Spider-Man (PS4)

  • The pro is 30fps.

  • @fridge-man Unfortunately the Pro isn't designed for high framerates, there's not enough CPU power to allow that.

  • @fridge-man Also the boost function is only for games that do not have a pro version/patch.

    Also the game would have to have an unlocked framerate. If a game is locked to 30fps, it wouldn't help there either.

  • @tokeeffe9 That totally slipped my mind mbmb

  • Traversal video
    Youtube Video

    The only part that bugs me is the swinging through the trees. I get it tho.

  • @bam541 Don’t blame the hardware, the Pro (and base PS4) can handle 60fps just fine, it’s all about how you’re using the resources you have, Insomniac simply prioritized pretty graphics over smooth motion, again. Looking at the traversal video above makes me question why because with that speed, stutter and motion blur you can’t see those pretty details anyway. It’s a strange design decision in my opinion. But I’m sure we’ll see plenty of pretty photo mode still shots and small 30fps gifs, so that’s something I guess.

  • Hands on impressions:
    Youtube Video

    Each suit has a "perk" and once you get it, you can apply that perk to any of the other suits you own. That's actually kind of huge. You like the special power that Suit X gives you but you like the look of Suit Y better? No problem. Mix and match.

    You start the game with the classic "Black Spider" suit, and the "White Spider" suit is crafted later and has some sort of story context.

    Also... squirrels confirmed

  • @tokyoslim This was a lot of fun to watch, I've had fun watching GI podcast since Ben Hanson was a guest.
    I love that not only can we get different suits, but that we can switch powers around.

    I'm a wee bit concerned about these confusing controls, but that seems like something that will sound complicated when you try to explain it but then you get it when you play it.

    I love the idea that where Peter Parker works is a big secret they won't reveal.

    So far this is the first game this year that I'm tempted to pre-order based on just crazy excitement.

  • lol I preordered it on Amazon in November

    Until I was like 8 Spidey was my jam. Then I turned into an edgelord and DareDevil got me hooked.

  • This game is going to be OotG after Bryan Intihar said his favourite Spiderman game is the one Neversoft made which is also my favourite. I think I will try and be media blackout..... after E3.

  • I'm strangely not hyped at all for this game. It sure looks like it's going to be awesome, but I just have no interest in Spider-Man as a franchise, so I can't get excited. But hey I may very well still buy it and love it!

  • @ib0show I wonder if there's gonna be a "what if" mode in this game? lol

    Also, with the sad Stan Lee situation, I doubt he's available for much voice over work. :(

  • The "What If" mode in Neversoft's Spidey game rings a bell, now that it was mentioned. I remember Namor in the background (in the Carnage fight?) and maybe a rubber duck in the sewers. Not much else.

    But man, that game was awesome. I loved the Symbiote suit in it as it had unlimited webbing and of course it just looked so cool.

  • @axel I think it comes a bit too late and they showed it off too early, and they should’ve tried getting it done til Homecoming released, the hype is still there but it could be better. The game looks great though! Personally I’m mostly annoyed at the exclusivity when they aren’t pushing things further with the framerate, it would be awesome to get it on PC and boost the framerate. But maybe they’re doing a next gen port too? PS5 isn’t far off from what I’ve heard.

  • @jaggafredde From what insomniac is saying, it will be 30fps no matter what. Read the article a few posts up.

  • @jaggafredde Well, it's just way easier to get most people excited with beautiful visuals rather than high framerates. Usually i prefer better visuals and 30 fps over the other end (i know i'm the minority here), but i need to actually play it first to see whether the 30 fps actually bothers me or not.

  • Spiderman on PSX wasn't even 30fps and that game is a :ezaTen:

  • @ib0show Bummer. :(
    It’s strange, Naughty Dog pushed hard for 60fps at the start of the generation, almost mocked those who prefered 30fps when they talked about TLOU remaster, then a few years later they too went 30fps on everything and I assume TLOU2 is 30fps too.

    But ND has mostly made slow paced games, it was okay in both UC4 and LL even for me who’re usually bothered by the 30fps stutter.

    I think Insomniac are pushing things a bit too far since they’re going for speedier gameplay, Sunset Overdrive certainly didn’t look too hot in motion from my point of view and Spidey is looking even faster. So I’m not sure about this. I don’t like when games looks worse in motion than still shots ( which is usually the case when they’re faster since the details will either get lost in stutter or motion blur or both ).

  • @jaggafredde 30 fps in single player 60fps in multiplayer. They know FPS matters but graphics matter more when people think Uncharted. If you read the article it said %16 cared about 60FPS. People just care how the game looks. I have no idea what the problem is. It still looks like it runs fine.

  • @ib0show I don’t doubt the percentage, at least not when asking console gamers, but that doesn’t mean I’m personally fine with that switch. To give some background to my thinking on this, the only reason PC gaming is still 1080p only for me is because 4K/144hz/gsync just isn’t happening for a triple screen setup at this point. So, 30fps is very far from ”fine” from my point of view :P It’s okay for slower games though.

    Edit: I’m a console gamer who eventually caved in and bought a PC and got spoiled by higher refreshrates and struggles to adapt to what’s still the norm on console no matter how powerful the consoles get. I thought Pro and X would fix things but the devs are just switching pretty graphics to high resolution and ”waste” all the extra power there instead now.

    This is just my grumpy self talking here, I don’t expect people to share my view on things. I do hope next gen can go further with framerates once 4K is no issues. But with my luck they’ll just start aiming for 8K then... sigh