Spider-Man (PS4)

  • Gadget wheel style selection. Photo mode confirmed. No micro transactions, but there will be DLC of some sort. I'd assume story.

    30 FPS even on PS4 Pro. A Crafting system, including creating alternate costumes.

    Spider Noir, for example


  • Playable MJ confirmed. I think this was hinted at during one of the earlier trailers

  • Can't get anymore hyped for this game, now that there's photo mode in it lol. The only concern i have now is just regarding the QTEs, but that's barely even a problem for me. If it all goes right, this is probably will be the most fun i have in exploring an open world game, at least for this year.

  • So many new gifs! Web-swinging sounds and looks really promising, yes!

    alt text

  • @sentinel-beach Man, the combat looks so good too!

  • I'm so disappointed in the way the release date was dropped

  • Sorry to be that guy...
    Hype through the roof and all that but 30fps even on Pro is disappointing when the movement is this fast. Look at the stuttering in the fast web traversal segments in the videos (which I assume are 30fps?).
    To be fair though, Sunset Overdrive was 30fps too and had the same stuttering and was still considered okay. But Spidey moves so much faster. They seem to have added some motion blur this time to fix it but I’m not sure it helps going by the clips, just seem to make it look blurry.

  • @jaggafredde

    Who knows, maybe we'll get a PS4 Pro patch a month in? It is disappointing for sure. I just got a PS4 Pro and I love it so far so anything to help flex its muscles is a bonus.

  • @dipset The game will have improvements for the PS4 Pro, framerate just won't be one of them.

    Best case scenerio is they allow a performance mode that unlocks the framerate but I'd be shocked if they could get an open world game that looks this good to run at 60fps. I'd be looking at Horizon as an example of what to expect from a performance mode as opposed to something like SotC.

  • Game informer did a "rapid fire questions" Spiderman interview with Creative Director Bryan Intihar:

    Youtube Video

    If you haven't seen these videos before, they're always pretty funny and entertaining!

    (This video is the source of the "Hell no to microtransactions" and all the other details that someone posted above, but I don't think anyone gave a link to the full video yet)

  • I don't know if this is the correct mindset or not (spoiler: it's not)
    But I am mostly excited for those costume changes.

  • @dipset Yup, hoping for that. We’ll see what happens.

    I might be harsh here but to me it’s really annoying to see so many console exclusives stumble on the finish line. Always looks amazing but always stutters. And we know Insomniac can do 60fps with nice graphics going by their R&C games, they just need to know it’s still requested I think.

    It’s weird when you start thinking about it, so much power but the industry in general seem to think console gamers simply don’t want 60fps anymore, it’s all about resolution and photo mode visuals. And I mean almost all PS4 exclusives except GTS is 30fps, what’s up with that?? And with no PC version to fix things we’re simply forced to just accept it. Even God of War is 30fps this time I believe. Definitely disappointing.

  • L3 - Holding down L3 makes Spider-Man go into a dive, which is perfect for gaining speed to enter a swing.

    Sounds awkward considering it's a movement control.

  • @jaggafredde https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/insomniac-60fps-no-more
    tfw you remember an article and it's 9 years old..

    And maybe the 30fps is for base @ 1080p and Pro @ 4K? The pro can definitely handle it at higher fps with a 1080p resolution, the boost function might be able to push it at least.

  • The pro is 30fps.

  • @fridge-man Unfortunately the Pro isn't designed for high framerates, there's not enough CPU power to allow that.

  • @fridge-man Also the boost function is only for games that do not have a pro version/patch.

    Also the game would have to have an unlocked framerate. If a game is locked to 30fps, it wouldn't help there either.

  • @tokeeffe9 That totally slipped my mind mbmb

  • Traversal video
    Youtube Video

    The only part that bugs me is the swinging through the trees. I get it tho.

  • @bam541 Don’t blame the hardware, the Pro (and base PS4) can handle 60fps just fine, it’s all about how you’re using the resources you have, Insomniac simply prioritized pretty graphics over smooth motion, again. Looking at the traversal video above makes me question why because with that speed, stutter and motion blur you can’t see those pretty details anyway. It’s a strange design decision in my opinion. But I’m sure we’ll see plenty of pretty photo mode still shots and small 30fps gifs, so that’s something I guess.