Next GOTY Nominations - Which year?

  • Hey everyone, I've been planning to have another GOTY election, and I'd like your opinion on which year we should do next.

    We've done 2016 and 2017 "live", and 2015 as a "retro" edition. So we could either keep going back in time and do 2014 next, or we could say screw linearity and pick any other year!

    Any preference?

  • I'd say either stick to going back, or maybe go for what I consider to be the best year in gaming, 1998.

  • As someone who's only gaming casually until 2010, i say go way back, specifically during PS2 & GameCube era. I want to see old stuff that i don't even know about getting some recognition, and i'm really curious about the PS2 era since i don't really know much about it, i heard all about NES, SNES and PS1 from a lot of Youtubers.

  • I think going straight to the best years in Gaming is a good idea. 1998 (MGS1, Ocarina of Time, Half-Life, Banjo Kazooie, Resident Evil 2), 2004 (Halo 2, Half-Life 2, Snake Eater, World of Warcraft, San Andreas, Far Cry, Fable), and 2007 (SM Galaxy, COD4, Bioshock, Halo 3, Portal, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Uncharted) are all considered some of the best years in Gaming that we've ever had. One of those would be more fun I think.

  • I think you should
    A) continue backwards year by year, and
    B) do these more often, like every four months. :) One in January for the year that just ended, and then two retro versions (in April/May & in August/September).

  • Continue backward

  • Banned

    Keep going BACK IN TII-IIIME.

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    I add my vote to the pile of "IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME!" (so plz go back)

  • Let's party like it's 1999.

  • I'm definitely in the 2014 camp. It'll be interesting as the games that got the most GOTY awards, aren't that loved and other games that should have been higher seem to have got more attention now.

  • I don't care either way, as long as we get another, I'm happy. These are my favorite forum threads, so whatever year you select, I'll do my best to find games to compile a list.

  • Ok so I'll take @Sentinel-Beach 's suggestion and do one now and one around September (I was already sort of contemplating that), and this way I can do one of each.

    2014 now, and a "classic" year in September.

    I thought 2014 would be easy, but after checking everything that came out I actually can't even get my list down to 8. Gonna be interesting!

  • It's time for Alien Isolation to get some proper recognition.

  • Thank you @Axel ! :) Sounds like a great decision. Everyone wins this way! Really looking forward to these, as they're always interesting to both participate and then see the results.

  • Nice, i don't remember too much from that year now but i'll be researching stuff for the nominations, always happy to discuss the results with you guys.

  • 2005 or 2007 would be awesome years. I don't think we need linearity.

  • I'm just waiting for 1999 or 2000. You will all feel the era of Dreams.

  • Votes in for back in time, year-by-year.

  • I vote for no more old GOTY's. It doesn't make sense as it's too hard to remember. It's just going to be a nostalgia play

  • Calling 2014 nostalgic seems like a bit of a stretch to me