RIP Isao Takahata

  • One of the co-founders of Studio Ghibli and one of the most talented directors in Japan. His filmography was relatively short, compared to his partner, but with a near perfect batting average. If you're interested in watching something to honor him, or just want to know more about this giant, his major films were Grave of the Fireflies, Pom Poko, Only Yesterday, and (my personal favorite) The Tale of Princess Kaguya. I'm sure @TokyoSlim would know more, too.

  • One of the first things he and Miyazaki did after leaving Toei Animation together was an adaptation of Pippi Longstockings that never got completed. There's fun art for it though.
    He went on to be one of the directors on Lupin III, and then his adaptation of Heidi: Girl of the Alps before Grave of the Fireflies.

  • I think I've seen Pom Poko, Only Yesterday and My Neighbors The Yamadas the most out of his directorial work.

  • Grave of the Fireflies is one of the movies I believe everyone should watch.
    You'll only want to see it once, but it'll stay with you.

    I have to track down Princess Kaguya finally.

  • It's funny that so many people view Grave of the Fireflies as an anti-war piece when that wasn't really his intention at all.