Cool front/back game cover arts


    Gravity Rush remaster cover. Unfortunately we got a background one in EU which is not bad by any means but the white background just makes it more impactful. That's why those PS1 FF covers were so good

  • @tearju-engi I love the PS4 cover but I think I prefer the Vita version.

    alt text

  • @tokyoslim I was gonna post the Katamari cover but you beat me to it! It's still my favourite all these years later! Nice and simple.

    @SabotageTheTruth didn't a similar thing happen with Doom? The original cover for that was terrible and had a better one when you turned it inside out. Didn't realize Bioshock Infinite had one though. Far better than the original.

    I always love the box art for Final Fantasy
    alt text

  • @inustar Yes, yes it did. I was going to post it as well but I figured someone would mention DOOM eventually.

  • @inustar The logos for Final Fantasy games always fascinate me, they have really beautiful small-scale artworks that help separate them from other titles in the series. FF XV's probably my favorite. The cover art (for the version from below) as a whole is great too, invoking the sense of companionship and "road trip adventure" that the game has by showing Noctis and his friends chatting as they walk a really long road towards a unknown destination. There's also another version of the cover art, but i prefer this one.


  • @bam541 I like that cover, though I will always prefer just the logo on white of the older games. Amano's artwork is just perfect on it's own. But I do like how XV's cover really illustrates what that game is about, and each of their personalities.

  • Dragon Age Origin's cover is gritty, in a way. Framing the image of the (presumably) main character standing on a pile of bodies in a blood splash already gives off the feeling that the game will tell the bloody tale of the hero as it is without holding back, and that is true, at least according to my fading memories.
    Of course, the blood is shaped like a dragon, which is cool and all, and there's also the magician (Morrigan?), but it would be still a great cover art without those things. A regular blood splash would suffice in my book.


  • Not a big fan of the Dragon Age cover. I don't like the design of the dragon and I think the type face is pretty darn cheesy.

    I've been looking for a reason to bust out my DSLR this weekend. If the sun comes into a certain room, I may try to take a photo of some game covers I have. Not to say I have games with particularly great covers.

  • This entry is cheating (the game hasn't even come out yet), and i don't know whether it'll be the cover art (it better be), but hell i can't resist. Yoji Shinkawa's work on Left Alive is pretty amazing.


  • US NES covers are always weird, but I've always liked this one.

    alt text