Spider-Man (PS4)

  • any word on the performance of the game on vanilla ps4?

  • @bigdude1 haven't seen it myself but Digital Foundry always does a comparisson between the Pro and regular and overall performance, it's kinda lengthy though.

    edit: see this already posted here

  • As mentioned in the group stream, there's a special video in the schedule. "Kyle Reviews Every Spider-Man Costume" Man, I'm excited to see that! :D But. But but. It'll have to wait. No way I'm going to let Kyle spoil them for me, I'll take my sweet time with the game and discover them myself. But great to know that there's special EZA content like this then waiting later on. Together with a 1,5 hour Spoiler Mode!

  • @sentinel-beach I don't know if I want a joke version or a legit examination of each costume.
    But I am going to avoid it when it drops, same as you, don't want cool costumes spoiled.

  • Re watching the Sam Rami Spider-Man for no reason at all, yep no reason whatsoever.

  • Oh mama, it arrived today! (It's Thursday 11:37 AM here). I better calm my breathing now.

    alt text

  • Man, this feels all feels good. I've got something like 6-7 hours in now. The swinging is beautiful and so natural-feeling. I find my head also going slowly up and down as Spidey swings in his waves of sorts, gaining momentum from almost street-level and then going all the way to the end of the swing where I release the trigger for a neat jump and freefall, and then we go again.

    I now realize what Jones was saying about the story and its progression. I kinda want to just move from one mission/storybeat to the next one, it feels really natural. There are lot of characters from Spidey's world, and I haven't even seen more than one fourth of them, maybe, I assume. The story is beginning nicely, lots of things are showcased and put on Peter's radar.

    And dear Lord, there are lots of things to open and unlock, I love this! And a huge number of them remain mysteries behind LOCKED texts in menus and are only opened up as the story moves forward and/or you gain levels. A well executed idea that not everything is dumped on you all at once, but piece by piece.

  • @sentinel-beach Just curious, after 6-7 hours, have you completed the first act and how long did it take?

  • @tokeeffe9 I... don't know. Is an act a day, essentially? Because if so, that's where I just stopped. I propably played 10+ hrs today, the game's that great. Like made for me, at least.

  • @sentinel-beach I honestly don't know. I just heard that you get a trophy for completing an act and a few of my friends and myself wanted to do a game club style thing.

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  • Sony continuing to be a front runner in accessibility, finally addressing their tendancy to have subtitles that are in the small side, but also adding QTE autocomplete and immediate option to skip puzzles?!

    Bravo Insomniac. Very impressed.


  • Yes, Jameson is even commenting on Spidey's other outfits! :D There's a lot of JJJ recording done for the game. Man, I like this so much.

  • I'm only about two hours in (got insanely distracted with the photo mode) but damn does it feel incredible to swing around. I'm still wrapping my head around combat but the variety of options you have available (and that are becoming unlockable) is staggering.

    I really fell in love with the lab environment, listening to Peter quip about various things. I'm hoping there's at least a few more indoor environments that you interact with in a similar way. I promised myself I'd just play Spider-Man today and wouldn't return until I finished Yakuza Kiwami (I'm near the end) but woof... it's gonna be difficult after the sheer amount of fun I just had.

  • Welp, I've played for maybe a solid 9 hours today at least 3 of which were just swinging around doing nothing, the rest spent doing landmarks, backpacks, black cat, and a handful of bases, along with the story beats along the way.
    I will say this, the Spidey-verse that Insomniac has built has me very intrigued kinda in the same vain as TellTale's Batman games, that being its familiar but also different enough to stand out from other interpretations of character, and when I do deiced to follow the story beats I'm almost salivating to see how this or that character has been treated in this universe.
    My only complaint is that when things slow down the controls seem to feel a bit wonky, kinda like Sonic from Unleashed onward if that makes any sense.
    And to quote I believe it was YongYea the eventual sequal to this has the potential to be truly Amazing.
    Also The Man cameo's at least once that ive seen

  • This is a minor none story spoiler for the first in game day

    I love tha stan lee cameo

  • @a7x458
    Yeah, loved it too, was expecting it, just not that early

  • Just finished all my uni work for the day and about to dive into a big ol' pool of Spider-Man goodness - wish me luck!!

  • I've unlocked 20 outfits now, there are some cool ones in there. Still about a quarter left of my wardrobe, fingers crossed that there'll still be this one specific left...