've been playing The Heist for an hour now, feels good to return to the city again with new missions and side quests. Black Cat's not the only one introduced in this DLC, as there's another big story aspect raising its head that fits well together in this and to NYC and Spidey's world as a whole. I think I prefer Felicia from the comics a bit more, but she seems to be good here as well. Making comments about her and Peter's past now and again, their pretty unique relationship feels familiar in this kind of love/hate way. Is she good or bad. MJ on the line asking questions about all this and Peter going uuummmm makes me smile. :)

  • @sentinel-beach
    Just curious what the other character being setup is, gonna be a bit before I play anything else (Work is picking up, and most likely free time will go towards sleep, RDR2 or chores)
    Also curious as to who is playing Black Cat, kinda hoping Jennifer Hale.

  • I'm pretty sure the voice I heard in the trailers was Erica Lindbeck.

  • @dmcmaster Not Hale, but indeed Erica Lindbeck, like mentioned here. (Didn't know her, but checked her wiki.)

    As for your other question:

    Hammerhead is the other big name in this DLC, along with many of the NYC mob families.

  • The DLC structure surprised me: I thought these would be three different, separate cases, but no, they're actually three parts of one longer story arc. I don't mind either way, this'll be good fun to return to Spidey's New York once a month for the rest of the year. The Heist took me about four hours to complete, doing everything it offered.

  • @sentinel-beach
    Damn sounds pretty meaty for $10

  • I bought the digital deluxe edition just because it's a very good deal IMO, so i'll definitely play the DLCs. I won't be surprised if it's basically like a whole other campaign, all the DLCs combined. I might do it next year though, doing the random crimes for the platinum kinda burned me out.