The EZA Community GOTY 2014 Nominations

  • @futurecorpse said in The EZA Community GOTY 2014 Nominations:

    Does Metro 2033 for Redux count as it was remade with different controls, mechanics & engine?

    @hazz3r said in The EZA Community GOTY 2014 Nominations:

    How should we treat Bravely Default? It was released in 2013 in the EU and 2014 in NA.

    I wanna die :D

    I guess for Metro, if you feel like it's a proper remake and not just a slightly prettier version (like Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for PS4 as opposed to the PS3 one), it would count.

    For Bravely Default, that's tricky, we had this problem in the past with a Trails of Cold Steel game. I guess it makes sense to pick the year when it was first released, in this case 2013? That would make it ineligible for this vote. (And now I need to change my list because it was in it)

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    My list is in! was hard to get a solid list done. 2014 had a long list of games that were "okey" and some gems.

  • @axel Sorry! This is just too important to get wrong

  • @axel said in The EZA Community GOTY 2014 Nominations:

    (And now I need to change my list because it was in it)

    Same, but at least now a lucky honourable mention is going to get an upgrade! At least for me :)

  • Telltale Games makes this really weird. The Wolf Among Us had its first episode in 2013 and the four others in 2014, so it's not eligible, right? Then again Tales from the Borderlands had its first episode in 2014 and the four others in 2015, so it is eligible, am I right?

    Another question: do we count iOS and Android games, are they eligible? I played this particular game on PS4 when it was released on it in 2016, but the original release was on mobile in 2014.

  • @sentinel-beach Yeah you're correct about the Telltale games. Makes it weird but if we keep it consistent then they'll all have their chance to shine at one point :)

    As for the mobile games, yeah if they came out first on mobile in 2014 then they're eligible. (I think I can guess which one you're talking about haha)

  • I'm a little sad that I haven't played Donkey Kong yet but going through the wiki list, lot of cool games that you wouldn't really think about that came out that year like OlliOlli and Danganronpa.

    Also, this was a great year for my Vita. Spent a lot of time playing Rogue Legacy and Spelunky but can't really include them in this list.

  • @tokeeffe9 Danganronpa was a rerelease, it came out originally in 2010 on PSP or it would been #1 on my list.

  • Emailed my list, got together easily eight games, had to leave some out. My top games ended up being pretty small or indie in their nature. I guess they just hit so much more that year than the AAA games.

  • On Metro: Redux, I think they are remasters, bundled together to bring them to the current gen, so I don't think they count.

    But if they do, I need to resend my list....

  • @theotherjohnp D2 counts. It's first NA release is in 2014

  • Surprisingly short list of games that I've played from that year.. Missed a lot of great ones, like Bayonetta 2..

  • @brannox According to Wikipedia, "On May 22, 2014, a Redux version of the game was announced. It uses the latest version of the 4A Engine bringing the graphical and gameplay changes from Last Light to 2033."

    But I've never played the games, so I really don't know how much changed, I'll leave that up to you guys! If you feel like it should count, vote for it, if you feel it doesn't, don't vote for it :)

    Personally I prefer to vote for brand new games for these nominations, unless the remake is really substantial, like for example Shadow of the Colossus this year.

    You choose!

  • @tokyoslim

    I was questioning this too. Both Danganronpa 1 and 2 saw their first Western (EU and NA) release in 2014. They totally count.

  • @hazz3r I didn't even notice D1 was also a NA 2014 release, I feel dum. I saw D2 and assumed that D1 was a year or whatever previous. Something just got bumped and I feel bad for it.

  • @axel Again, personally, I would say no. I never played the originals when they came out. I tried Metro Redux for the first time four months ago, and from what's there I think they're just remasters.

    So my vote is nay.

  • @brannox I'd only consider 2033 as it was made on the new engine & with new controls /mechanics. Last light is just a remaster. I say it's in line with Shadow of the Colossus. its a greyish area.

  • So technically... the first two Danganronpa games count. Thanks everyone, making this list has just become super easy! Puhuhuhu.

    Edit: My starting list has 15 games to narrow down. This isn't going to be easy at all.

  • To be honest, I didn't put much effort into my list because I have no idea if I liked Alien Isolation more or Evil Within. I think doing old list make no sense.

  • sent in list 2014 was a meh year i bought my ps4 in august of that year