Spider-Man (PS4)

  • @jaggafredde From what insomniac is saying, it will be 30fps no matter what. Read the article a few posts up.

  • @jaggafredde Well, it's just way easier to get most people excited with beautiful visuals rather than high framerates. Usually i prefer better visuals and 30 fps over the other end (i know i'm the minority here), but i need to actually play it first to see whether the 30 fps actually bothers me or not.

  • Spiderman on PSX wasn't even 30fps and that game is a :ezaTen:

  • @ib0show Bummer. :(
    It’s strange, Naughty Dog pushed hard for 60fps at the start of the generation, almost mocked those who prefered 30fps when they talked about TLOU remaster, then a few years later they too went 30fps on everything and I assume TLOU2 is 30fps too.

    But ND has mostly made slow paced games, it was okay in both UC4 and LL even for me who’re usually bothered by the 30fps stutter.

    I think Insomniac are pushing things a bit too far since they’re going for speedier gameplay, Sunset Overdrive certainly didn’t look too hot in motion from my point of view and Spidey is looking even faster. So I’m not sure about this. I don’t like when games looks worse in motion than still shots ( which is usually the case when they’re faster since the details will either get lost in stutter or motion blur or both ).

  • @jaggafredde 30 fps in single player 60fps in multiplayer. They know FPS matters but graphics matter more when people think Uncharted. If you read the article it said %16 cared about 60FPS. People just care how the game looks. I have no idea what the problem is. It still looks like it runs fine.

  • @ib0show I don’t doubt the percentage, at least not when asking console gamers, but that doesn’t mean I’m personally fine with that switch. To give some background to my thinking on this, the only reason PC gaming is still 1080p only for me is because 4K/144hz/gsync just isn’t happening for a triple screen setup at this point. So, 30fps is very far from ”fine” from my point of view :P It’s okay for slower games though.

    Edit: I’m a console gamer who eventually caved in and bought a PC and got spoiled by higher refreshrates and struggles to adapt to what’s still the norm on console no matter how powerful the consoles get. I thought Pro and X would fix things but the devs are just switching pretty graphics to high resolution and ”waste” all the extra power there instead now.

    This is just my grumpy self talking here, I don’t expect people to share my view on things. I do hope next gen can go further with framerates once 4K is no issues. But with my luck they’ll just start aiming for 8K then... sigh

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    For a game like Spidey, which so far seems to be highly automated, I think I can be a little more forgiving of framerate. I doubt the 30 frame cap is going to be a huge detriment in avoiding highly telegraphed attacks with flashing button prompts.

    If people can singe the praises of a game like Doom on Switch that looks like sludge AND can barely maintain a solid 30, I think Spidey will be just fine.

  • @el-shmiablo Doesn’t Doom on Switch mainly get praised for being relatively close to the other versions and for being portable? This will make me sound like a performance snob but I certainly wouldn’t choose that version myself for anything but the portability if that’s really important to me, as with all multiplats on Switch.

    But we have no other option here and that’s my main issue about console exclusives in general, usually no settings to tweak things and no PC version for those who prefer better framerates. We’ll just have to accept it or ignore it (which isn’t really an option here which is why I’m grumpy :P)

    But oh well. It is what it is. I’m just grumpy about it, not much to talk about I guess.

    As for Spidey being automated, it looked like that at first but now I think it looks pretty much like any other open-world game and the fighting is something I’m positively surprised about :) Now it looks almost like some Just Cause play-ground with how the web slinging is used on the scenery and objects to battle the enemies. This is actually what’s getting me the most hyped right now. Looks great!

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    @jaggafredde Doom on Switch is a distant, distant fourth in terms of graphical fidelity. While the PS4 and Xbone versions sit around the medium/high mark compared to PC, it actually isnt possible to replicate Switch's graphical settings since it uses a custom that is actually lower than the lowest possible settings on PC. This, combined with a thirty frames per second cap (that drops and stutters quite regularly) and a resolution hovering somewhere around 600p, honestly makes me wonder why people praise the Switch version much. I mean, it is incredibly impressive the got it to run at all, but it is far and away the worst version of the game.

  • @el-shmiablo Yeah I haven't played it myself but I assumed that was the case. It's unfortunate for the platform, once Nintendo finally gets lots of third party support then their platform gets versions that are lacking enough to make people choose other versions instead (except for those that prefer the portability of course).

    I hope they follow up the Switch success with a beefier platform somehow. But since the success is mostly based on the portability I fear that they've kind of trapped themselves into a corner. And with their comment to leave it to the others to fight in the red sea, or something like that, it's easy to assume that they aren't even interested in power enough to be relevant for those that prefer the normal stationary gaming.

    • Sorry for the off-topic talk!

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    @jaggafredde Oh I'm sure we'll get an upgraded Switch. It's literally just an NVidia Shield with a Nintendo logo, and that has already received a couple upgrades.

    Also yes sorry about offtopic. Will continue Spideyness now.

    As always, I am skeptical about what I see in these trailers. It looks amazing and I don't doubt that I'll have a ton of fun playing the game, but I really think that most of the really neato stuff we see is pre-canned, albeit highly contextual animations. Think the Arkham games to get an idea of what I mean.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Spider-Man (PS4):

    but I really think that most of the really neato stuff we see is pre-canned, albeit highly contextual animations

    I'm not sure I get what you're trying to say. They've described exactly what "it is".
    Are you agreeing that you think it's probably what they said or doubting their description of how the game controls?

    Or are you not talking about controls at all? I'm not sure. :)

  • Another preview from the telegraph

    The Telegraph - Spider-man PS4 hands-on preview | Sensational swinging has Insomniac aiming for amazing

    Movement was the very first thing the game’s developers worked on, quickly assembling an unfriendly neighbourhood of grey blocks for their prototype web crawler to work his way around. And it’s something they’ve been refining ever since - and will continue to do so, says Spider-man Creative Director Bryan Intihar, ‘until the day the producers say stop, we’re shipping’.

  • The Raft! And all those enemies, I love this. This looks so much like the Spider-Man I want this to look. The energy is just right, as is the banter. :)

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  • I didn't want to see anything but that trailer got me the most hyped for the game. Looked incredible.

  • Just release a demo called swinging

  • Have you seen this? The show floor demo. Man, things just keep looking better and better in this game. More villains keep on coming. A really cool encounter, loved that banter and both of their attitude. :)

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  • Steve Ditko, the co-creator of Spider-Man, died recently, I found out today. He was 90 years old. Makes me sad. Spider-Man's been my favourite superhero since I was five, I've been reading his comics the last 25 years. Thank you, Mr. Ditko. You gave me so much with this character.

  • A new story trailer. Nice to see that one certain female character, not the most obvious choice.

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